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Fun Sleeves, a Day with an Old Friend, & Victoria’s Secret revealed

– Outfit #7 to stand up against modern-day slavery/human trafficking & promote modesty!

If you’d like me to borrow your clothes to spread awareness against human trafficking and promote modesty, please E-mail me: marvelousthingsphoto@gmail.com

Thank you to Rebecca of Singing in His Name again for allowing me to borrow this really pretty dress (she sent me a few at once, so nice)!! We went into PA (near/in Philly) to visit the first person I ever called “best friend” whom I’ve known since I was 7. Rachel and her husband Elliott are an awesome couple who married the same day Rob and I married (June 19th), but 5 years later (we both got to cry at each other’s weddings). They just had a gorgeous little girl named Gwendolyn Shiloh (which means Beautiful Peace). It was really wonderful to see them (since we don’t get a chance to as often as we would love to).  I took some photos of their family while we were there.
[hairclip: Lila-Jo | shoes: Modcloth | belt: Delias]
Had to show off these great sleeves as much as possible
Me & Rachel
Reason why I’m doing this #7:
Shortly after the visit I had with Rachel, she asked me how to find out more about learning where products come from and if they are of slave labor or not. One really great site where you can find out more about consumerism slavery is at ProductsOfSlavery. For instance, In their map you can click on a country like Argentina, China, Jordan, Malaysia, India, or Thailand and you can see that there are loads of issues in those countries regarding Garments that are created by children. On the side there is information and PDF files you can read on that type of slavery.

For instance, I boycotted Victoria’s Secret back four years ago because the people who create their underwear and clothing are in Jordan, and the conditions were found out, but no action was ever taken. The women and children who create these garments for VS work 15 hours a day without making enough money to survive for the hard labor they endure. If they don’t make a certain amount in a certain amount of time, the people are beaten. This is slavery. Many people have tried to contact the company and have sent letters (including me) for years trying to find out what actions they will take to give their workers better pay  & working conditions considering how rich they are! A place you can go to in order to send these letters out is here (directly taking you to VS’ letter). Every year many products are reviewed and are given grades for if they are free/fair-trade or not. Victoria’s Secret continues to ignore inquiries about their products. There are many other companies that are gigantic who do this to people in our world. This Victoria here (me) is very sad about this (and I won’t keep that a secret).

Photos of the new parents and their daughter!
My sons!!

33 thoughts on “Fun Sleeves, a Day with an Old Friend, & Victoria’s Secret revealed

  1. victoria I love your posts. I love it when you agree with me on things that no one else does. Like boycotting VS. I always have and always will, for the same reason as you but also for their blatantly pornography advertising schemes both in store windows and TV commercials. Your amazing and I love what you do. Keep it up.

  2. Yikes. I had no idea about Victoria's Secret! Though I don't really shop there any way at this point (mostly because I hate the sexualized nature of their ads–I feel like they just objectify women. Not to mention I don't really care for the quality of the merchandise compared to what they charge for it!), but that solidifies my resolve to not shop there period. Love your outfit–so pretty! 🙂 How fun you got to visit with your friend and their new little one too!

  3. I agree completely with how they sexualize everything too. Really they are a public viewing of pornography that people will shrug off thinking it isn't porn at all, but anything with the intent to arouse through imagery is pornography, so it is, just soft-core. I know plenty of guys who have masturbated to their catalogs. So yeah. . I agree but I'm really extreme compared to most people in my views on VS and underwear ads in general (there are ways to photograph and sell bras without people wearing them).  Anyway I'm glad you read all my posts! It's really nice to know there are people who are not simply looking at my photos alone, but the words that are deep in my passionate heart.Thanks!!!

  4. I agree with you on the pornography part completely. Not many people will call it that either, but I do and have. Thanks so much for reading and I always love your comments on my blogs.

  5. What an adorable little baby, the name Shiloh is so precious! Thanks for the website link too!  I've always disliked VS because of their horrible portrayal of women but never knew about their "manufacturing practices".  Thanks for the heads up and as always I so love the honesty and big heart of all your posts. -^_^-

  6. You're so right–all those ads and posters have desensitized many to the way that women have been and continue to be viewed as objects. Even if you photograph women wearing undergarments for catalogs and such, there are ways to do it without objectifying the model! I think what angers me most often is that so many young girls think VS is "cute" and makes them desirable, and they're simply buying into the marketing ploy, which feeds a lot on women's fears that they aren't sexually attractive or desirable. It's so very sad. Which just continues to fuel the viewpoint that women are only good for one thing (and you have to be young and beautiful to be that). :/ Augh! Okay… I won't get up on my soapbox about this. I can get pretty ranty! (Lately my rant du jour has been about how society has warped our perspective of what is beautiful and valuable in regards to being a woman.)Funnily enough, I never shopped at VS until right before I got married! I used to go with some girl friends prior to that, but always hated the fit and fact that the salesladies were constantly trying to get me to buy one of their push up bras (hate those). I just never really "got" the allure of VS. I think part of it for me too is not wanting to fall into the trap of comparing how I look with the oversized (and airbrushed) posters. Having gone through one serious bought of anorexia, I don't need to trigger another by feeling bad about how I look while I'm trying to shop! :p

  7. You can go on a soapbox anytime with me!! I'm with you on that. I started to go to VS with my mom for bras when I was about 16 or so because I was so self conscious about my small size that she wanted to make me feel better about them. how sad. Then I would go there to try to look sexy for Rob. I almost worked there when I was 19 and had job interviews that constantly were pushed to other days and times because the woman forgot or had emergencies, so finally I just told her to forget it because I was offered two other jobs instead (but wanted to work for VS so I could say I was Victoria and worked for Victoria's Secret. . . that and I have an underwear addiction where I love love love underwear! I wanted discounted underwear. haha). I was a huge fan of the place until I had learned about the slavery issue and then realized about the porn problems people had because of them. (where their addictions began because of their catalogs and such).You are so right that they are overly photoshopped and make women (in which the majority of women in our country are overweight as it is) feel like they aren't good enough or large busted enough, etc.  

  8. What a darling baby! Congrats to the new parents! Your boys are as cute as ever. :)Interesting read about Victoria's Secret. I haven't bought anything from them in over a decade, but mostly because I found it overpriced and poorly made. Now I have even a greater reason to avoid them. I will be sure to spread the word to friends about that company and the link you provided. p.s. Keep up the great work with these posts!

  9. Oh! And I agree with the comment below mine (Isabella Kiss) about VS and their horrid advertising schemes. I HATE those commercials…who really needs to see anyone in underwear during primetime television? It's not only immodest, but gives girl the idea that their bodies have to resemble the twigs featured in front of them. Harumph. Okay, I'm done.

  10. That dress is beautiful. I talked to my husband about Human Trafficking and he told me that he did have to take a yearly class on it. He did not realise that I knew so little about it or he said we would have discussed it sooner. I love that you are doing this to raise awareness, because before reading your blog I knew virtually nothing, and now I really want to do something to help.

  11. It's hard to make a difference in this human trafficking world unless drastic action is taken. It's all about money, money, money, and the CEOs of colossal organizations don't care two straws about human rights or what's considered fair for both sides. As long as their profit suffices, that's all that matters. It's a sad, sad world we live in…Epic sleeves, by the way. I love it.

  12. What a beautiful new baby…and of course, your boys are beautiful, too! (as always.) Also…even more beauty in this post: that amazing dress, and your beautiful heart. So glad to learn about victoria's secret…I don't buy much there anyway. Especially not bras…they think it's acceptable to make sizes that only fit one type of people. & that's no good. 😦

  13. Wow, I never knew that about VS. I will be sure to not shop there! 😦 What a beautiful family! My friend Anne just got pregnant and my friend Maria had a baby. I feel like I have baby fever! haha 🙂 But really, what a little sweetheart. You look amazing and those sleeves are BA! I love that you can pull off any dress :)Okay, so I went through my closet and the only modest garment that I can come up with is a muumuu. Seriously. I know that you mentioned you liked the blue high-waisted shorts, do you want to borrow those? If you have time to scroll through some of my posts and see anything you would like, I can send something? I feel like all of my clothes are riskay 😦 

  14. what a beautiful dress! the sleeves are certainly amazing and you look stunning.i feel so bad that i haven't sent you a box yet. my life has been so ridiculously busy preparing for my impending move. my life feels like it's in such disarray right now!

  15. I know SOOOO many people pregnant now or having kids that it's insane!!! All the people I went to school with have been having babies lately it seems. I'm all done having kids too. Take your time before you have babies!!!I'll look through your posts soon. how long are the high waist shorts? It takes some extra inches to cover these sticks!

  16. Thank you for bringing this issue with how Victoria Secret items are made to light.  For years I never shopped there as I was very put off by their advertising, highly sexualized products, and the whole look of their shop.  I remember daring to go in their with a friend in my early teens and being shocked to find panties with a slit down the crotch…definitely put me off the place until quite some years later.  I think I'm definitely going to be shopping elsewhere now.

  17. You look amazing on that dress, I saw you at hypeed first wearing it and I love it! – The baby born is so cute, the pictures are adorable … and about VS I feel so sad too…that´s something terrible …. is great to spread the word about it.Kisses…

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