A month ago today, my niece/God-daughter Meiha (pronounced me-ah.  .like the name Mia) was born! A couple weeks ago I got to do a little photoshoot of her, but some of these shots included are from when I visited her a day after she was born.

Here she is in one of the vintage dresses I had bought for her from Little Reader Vintage. aww.

The first time I held her. Micah was so interested in her. Both of my boys love to talk about her and how they love her. 

 My brother and sister-in-law – they look so tired.
She was so sleepy when I took these shots.
Leto hanging out with Meiha. He kept saying, “She’s so sweet and tiny!”
The morning she was born I kept getting calls and texts from my brother. His wife was in pains all day with contractions about 10-30 minutes apart. For a while she was about 10 minutes apart. By the end of the night my mom called me telling me she was at the hospital and that Meiha Rose was born (at 11:03 PM). She is beautiful and really a precious baby (they all are). She was about 5 lbs 11 oz. I think (tiny, as stated!!!) and the labor was all natural and went pretty quickly. I think my brother called me at about 9:30 telling me they were on their way to the hospital. I can’t believe it’s been a month already!
 My husband is the God-father and here he is holding her for the first time too! She kept smiling for him which was so adorable!
 Her mama loves her!

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  1. Such beautiful photos, her dresses are adorable. I love her name!

  2. adorable. such sweet shots of that tiny baby girl! and as a side note, your son leto has such cute hair. love it!

  3. haha. we've asked him if he wants his hair cut because it's really thick and he sweats a lot, but he wants to grow it out some more. Thanks so much!

  4. Goodness! She is tiny! They look so breakable at this size.

  5. What a little doll, such sweet pictures!ย  I love your the way your sons reacted to her, so cute! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Victoria, these pictures are beautiful! I especially love the first one. Congrats on being a Aunt ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Aw how cute! the pictures are great! Did you take them?

  8. yes. I said I did in the beginning of the entry. hehehe.

  9. Aw, congrats! Love the pictures and that yellow dress is so adorable. Funny how little kids clothes can inspire you.

  10. What a sweetheart! She is beautiful. I especially like the ones of her and Leto.

  11. beautiful people, beautiful pictures. Your brother is hot! ๐Ÿ˜€ and you look SO gorgeous and soft and motherly in that pic of you holding the beauuuutiful Meiha (love that name btw).yes I participated in the tutti frutti thing on Hypeed! thanks for telling me about it!

  12. yeah, I'm so glad you participated since that dress is perfect for the theme.ย A lot of people have thought my brother is hot. Kinda weird to me since he's my brother, but he's vain and works out a lot so he knows he's "hot" :: gets the shivers :: haha.

  13. Cutey baby!!! I love the pictures hun!! LaurenSparrow & Urchin

  14. What a beautiful little baby. I love that your boys love her so much, and everyone look so happy in all of these pictures…and why not? A baby is such a BLESSING.ย 

  15. Stunning photos! What a beauty she is! Congratulations Auntie!! xoxo


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