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The Stars Have their Eyes on You

– Outfit #18 to stand up against modern-day slavery/human trafficking & promote modesty!

If you’d like me to borrow your clothes to spread awareness against human trafficking and promote modesty, please E-mail me: marvelousthingsphoto@gmail.com

Here’s yet another vintage dress borrowed from Lauren of Sparrow & Urchin. Okay, I know the hairstyle is overplayed in the blogging world. I always did my hair like this when it was long though and don’t tend to photograph my hair like this for the blog because I like to be unique.  My hair is getting too long to do this style any longer anyway now. Maybe one day I can have it long enough to put it all around my head though.

Reason Why I’m Doing This #18:
The US is filled with sex tourism (though many times men going on business trips outside of the country or inside its borders as well all look for sex to comfort their time on the trip). To serve such men searching out sex, Pimps aka sex traffickers look for a way to make sure they get enough girls to pleasure men in that area. As an example, when there are conventions, pimps will actually take up some fresh young girls and go to that area so they can get lots of business selling them for sex. These girls might be raped-for-profit through sex acts and forced prostitution by their pimps between 10-40 times a night!

Some Law enforcers have been trying to crack down on sex tourism, such as in Cleveland, Ohio where 4 men were arrested  after nearly three years of having men buy sex from 11 year old prostitutes that they trafficked or the investigators in Florida dealing with men bringing people across borders to please the sex tourism.

Websites also attract these men. For three years I had signed petitions against craigslist for the erotic services where young girls were often sold. They have since closed that section off, but backpage is no better. It is because of backpage that a ring of sex traffickers were thankfully caught in Maine, but how many other issues aren’t even being tracked through the site causing more of a problem then ever!?

During events like Super Bowls or Olympics, these places become heavily used for sex trafficking. Girls that get picked up off the street by pimps, receive conditioning and brain washing with lots of beatings involved to believe they are only of use if they get their pimps money and they become faithful slaves to their masters.  Thankfully there are more places being built as safe-homes for these victims such as in Texas.

We have tracked more than 50 instances, in 22 states over three years, of charges filed against those trafficking or attempting to traffic minors on backpage.com. These are only the stories that made it into the news; many more instances likely exist. These cases often involve runaways ensnared by adults seeking to make money by sexually exploiting them. In some cases, minors are pictured in advertisements. In others, adults are pictured but minors are substituted at the ‘point of sale’ in a grossly illegal transaction.” –read more here

I could post link upon link of news for you but there will probably be more to post soon anyway.

35 thoughts on “The Stars Have their Eyes on You

  1. you are such a gorgeous lady!!!  love this dress on you and your hair.  the photos are amazing too 🙂  and i am absolutely appalled to learn about sex tourism.  thank you so much for writing about this and giving a voice to so many girls out there who are being silenced by evil.  stuff like this just breaks my heart.

  2. that first shot (the angle on it) in awesome! love!and sex tourism is an awful thing. I've never noticed it in places ive been in the US, but when I was on a mission trip in San Jose Costa Rica (near a red light district) we encountered many guys from the US bringing prostitutes in and out of our hotel. It was truly heartbreaking to watch it happen. The world is such a dark and hopeless place without the love of God…

  3. oh goodness. I have a feeling if I saw something like that I'd honestly approach the guys and try to tell them who the girls were that they were about to have sex with.  . . and they probably would laugh at me and still not care, so maybe I wouldn't do that. A lot of "Johns" don't really understand and just automatically think that anyone who is a prostitute must WANT to be one, when most of the time they are forced into it and just don't know how to get out so they stick with it as they age.Thanks, that's my favorite shot of them all too!!

  4. you look gorgeous and you are an amazing person, such a rolemodel. I have difficulty forming a strong opinion about the sex industry: on one hand, I find it absolutely wrong and dehumanizing to "buy" a person's dignity. Demeaning for women all over the planet. On the other hand: this industry won't just disappear. It's called the world's oldest profession for a reason, I think mankind will always be a breeding ground for these practices. Also, working in a factory or in some other occupations where you are regarded as merely a "thing" that can use its body is hardly any better than prostitution, but prostitution has more moral (and thus ephemeral, societal) issues. Ah, so hard. I think the practice should be legalized and thoroughly controlled: good working conditions for the sex workers and loads of controls regarding age etc.

  5. If we're helping one person out of the abuse, then to me that is worth it, so that's why I stand against it so often.Unfortunately legalizing it will make it worse. Since prostitution is a profession girls are initially forced into and are abused over and over again at young ages that when they actually are taken out it is hard for them to figure out what else to do so some of them end up going back to their pimps because they don't know who else to go to, they end up being beaten and abused even more and often times they get killed and are easily disposable. If it becomes legalized it means pimps will be able to get away with trafficking as many girls as they want to.  even in countries where it is legalized, they are sent there against their wishes and are forced to do the paperwork that gets renewed every 6-12 months depending on the country.  It will sadly increase the demand instead of cut back. Having it illegal at least makes it more horrific and less accepted. When it will be legalized in certain places, it just means that people disregard a problem even happening in that place. This is why in parts of Nevada, US, in Amersterdam, Italy, and parts of England, the prostitution's abuse goes on with no one noticing other than the people who have moved in to change the laws and are working hard to help the girls out of "the life".  Thanks so much for typing!! 

  6. It is scary that huge events that are supposed to be positive, like the Olympics bring an insane amount of sex tourism. Ugh, this world is an awful place. On the positive side, I adore your outfit! Despite being unoriginal, your hair looks amazing in this style!

  7. I don't agree: when things are legalized, it means that there are stricter rules and a better way of regulating things. If there is no way to eliminate the problem, you might as well try and make the best out of a bad situation, no? Compare it to the prohibition of alcohol in America: just led to people drinking horrible stuff that was basically poison. And yes, drinking, drugs and prostitution are sad, bad things, but you can't eliminate them.Btw not everyone gets forced into the profession. My friends know a girl who started as a callgirl to afford university, completely voluntarily, and this case isn't a standalone one. For some people it's easier to separate the physical from the emotional, and for those people sex work equals very easy money.

  8. call girls are completely different and your friend's friend is a definite exception to the "rule". They usually are escorts who choose their own person to be with or a few very select men who get background checks at times and the typical prostitute is entered into "the life" through kidnapping, running away, being coerced, being lured by manipulation of forming a relationship with a guy who is a trafficker who eventually asks them to help them make money since they love them, from being drugged into it, etc. . .the average age for women who start prostitution is 13. That is the high majority. They are told to sleep with whoever gives them money. There is never a separation of the physical from the emotional – just a pushing it downward and becoming numb to it while believing the abuse is a "way of life". So much for sex being special to anyone these days.Read Girls Like Us, Selling Olga, From Congress to the Brothels, or The Natashas (I could give you more book recommendations on top of that). There are interviews with people who work with victims in legalized prostitution locations and victims who are also interviewed. Human trafficking crimes are just as bad there as they are in places where it is not legalized. One of the authors came out of prostitution herself from cities where it had been legal and now works with about 400 girls a year who are all under 18 from prostitution/sexual. I'm sorry. It would be nice if that were not the case (about how if it were legalized it would have stricter rules and better regulations). These women are beat badly and are given diseases and honestly I don't think any woman would choose to be treated that way unless they have been conditioned since young ages. After 4 years of daily researching it and knowing people who have worked with victims in first person, I wish I could agree with you (and I also have a friend who's cousin was kidnapped for a few months put into it at 14 years of age to come home shattered and very different).  You can help people have better education about it so that it can help the men understand what they are doing, help the prostitutes not be charged as criminals but as victims, and get pimps put away more often, not glamourize treating women poorly or glamourizing pimps, and slowly the number of these incidents can be reduced.  To me it is much better to reduce the amount of people being harmed in this slavery. The prohibition is a bad example because it had been legal to drink forever and then suddenly they took it completely away so of course it created chaos. Prostitution is illegal everywhere other than a few places, and in those places women are treated like a commodity with a lack of respect at all even though it is legal.  The more that something is promoted like legalization of prostitution, the more likely people will accept it as a good part of life and there won't even be anything wrong with people going to them. . .yet because of them I have known of many families who have been destroyed and millions of people are being raped and millions of people have been killed when they aren't needed or disobey their masters. It is disgusting to me that anyone would defend something so destructive ever.

  9. oh don't worry, I didn't think you came across as angry, I enjoy your opinion as you voice it in an intelligent way and I can tell you know a lot about this. I would probably have the exact same opinion as you if I came from the same place, but thing is that I do live in a place that has prostitution legalized, so my frame of reference is different from yours and my example is more rational coming from that place. The entire issue should be treated per region because it is a global problem with different, local forms and background. But yes, call girls are completely different from prostitutes (in fact I could never imagine doing something like that unless I was desperate, but I try to respect other women and their choices, even if I don't understand). And of course I agree that the number one priority is the wellbeing of these women and girls. anyway, long story short: difficult problem, difficult subject, important issue and I think you are amazing for doing so much 🙂

  10. Lovely photo shoot!  You look so mature and old-school.  I love the decision to shoot by the brick.  So lovely. :)Thanks for continuing to post about sex trafficking in the US.  Sometimes it's easy to forget it happens so often on our soil. 😦

  11. I would assume that it would take a huge amount of desperation for one to "choose" prostitution that really they feel they have nothing else to do other than perhaps starve and die on the streets instead.  I don't really think they truly understand the abuse involved in the "choice" and once they realize what they got themselves into, they haven't any idea how to get back out, you know? I can't even imagine getting to that situation because I've only ever had sex with my husband.Anyway, thanks for being cool and understanding while discussing this. 

  12. I don't know, in the case of callgirls it's mostly girls who want to live a jetset life with parties, eating out and designer outfits. Not affordable for "normal" people, but callgirls can afford it. Once they realize how "easy" the money is, it is very hard to stop I think. But I would never do it either, I have only had sex with my soon-to-be fiancé too and we've been together for 7 years. I would have to have INSANE chemistry with someone to go ahead and forget about emotional intimacy to go along with the physical side.

  13. You look stunning. You wear braids very well. They may be popular among lots of bloggers, but I don't think I'll ever stop wearing them. I definitely don't wear them as much as I used to 3 years ago, though.

  14. you look like a painting in the last pic! gorgeous..human trafficking is such a scary thing and sad as wellbut my sermon today was all about the Second Coming of Goda lot of bad stuff will happens before He comes back. so we shouldn't "hush" it awaywe need to accept that and believe that God will protect us from the evil and all the evilness just will pass by without doing any harm to us :)<3http://escapesweetest.blogspot.com/

  15. Beautiful Beautiful Outfit! I don't wear muted colors nearly as well as you! This look is very striking…especially love your hair!Learning new things again! Thanks for providing so much information to so many girls who were unaware of this particular evil in our own country!!

  16. Well, you can be concerned about making your own hair look neat. Why post a snarky remark about "so many people having nasty looking milkbraids" to a comment that was positive? You could have just as easily thanked mousevox for her compliment, instead of adding that negative bit about what other people's hair looks like. Reading your blog, it definitely comes across that you think you're holier than thou, and maybe you should reflect on how your words show you in a way that's different than how you're trying to portray yourself as being.

  17. I am sorry you see it that way. I'm sorry if my comment was too human and irresponsibly worded. I hope you can forgive me.However you have judged me in this comment yourself. I don't mind though. I embrace it and am open to it so that I can work on myself. That is truly the type of person I am. But you don't really know me. If anything my blog conveys the heart of compassion I have for others.

  18. It wasn't too human, it was too rude. You have an enjoyable blog and I don't wish to go back and forth on this subject. I know oftentimes people find it hard to admit to their wrongdoings, and you are (very defensively) doing that here. Read over your "too human and irresponsibly worded" comment about the state of other people's hair. It didn't come across as kind (from reading your blog, I don't at all question if you are a compassionate person or not). You judged other bloggers by stating that "So many people have really nasty looking milkbraids". You have no clue if those people struggle with hair and scalp ailments daily, or if they're recovering from chemo (which makes your hair grow back a different texture), or if they simply don't have long, lustrous hair like you and wearing a protective style like milkbraids might be their attempt to conceal damage caused by improper treatment (flat irons, dyes, perms, etc.). The point is, even though it's your opinion (and you surely have a right to your opinion), you came across as snarky because other people's braids aren't as well-maintained as yours. And, it seemed to me that your online persona shows you in a positive light by being a Christian woman with a kind heart, so I was taken aback by your rather rude comment. That is all.

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