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The Sound of Independence

– Outfit #6 to stand up against modern-day slavery/human trafficking & promote modesty! –If you’d like me to borrow your clothes to spread awareness against human trafficking and promote modesty, please E-mail me: marvelousthingsphoto@gmail.com

I want to thank Dakota of Sweetheart of the Rodeo (once again) for sending this beautiful vintage 50s dress to me to wear.   I’m a bit behind in posting holidays and such. A few days before Independence Day, when the United States of America (where I live) celebrates freedom of having a nation to call their own.  My friend Loryn & her fiance’ Devon asked if we were going to fireworks held at a nearby school. We met up with them there while I mainly ran around chasing my rambunctious children (mainly the little one who didn’t want to sit still).

My family in birth order
Look how seriously attached my boys are to their Dad (so beautiful to me).

Reason why I’m doing this #6:
My heart aches at the many stories I’ve read about children in countries like Burma & Uganda (and many others), who during violent raids are kidnapped and forced to join their armies. A lot of the girls are forced to become young “wives” to mother children of the young boys or to just satisfy them sexually. If these kids don’t kill brutally (mainly looking to rid of adults) which is part of their initiation, they themselves (who are scared and threatened) will be killed. They are forced early on in their lives to be a part of violence and then likewise are made to force others into the same lifestyle they didn’t want to be put into. Some run away when they have a chance, but not all (because they get killed if caught, and not just shot, but sometimes butchered slowly). There are a few organizations who work with these victims who get out of this treacherous slavery, and some get reunited with family (but most find out their families were killed). There are so many wounds in these people and a lot of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder issues. I’m really happy to know there are a few organizations that work at helping end these wars and aid the victims (which is not easy work at all). Some of these organizations are World Vision, Invisible Children, and Project AK-47. Perhaps in the future I’ll talk more about what their individual work entails and focus on many of the countries that have child soldiers.

If you are from the U.S. I hope you can understand the great freedom you have where you don’t need to constantly fear for your life and your children. Are there fears? Of course, but each night these people most likely wonder if they’ll see the light of the next day at all.

“If we stay in Burma, the SPDC (The State Peace and Development Council) come to foce us to work; they burn our homes and villages and therefore we can’t stay there.  If we return to Burma, the SPDC soldiers will kill us – or force the local people to do so.” -24 year old woman trying to survive in a village

 “If you behaved well, you were treated better.  When someone tried to escape, everyone was lined up and forced to beat the escapee to death.  They taught us where to hit.  I did this three times.  We were given military training, in handling guns, and fitness training for three months.  Then we were given guns and told to loot food from villages in Uganda.  We attached people when they were going to fetch water and we killed them if they resisted.  We inflicted on others the kind of initiation that had been inflicted on us, so we handed it on to others.” -a woman named Sunday, age 18

Both are quotes from the book This Immoral Trade: Slavery in the 21st Century by Baroness Caroline Cox & Dr. John Marks


22 thoughts on “The Sound of Independence

  1. oh goodness, you seriously have a beautiful family. your boys are so darling. love this dress on you. i really need to buy some socks bc i am loving the socks and sandals/heels trend going on. you look BEAUTIFUL!

  2. funny thing is I always wore socks with sandals/heels since I was a child (have a couple photos of me as a kid always having socks on with flats and such). . .I was made fun of freshman year for how I wore socks. It's really fun to do and I mainly do it because I hate wearing tights!!!!

  3. it was really fun. though next year when we go see the pirates we hve to find a better spot cause i'm short. but it would totally be up your alley. people dress up their kids and some adults even dress up. its a fun seattle thing! if you want to look them up they are the seafair pirates.

  4. yeah that sounds like lots of fun. I don't think they have such things over here, but if I ever were to go to Seattle, I'd look into that. However, I've only ever been as west as about 3 hours from where I am in NJ to PA!

  5. well, it's more like a pompadour twirly thing! hehe. it's not much of a Victory roll since it is only one and needs to make a V. I haven't worn that snood in a long time, so it came in so handy with your beautiful dress. thanks so much again!!!!

  6. That's a very pretty dress. I like the bow on your hair too! It makes me cry to see little children being forced to grow up too fast in general—and more so activities that endanger their lives. My parents have always been in a business, and I'm glad that I can at least remember having fun as a child. I was always brought to their workplace after school though, and at times, that was not fun because I had to stay there until way after they close their store. The earliest business that I could remember they had (when I had consciousness) was a gas station.

  7. I love how happy you all look together as a family in these photos! 🙂 It's so sweet… Your outfit is so cute too! Loving the snood especially; I've been pulling mine out of late and wore one earlier this week (will be in an outfit post soon)–they're so great for this time of year!

  8. Oh those quotes are heartbreaking 😦 I really hope things change, at least if someone is caught doing that here, they are severely punished for it. You look so beautiful in this dress, and your hair is fantastic! I love when you include family pics, your kids are so cuuuutee! Ugh, makes me think kids won't be so bad one day… 

  9. aww. The boys loving on Daddy melts my heart! What sweet photos. 🙂 I take so many pictures of Hudson with his Dad…I know that he will treasure them one day!The socks look great with the shoes and the dress! And I absolutely love love love your hair like this!

  10. Victoria, I am catching up on your posts.  You look beautiful in these photos.  Your family is seriously adorable and I can see why you are called Justice Pirate.  I need your address to send you clothing.  email me your address darling.  d_flexe@yahoo.com  Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  11. Oo! I look forward to seeing your snood shots!!! I hadn't worn mine in so long that because I knew I'd be outside in the heat, I thought it would be helpful to wear that day, and it was.  

  12. Yeah it makes me really sad as well.  I'm glad you had fun as a child in the Philippines! Also it is good you had the ability of gaining an education there. Seems like a lot of kids in that country miss out on that. I'm sorry you had to work so much though but it definitely had taught you not to be lazy since you came to the US!

  13. Awesome dress! And your boys are so cute 😉 But I just can't get used to socks and sandals. Maybe some kind of paranoia from living in Germany 😀 I always have that cliché from Mallorca tourists in mind. Though this is something very different, 'cause it actually is looking awesome because it's matching the style and dress. Maybe I should try it someday. 

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