– Outfit #17 to stand up against modern-day slavery/human trafficking & promote modesty!

If you’d like me to borrow your clothes to spread awareness against human trafficking and promote modesty, please E-mail me: marvelousthingsphoto@gmail.com

Here’s another vintage dress borrowed from Lauren of Sparrow & Urchin. Because of Hurricane Irene (which is when I took these photos), I didn’t stay outside too long. The trees were blowing around like crazy and a branch fell nearby, so I was outside long enough to get just a few photos. I was more concerned about having trees fall on me than getting the photos taken. I know I am really behind in my blog entries and have been a bit out of it regarding my blog, but I will update you all on what happened during the hurricane and floods here in Northern NJ soon. It was bad, so I’ll leave it at that for now. I admit I’m rushing this entry out because I haven’t had time to really work on it, and I’m already a day late in posting my outfit entries this week. I apologize!

Dress borrowed from Lauren | Orchid hairclip & anchor necklace from Lila-Jo | Shoes from Modcloth

the wind was blowing my hair around. Sometimes it went in my face.

Reason why I’m doing this #17:
A few times I’ve talked about the sexual exploitation in women and girls from various places and the slavery involved regarding their circumstances (You’ll hear much more about this still to come as well). I want to talk to you about Wellspring Living located in Atlanta. 

A couple years ago I found out that Atlanta, GA is one of the top 3 cities in the country for sex trafficking and one of the top 13 in the world where Every day between 200 to 300 children and teens are on the streets, being sold for sex. 90% of runaway girls become a part of the sex industry (It happens usually within the first 48 hours of them being “missing”. . so pray for those girls you see on the missing lists in papers and more. . because they’re more than likely on the streets). 1 of every 4 girls in general become sexually abused (maybe one of you reading this has a history of it even), and this can lead some of them to run away so they won’t be abused any longer, only to end up picked up by someone who forces them into the sex trade to be abused over and over again until there is no fight left in them, causing them to work the streets around the country for as many years as possible until they are numb and know of no other way than to continue in it.  Wellspring Living provides safe homes for these girls who get rescued or do their best to run away from “the life” in hopes that they won’t get killed when caught running there. They provide recovery therapy and education for victims of abuse and for sexually exploited and trafficked girls.  
My sons playing in a puddle

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  1. Love that dress so much!!

  2. You look beautiful–that dress is stunning! 🙂 Here's hoping things have dried off a bit in NJ. 🙂

  3. what a beautiful dress. i am about to chop off my hair due to it always getting in the way. :Pi always get this urge before winter. you look amazing as always..your hair especially. 

  4. That dress is so cute!! I love the bright florals. And your hair is stunning!

  5. how cute are the photos of your boys!! they have the biggest cutest eyes ever!! 🙂 love your dress victoria! xx

  6. beautiful! The hurricane in the air really made for some stunning pictures

  7. Look how cute your boys are!! & that dress is one of my favorites so far that you have been loaned!NOT happy to hear this about Atlanta. 😦

  8. Thanks! Goodness, I forgot that you lived in Atlanta. Yea. I've read lots of news articles about child prostitution going on there. I'm very sorry.  There's a lot near where I live too, since I'm right by NYC.

  9. wait, nevermind, aren't you in Alabama? Well sadly it's there too . . .a girl I have known for a few years that lives in Montgomery had her cousin kidnapped last year around Thanksgiving time and was missing even past Christmas. She was 14 and was seen around a few hotels and they were able to eventually rescue her. Very sad. 

  10. Super lovely dress. The print is so unusual! 

  11. Lovely outfit! I hope you haven't suffered too much damage from the hurricane! 

  12. The worlds most adorable kids!! Look at their eyes, and those long eyelashes! :):) You are so damn pretty! I love the dress! I seriously think you were meant to wear long dresses. Your body is shaped perfectly for them, never frumpy or swallowed by the dress, just pure elegance & charm :)I have heard about Atlanta's problem awhile back on NPR. They do follow-up stories every few months on certain women. Some are very sad but others are really good. A lot of women are able to give talks at schools to encourage young girls to avoid that lifestyle, because it starts at such a young age. 

  13. wow. loads of compliments, goodness.  I really like long dresses anyway. That's really cool that NPR talks about this type of stuff. I am glad they follow up too.  

  14. What did your boys think of the hurricane?  Gwendolyn was unfazed.  I loved the weather right after the hurricane left – so cool and fall-like!  Interesting facts about Georgia – I had no idea!

  15. They thought it was exciting. haha. We tried to explain to them about the devastation and so now Leto prays for the flood victims.  


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