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Extra Sweet

– Outfit #11 to stand up against modern-day slavery/human trafficking & promote modesty!

If you’d like me to borrow your clothes to spread awareness against human trafficking and promote modesty, please E-mail me:

Jenni from Pixie in Pumps let me borrow this really sweet dress (thanks so much)!!! Our family drove down a road we’ve seen forever (most of our lives) but never went down. It seemed like we were in another state just being down it. Speaking of sweet, let’s learn about some chocolate below. Mmm! I love chocolate!

Reason why I’m doing this #11:
In case you were unaware, most chocolate companies get their cocoa beans picked by slaves (Hershey & Nestlea are biggies – oh and believe me, they have somehow pushed lawsuits aside). Often times it is hard to trace where the original farms are, where they received their beans, but when traced down, the majority is done on slave farms. Most cocoa is picked by slaves taken from Ghana in the Ivory Coast, such as a village of Sika Nti. Planting and picking cocoa is actually very rough and dangerous work. Children have to use sharp machetes on the trees, spray insecticides and herbicides without any protection.  These children want an education but are instead forced into hard labor. Their palms swells up from weeding large areas of land and having exposure to chemicals reacting to the blood they shed. One man who was rescued was quoted saying, “Our master used us as slaves. He took us there and never paid us a penny. He said that if anyone escaped, they would be caught and killed. ” and then continued to talk about how if you ran away they’d get tied up, stripped naked, and viciously beaten in front of the other slaves to be made an example of.  

“A moving exchange came as Kate asked a young man named Amadou how he felt about his five and a half years in slavery.  Amadou replied with remarkable sensitivity: ‘When I think of all that suffering, it hurts my heart deeply. I want to say so much, but I just can’t find the words.’ Kate then explained to him that cocoa was used to make chocolate, a sweet food that people love, but Amadou said he never knew this and had never tasted it.  When he was then asked if he had anything to say to the millions of people who eat chocolate every day, Amadou replied, ‘If I had to say something to them, it would not be nice words. They enjoy something I suffered to make; I worked hard for them, but saw no benefit. They are eating my flesh.'” –Ending Slavery: How We Free Today’s Slaves by Kevin Bales (page 179-180)

A great company that includes a full history of their chocolate company on their site is Divine Chocolate. They fully pay their cocoa farm workers, treat them very well, provide education for their children, and the company is owned by 45% of the farmers! On top of that, they have the best chocolate I’ve ever had, especially their milk chocolate toffee crunch bars which I could probably eat all day every day. Goodness it’s good. My husband loves their white chocolate and coffee chocolate. My sons love their chrunchy milk chocolate bars (tastes like Crunch bars, but without the slavery and a bit thicker). They have a pretty good variety! You can buy their chocolate in many select stores or online (which gets shipped overnight in wonderful cooling packages so your chocolate won’t melt). Believe me, when it comes to Halloween and Easter time, I try and try to tell people about this information but they rather eat the flesh of slaves than fair trade chocolate just because it’s “cheaper”. Really awful. Find out what companies you can trust here.


20 thoughts on “Extra Sweet

  1. I was pretty sad to read that Hershey is involved in such horrible and unlawful practices.  Not only did I grow up eating their yummy chocolate and other items, but I lived 20 minutes away from the town and have visited there quite frequently.  It's quite awesome what you are doing here to raise awareness of these issues and promote modesty on the side:) as every last person on this earth deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.  Anyways, all the dresses you have been wearing are quite beautiful.  This one especially looks like it was made for you. 

  2. This heartbreaking. I can't say I was entirely ignorant on the production of most mainstream chocolate as a friend of mine a few years back told me a very little bit about it. I don't eat much chocolate honestly, which makes me glad after reading this.  I'll have to check out this divine chocolate company because all those you described sound divine (haha). I'm also hoping my favorite chocolate car company is on that list… I'm a little scared to check! =/  And that dress looks stunning on you!

  3. Yeah, I know what you mean. I grew up with a girl who is married to a man who is in some management top for Hersheys and they currently have been living in China for the past couple of years, but I don't think they actually know where their cocoa comes from at all and the process of pain involved there. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and look through my entries!

  4. I am not sure if that list includes ALL anti-slavery chocolate at all, but a good majority of them are listed. There are companies like Cadbury for instance that tries to work hard against such injustices (and they're a top brand name for chocolate). What is the name of the company?Thanks so much for the beautiful dress and the sweet comment too.  I'll post your other dress as soon as possible.

  5. We get Divine Chocolate in the UK but I haven't heard of the milk chocolate toffee crunch – sounds divine (excuse the bad pun!).  Another favourite of mine is Green & Black's – all their chocolate is Fairtrade and they do a great selection.  I would rather pay more for fair trade chocolate and eat it less often with an easy conscience! Although I did have a Reece's Peanut butter cupcake today – not sure I want to check and see if they're on your list but I will!

  6. That's wonderful! I got the chocolate toffee crunch on their site.I agree with you about paying more but eating less with an easy conscience! I am pretty sure Reese's peanut butter cups are made by Hershey. O.o I love them too and wish they weren't. If you click on the link on this post for where I wrote "Hershey", there is a petition asking them to make a difference because they said that they "wanted to do more fair trade", but haven't made the improvements whatsoever yet. They actually "refused" to on a few occasions. 

  7. You look beautiful! I love the shape of the dress on you and the hair tie goes perfect with it 🙂  This was was very sad to read, I will remember this next time I pick up chocolate. I will give Divine a try next time Kyle wants some sweets 🙂 Keep this up Victoria, this is amazing.

  8. Very very cute!xoxoStacey Kay           “Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”Giveaway: Win a new wardrobe byGoodwill Huntingg!Follow my 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge via YouTubeBlogger spotlight:  Sarah’sLaundryMy Vintage Handbag Line                                                                                                                                  

  9. I hope you enjoy it when and if you pick up the chocolate!!!Thanks so much. I like wearing that scarf on my head, but I didn't start to do so until a couple weeks ago (but have had it for over a year). 

  10. I love love love this dress and am so glad to be informed about chocolate. I had no idea! I despise the taste of hersheys, but did not realize so many other companies use slave labor. I will be ordering some of this companies chocolate sometime when I get money. Love this series you are doing!

  11. It's so sad, it's seems like there is nothing out there, from clothing to chocolate that isn't made through the use of slave labor.  The greed of the big companies and the length they will go to to cute costs never ceases to amaze me and disgust me…  Thank you for including a brand of chocolate that is made slave-free :)Lovely dress, such a cute pattern and style.

  12. thank you so much for doing this series of posts!  you're making it easier to be mindful of how we spend our money.  sometimes people forget that when you make a purchase, you're really making a statement… you're supporting something.  so it's nice to make choices that line up the most with your values 🙂

  13. Firstly: your outfit is gorgeous–I love how you did your hair!I've been a bit troubled of late by the whole cocoa industry and what little I have read about the conditions that a lot of it is farmed. I don't eat a lot of chocolate–though I love it–since my husband usually saves it as a special gift for Christmas and my birthday. I'm glad to see a Fair Trade chocolate company that has a good array of dark chocolate (my favorite!). I think I'll add this to my Christmas list. 😉

  14. Wow Jenni's dress is beautiful & it looks great on you as well! I always try to tell everyone about Hershey's as well but had forgotten about Nestle. Chocolate is pretty much a staple in my diet so I always try to get fair trade & organic & always say I'll look up more about the individual company but then get home & forget, so I really appreciate the info! I'll def check out this brand you recommend, thanks!

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