I didn’t do a feature last week because I needed a little break (keep in mind I post an inspiration every day here, and this is a review entry of the week).

All this week I took my older son to Vacation Bible School at our church. I gave the first lesson on Gratitude (three times in one night to different age groups) which went well.  The rest of the days I did little things to help out (but not much) and would take photos and be with my son. Now I have a cold and think it’s because I am worn out.

[Click photo for zoomed-in details]

Favorite of the week: Diana!!!
Top Left to right: Catherine, Caitlin, Patricia
Bottom left to right: Yin, Marie, Laura

If you want recognition for your modest outfits just let me know about your blog in a comment or even submit a photo here. Most of the time I pick from my random searches of bloggers or daily reads. To see the daily features and people’s submissions, follow this tumblr I run. 

Join the conversation! 13 Comments

  1. cute inspiration! :)xx

  2. I love these posts! It's so encouraging to see modest fashionable ladies! 🙂

  3. what a great collection!  i especially like diana's look, too;  the stripey cardi is great!

  4. Such amazing pic! So inspirational!xx,K.

  5. oh man i love the outfit from pangcakes!  i saw it this morning and i thought that i NEEDED to use it as inspiration.  i love this feature of yours! have i said that before? 🙂

  6. Oh I love the mint colored pleated skirt! LOVE pleats!!!

  7. Love all of these dresses! So pretty 🙂 Happy to have found your blog 🙂 New follower!

  8. Oh I love these posts 🙂 I have been feeling more and more comfortable in modest clothing lately. I think there is something to be said about looking and feeling great without having to reveal so much 🙂 Get some rest lady!! x0x0x 🙂

  9. Sometimes it can be a challenge to find and wear modest clothing, but I think, at least in my personal experience that I feel a lot better about myself. I think I had less respect for who I was, although I thought I was a confident person, but I needed to be showy in what I wore sometimes to feel good about who I was (as if I was confident in my own skin), but I was really lying to myself and now find confidence without needing to draw possible lustful eyes towards me. Plus it helps in being a better role model to my boys (as an example of teaching them to not objectify women, but to respect them as people for who they are inside, which is much more important and long lasting). I felt a bit better yesterday but today my sinuses were stuffy as if I'm getting worse again.

  10. oh how wonderful!!! Thanks for following!! 

  11. Thanks for featuring me!xox

  12. I just read a comment you left on another blog, talking about modest fashion choices and how you feel the need to dress in a way that decreases men's lust for you. i have to say everything you said disgusts me, and so does everything you stand for. saying a woman should cover up how she looks so a man won't look? What is that about? People like you are the reason girls who are raped get blamed, also seeing how you look, I'm not shocked your husband would turn to porn.


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