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In Fields with Maids

– Outfit #15 to stand up against modern-day slavery/human trafficking & promote modesty!
If you’d like me to borrow your clothes to spread awareness against human trafficking and promote modesty, please E-mail me:
What a splendidly fun vintage dress borrowed from Lauren of Sparrow & Urchin. Seriously, the cut-outs are really unique in this! Thanks again Lauren! I thought she’d like my Princess Leia hairstyle with it since she is a Star Wars fan like me and loves hairstyles too. These photos are some of my favorites and really make me think of freedom.

Reason why I’m doing this #15:

Over the years I’ve read so many news accounts and books and articles about live-in maids who are mistreated so highly and made as slaves (many beaten, starved, always having their passports taken from them, raped, made prisoners in the homes they are “hired” to clean, etc)! Even a week ago there was this article about a woman from Africa who was offered a job and sent to live in a $3.1 Million dollar home in British Colombia making $200 a month, only to receive nothing when she got there and ordered to clean up after the woman who owned the house for 22 hours a day to make up for the money used to buy her. Neighbors started to take note of the woman and how she lived out of a cotton dress and sandals.  The trafficker is being charged currently.

Also from last month there was this account of a woman rescued who was from Madagascar and forced to be a maid in Lebanon for 15 years with no way of escape. She was originally told she would receive $800 a month as a nurse. When she got there she worked constantly day and night with little to no sleep receiving only $160 a month but she had to pay back the woman who owned the house to pay for her food which was only a quarter of a loaf of bread and some bits of fruit every day. The 80-something other women freed from their maid slavery were often drugged so they could continue to work each day for long periods of time. Former slave-maid women who were found dead had organs missing (like eyes plucked and replaced by doll eyes!!). 

I have many stories I could share like these but it would be too large of a post to share them all, so I thought including the recent ones with links would be good.  This is severely common in our world. Women who come from poverty stricken environments are afraid for their family’s survival. They apply for jobs and taken in by false companies who promise them good pay in other countries. They end up having no way of contacting their family or a way to get home. They are “house broken” many times by the slave-owners so that they fear that their children might be killed if they try to escape, or they fear they will be killed as well, and sometimes it happens.


25 thoughts on “In Fields with Maids

  1. It's so sad, it seems a common them that women are tricked into/or sold into work as a maid, believing they will make good money to send back to their families, only to be trapped, treated like a slave, and other worse things…Lovely dress, and I love the Princess Leia hairstyle 🙂 I always loved that one and tried to imitate it often when I was younger and had super long hair!

  2. STAR WARS HAIR!!! I love you. The dress looks so pretty on you, really you look like you are from a fairy tale! It took me a minute to figure out which dress that was but I know it :PThese stories are so sad, I am happy to hear that there were stories on this topic though, because that means discoveries of these crimes are being made, and hopefully steps of progress will be made.

  3. I knew you would like it too!! (the hair)Thanks so much!!!!Yeah, there are really newslinks for all the issues I've posted about, but I decided that once in a while I should strictly use some news references to show the reality of human trafficking. I too hope that steps of progress will continue to be made!!!

  4. I think the problem is that a lot of these countries where these women are tricked from, don't educate women about how deception is used to get them! I know that parts of Romania and Russia actually put out ads to warn them about lures like this where they end up being forced into stripping and prostitution after being promised jobs as waitresses and such. Thanks so much! That's cool that you tried the style when you were younger! It is good to have super long hair in instances like this!! 

  5. Hi Victoria, I haven't been commenting because I've been studying so much but we are taking up anti-trafficking and labour laws concerning household helpers right now. Can you believe that in the Philippines household helpers ("domestic servants") don't get benefits like overtime pay or maximum hours of work? They are severely lack proper legal coverage esp. being not entitled to standards like the minimum wage law—the law only "suggests" paying household helpers about 800 pesos/$25 a week. Our Labour professor told us horror stories about Filipino overseas workers who go to Singapore or the Middle East as nurses and teachers and end up working as maids without neither proper board or lodging. It really makes you lose faith in humanity.So thanks for doing this series. 

  6. I'm so glad that you are learning about that in your educational program studies in school!! That's wonderful. Yeah, that is horrible. Thanks for reading this entry and for letting me know!!

  7. What a beautiful dress! That cut is one of my favorite styles. As always I think it's so great what your doing with borrowing outfits and spreading awareness of Human Trafficking.

  8. This is so sad, thanks for making us aware of the terrible things going on in this world! It really puts perspective on my life and makes me feel so lucky for what I have. I love the gorgeous dress, it has such gorgeous detail!

  9. The good things is that you always brighten up the posts with your lovely self and the amazing dresses you wear/borrow   :)Keep up the great service your doing.God bless you,Flavia

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