– Outfit #12 to stand up against modern-day slavery/human trafficking & promote modesty!

If you’d like me to borrow your clothes to spread awareness against human trafficking and promote modesty, please E-mail me: marvelousthingsphoto@gmail.com

I was sent this very cute and ladylike outfit from Miskabelle, a glorious etsy shop (which I’ve shopped at before to get this outfit). Make sure you stop by & buy something there! They have a 20% off sale this week with the code “GETBEACHY”. They also sent me a cute cameo in which I put a ribbon through it for the outfit because I couldn’t find a necklace chain. If you would like to purchase the blouse or skirt, please e-mail miskabelle@gmail.com (since it’s not listed on their etsy). Make sure to follow their twitter too! Don’t forget their blog too! Thanks SO much to Jayme and Manda who run the shop!
Blouse & Skirt & Cameo – Miskabelle, Shoes – Lulu*s, butterfly – Michael’s, belt – Delia*s

We got free passes from Rob’s job to a county fair about an hour away in our state. We went one other time when I was pregnant with Micah and thought the boys would really enjoy it together. We left when it started to drizzle (we were there a few hours).

The boys loved this truck

Leto got to sit on a few things and pet some animals
 The photo on the left is from a little musical that these produce items put on (they moved around and such). Leto was eating a chicken nugget when I took his picture.

Reason why I’m doing this #12:
Recently on my facebook fanpage I posted a video about Stella’s Voice, an organization that helps orphans from Moldova in danger of being put into sexual exploitation and sex trafficking. There are many children who are abandoned or become orphans in the country of Moldova (as well as many other countries). Poverty is very high in Moldova. When a child turns 16 years old in an orphanage, they are usually given a handful of pocket cash and are expected to make it out in the world on their own, when they don’t even know much about life outside of the walls of their orphanage. Sex Traffickers (which is a nicer term for the word Pimp) hang around these orphanages waiting to offer a kind hand to these children, making them trust them. They then are threatened, beaten, forced, or fall in love with their pimps (who use great tactics of power to make a girl especially believe that the pimp loves her by treating her like poop).  Then they are raped, sometimes even drugged before the rape and eventually become addicted to the drugs so they don’t have to feel the pain as much. The pimp then will tell her she needs to get him money since she loves him and he is all she has. This is what happens around the world, but Stella’s Voice specifically helps protect these orphans from harm as well as helping orphans out of the lifestyle they were put into by giving them a safe place filled with warmth and love to build a future of hope for them. They have a safe house for girls and a safe house for boys. They have a third safe house (these are large houses by the way) but I think it’s a combination co-ed home. If you want to help donate money, go here. You can also donate a dollar a day and have a chance to go to Moldova to visit and help out (I’d love to be a part of that)!

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  1. I just attended my county's fair last week! They're just so lovely and something fun to do in the summer, aren't they? You look just a pretty as a peach, too! 😀

  2. You look so lovely, the ribbon necklace is such an elegant touch. As always, I'm so moved by why you are borrowing clothes. You're truly an inspiration for one to do good in the world.As for mosquito bites, one of my readers pointed out that in the last pic you can actually see one of the little buggers biting me!!! UGH!

  3. I think it's an Alpaca, which is like a llama. . or maybe a type of llama? I am not completely sure, but we did see llamas too! Thanks so much for your very sweet comment. I want to go look now to see the mosquito biting you. hahaha. you poor thing.

  4. Your hair is beautiful! And I love how you're wearing it in this post with the little butterfly ornament. The fair looks like it was loads of fun- I love them, especially in the autumn! 

  5. Your outfit is so sweet! I love the stripes and the cameo is so ladylike. I just wanted to say that I really appreciate what you are doing here at your blog. Moldova and Romania have a special place in my heart, thank you for helping to educate people about what's going on there.

  6. Thank you! I've been doing my hair like this for nearly 13 years now!!  Thanks!!

  7. County fairs are always fun! I loved them especially when I was a kid…with all the cute animals and petting zoos. Your kids are just adorable and they are lucky to have such a passionate, inspiring mom!

  8. adorable necklace! And baby goat!

  9. I think you and your strong views are amazing. And I love that long skirtlength on you!

  10. oh wow i'll definitely be stopping by her shop! that outfit is divine 🙂

  11. Love the last pic!!! :)www.irislovesfashion.com

  12. what a supersweet critter face.  is that a baby alpacka?

  13. I have a skirt that is YOUR skirt's cousin.  Or half sibling.  Or something 🙂  Either way, I love long skirts with stripes that look weathered…just beautiful earth shades and nicely textured fabric, yes?<3 Cambriawww.jupefashion.blogspot.com

  14. Hi Victoria,thanks a lot for your lovely comment in my blog! 🙂 Hope to see you again! 🙂 Also thanks for reposting my picture with crediting accordingly.You have interesting blog, btw. And you look so lovely! :)Victoria,www.thewindofinspiration.com

  15. i like your braided hair and your skirt. they're both pretty!www.whenbabispeaks.com

  16. I LOVE your necklace! Now I'm kicking myself for not picking up a cameo I saw at the thrift store a couple weeks ago… lol.

  17. I was just involved in our town's festival this past weekend.  So much fun!!  The photos of your boys are adorable… and really loving the muted tones in your skirt.  Quite a pretty outfit.  Heading over to check out Stella's Voice.  Sounds like a wonderful organization.  So heartbreaking.  Have you ever done a missions trip over to orphanages like this?  It's such a touching, rewarding experience but so hard to leave the children…at very least quite awesome to be a part of their lives and give them some love if only for a short time.

  18. No, sadly I've never even gone on a missions trip, but that is certainly something I long to do and will do. One of my teenage regrets is not going to Jamaica for the only missions trip opportunity I might have had. However, I plan on getting my passport soon so that I can go on some. I am sure it would be very heartbreaking to have to leave a bunch of children who are used to people going in and out and in and out of their home when really all they want is a lifelong connection. I assume you have been to an orphanage then? What was it like? I'd love to hear about your experience!!!

  19. […] hour away that we go to here and there.  It had been several years since our last visit there.  Here’s a post from the last time we went there back when Micah was still in a stroller.  The boys really enjoyed […]


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