Yes I live in an area where Hurricane Irene is coming through. So far it just seems to be really windy and it’s been raining since late last night (I’m typing this up at 7:40 AM). There have been people who have died on the lower east coast (trees falling, surfer drowning, etc), also eight robberies through four states, also there have been tornadoes in some states. There is flooding in the lower to central part of NJ but I haven’t news about my area of Northern NJ yet. Considering we have so many rivers in our area, there WILL be flooding (and my parents have lived with a river flowing through the side of their  backyard/woods area since 1973, so they are used to it and I grew up as a “river rat”).  They say the worst will be between now and through 11AM, and it will still be raining after that.

[Click photo for zoomed-in details]

Favorite of the week: Yuu/Momo!!!
Top Left to right: Mackenzie, Ashlee, Apple/Anuta
Bottom left to right: Elyse, Angie, Elle

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  1. Oh, it's such a disaster, isn't it? 😦 Hope you stay safe… and warm! Lovely outfit links!x Michelle |

  2. Thank you very much! Love it =) Momo,

  3. Thank you for featuring me! xox

  4. I love all the looks, especially the white dress, very ethereal 🙂 I saw some of your pics on facebook and I hope everything is okay! I was so mad at the news, they were talking about how the hurricane was really just a tropical storm and trying to play it off like it was no big deal but yeah, there are people trapped in certain areas and there is the flooding and no power. 😦 My heart goes out to you and your family.

  5. I think about 7 people died in my state. 1 death at all should be a big deal. I guess they are just comparing it to the problems that Hurricane Katrina had. That was more devastating, but there are people who had many houses condemned over here and now they have no home and nowhere to go at all. Thanks for your compassion. Not sure if you saw my photos of where I live or the ones that my dad took of where they live, but I'll be posting about it soon.

  6. I have a skort/dress with a simular pattern as the dress in the top left corner 🙂


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