It has been getting harder and harder for me to feature people, especially when I try to not re-feature the same people too often (which usually I don’t, but some people have been featured two times).  There haven’t been submissions in a while and I haven’t time to spend searching the internet for fashion inspiration. On top of that sometimes there are days I have a hard time finding anything modest to feature.  It is crazy to think I’ve been featuring people for almost a year (although I didn’t do the round-ups like this post until probably December or January, or we’d be getting nearer. . keep in mind sometimes I will skip featuring in a week because I need a rest). I am always so very happy to see how many of you really love seeing this entry. It motivates me to keep featuring no matter how frustrating it gets at times. If only it were easy where the first outfit I see on a blog each day is the one I can feature. haha. oh well.

[Click photo for zoomed-in details]

Favorite of the week: Marisa!!!
Top Left to right: Miri, Lauryn, Julia
Bottom left to right: Heidy, Victoria, Ana
If you want recognition for your modest outfits just let me know about your blog in a comment or even submit a photo here. Most of the time I pick from my random searches of bloggers or daily reads. To see the daily features and people’s submissions, follow this tumblr I run. 

Join the conversation! 11 Comments

  1. Thanks for the work you put into these posts, I really enjoy them.  I actually enjoy all of your blog, I find your mission to be both inspiring and convicting.  I would love to be featured sometime.  I don't consider myself a fashion blogger though, just a mom who likes to add a little style/flare to her day, so I don't do daily outfit posts but a weekly summary every Saturday instead.  My blog is if you are interested.  

  2. You can always feature me.  Even though I am gigantic!  🙂 

  3. i do LOVE these posts!!!!!  i know it's probably hard to find this many each week, but i think it's a fantastic feature.  and i find a lot of new blogs to check out 🙂

  4. I just wanted to say thank you for putting these features together! I know it must be a lot of work to round all these images up. Perhaps every-other-week would be better? Have you thought too about putting out a submissions call a few days prior to these posts on Facebook? I know when I've asked opinions and such on FB, I get a lot more responses in a short amount of time than I do on the blog–I dare say people would be eager to post links to their outfits there! 🙂

  5. Don't feel too bad, Victoria. It's high summer and I'm pretty sure most people are out having fun with no access to the net. I hardly ever touched my computer during the hols. 😛 But thank you for your features! I don't think having them after longer periods would be too bad at all.

  6. when I start homeschooling up again in a couple weeks, I'll probably do it every other week instead. it will be easier on me.  I haven't asked opinions on FB at all and never really post about the features there. I probably should. 

  7. I enjoy these entries!  I don't read any other fashion blogs, but will keep an eye out if I happen to stumble upon a good one. 🙂

  8. What a nice array of styles!  I like seeing the range of people's fashion-choices.

  9. congratz for everyone who is featured!Oh I just love Marisa. She is just the sweetestanyway, I also would like to say THANK YOU for featuring me on your Modest Fashion Feature #33!sorry it took me so long to reply!<3

  10. All of these are so lovely! I especially like Marisa's outfit! Super cute! Great feature 🙂

  11. Oh my goodness I just discovered your feature and I love it! I consider myself quite a modest dresser for a fashion blogger, my favourite thing is a knee-length hem line paired with a cardigan haha. Thanks for the inspiration! ❤


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