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Lake house dress and misplaced children

– Outfit #14 to stand up against modern-day slavery/human trafficking & promote modesty!
If you’d like me to borrow your clothes to spread awareness against human trafficking and promote modesty, please E-mail me:
In case you’re wondering, no this lake picture isn’t connected to our current flood issues (posted one picture on my fanpage though). This is in NY as we were checking out an area that my in-laws are interested in moving to (these were taken about two weeks ago). The house was very lovely and didn’t seem to have been updated since the fifties!
This is another vintage dress borrowed from Lauren of Sparrow & Urchin. I love the details in the neckline! So cool! Thanks again Lauren!
hairclip: lila-jo, shoes c/o payless, necklace: c/o Gigi
 Reason why I’m doing this #14:A couple of weeks ago I finished reading a book called Little Princes. It’s about a man who volunteered to work for an orphanage for a pat on the back. However, in time he realized how much he adored being with them and found out these kids were really misplaced, not orphans. Misplaced? There was a civil war in Nepal in 1996-2006. Many children were taken by various people and often left in numbers at places where they had to try to survive on their own. One man in particular he knew of was trafficking the children, telling the parents he was going to take them somewhere safe and give them an education if they let him have their kids and some money. Because the parents wanted what was best for their children by giving them opportunities, they would let them go with the man. The problem was that some of them he would in turn sell to people to be live-in-unpaid “servants” who get beaten for richer people in Nepal. Other times he would just leave many of them to survive on their own in abandoned buildings. Conor Grennan started to search out the families and search out for lost children so that he could bring them back to their families and explain to them what really was going on so that they wouldn’t do it in the future. He runs an organization called Next Generation Nepal and has reunited hundreds of children to their families. Find out how you can help here. I truly recommend the book too!

29 thoughts on “Lake house dress and misplaced children

  1. FANTASTIC!  Mint green is easily one of the best colors in existence.  By the way, I really enjoyed your guest post on She is Sara. Keep on being awesome.  When I have more time I want to send you a dress to borrow!  I have the perfect one!!!!

  2. Oh my, that really is a stunning dress.  The color is so pretty on you and I just love how you styled it: simple and elegant.  Those are some of the loveliest indoor shots I've seen in a while.

  3. Yay Lauren's dress! Haha, I think I knew it was her dress before I even read that 😛 You look beautiful! I love the hair piece that you paired with it :)I will check out this book! It sounds heartbreaking but really good!

  4. the details on this dress is just lovely and this is such a great color on you. i hope that you're faring well after the hurricane. floods can be so devastating. my entire city was under nearly 20 feet of water about a year and a had ago and parts of it are still in recovery.

  5. oh wow. a whole year! that's sad. Thanks, we've been fine buy my parents got about 7 feet of water in their basement (and 2 feet before that out during the night that my dad tried to get out).  However many houses around here are condemned and there is a LOT of clean-up. There are still parts around here that are under water. Really rough! My mom's work area was really really bad and they had the office closed for a few days which is not normal for her demanding job since she works ordering things for the military!  Where is your city that it was under that much of water!?? that's crazy. The town where I went to high school actually had a section known as the old portion of the town where the entire old town of houses were underwater. When there was a really large drought about 14-16 years ago or so, it dried up the water so you could see the old town. really creepy. 

  6. i live in nashville. it was truly devastating. things are so much better now, but there's still a lot of work to be done. i am so lucky because i live on top of a big hill, but a lot of my friends lost their homes and a couple lost pets. i posted a video about it on my blog at the time and did a lot of fundraising for the cause. here's the video:

  7. Holy moly. I remember only hearing that there was a lot of flooding in the stadium there and that was IT. How fast did that water come through that there were people stuck at a light and drowned that fast?? That is a LOT of stretch of land covered in water in one section. Where I am there were sections and towns under but other sections and surrounding towns not. You guys really did get LOADS of water there.  I can't believe that there wasn't more coverage at all? That definitely is one bad flood!! Certainly this one I went through had a lot of destruction and it damaged a FEW states, but I don't think nearly as badly as what you and the people around you went through!

  8. Whoa, is that a true story, the Little Princes one? I'm so saddened by it, but every time I read your blog its better than a newspaper bringing attention to things people might not realize are happening in the world.Also, the dress is lovely on you, especially the neckline.We didn't get much flooding where I live but some people are still without power. The flooding recedes pretty quick (usually with the tide) and anything in the basements just gets pumped out. I hope you and your family is ok. Do you have electric or are you camped out somewhere? I hope that everyone in your neighborhood is alright, you said there was some bad flooding. 😦

  9. YES, Little Princes is the name of the  book because that was the name of the orphanage he volunteered to work at that made him find out what was really going on with the boys there (that most of them were not orphans at all).  So totally a true story though.We didn't have power in our house for about an hour or two for one of the days of the flood, while our neighbors were out for a whole entire day. We got nothing at our place at all though. My parents however had a lot in their basement. My one brother had no power for a couple days so they had to go to his in-laws' in PA for a while.

  10. Nashville is in a valley surrounded by rivers and lakes, so the water came through super fast and it all happened during rush hour when people were sitting still on the interstate and couldn't really go anywhere.

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