I’m probably going to do an extra post this week about the floods we had in Northern NJ (and of course they were in other parts of the north-eastern side too).  I have photos from the “event”.

I haven’t been posting as often or on schedule with my modest features and other entries because of homeschooling my older son.  He is in Kindergarten, so there isn’t a lot of time needed for his lessons, but they usually last about three hours and then I do the cleaning and I read while the boys play together, I try to catch up on blogs about 30 minutes a day (which doesn’t get through too many), I spend time with the boys, I practice about an hour of ballet in my living room during their nap time and trying to catch up on watching movies during that time too.  Then I prepare dinner, hang out with my husband, and now I have youth group again (they are off during the summers) so that will take up two nights a week for me.  If you don’t receive as many comments from me or see as many posts, it is because life takes up more time than the internet (which to me is good).

I am really happy it is starting to get colder outside, because that means it will be MUCH easier for me to find outfits to feature!! I had a really hard time this summer trying to find a good variety of modest outfits to post!

[Click photo for zoomed-in details]

Favorite of the week: Louise!!!
Top Left to right: Joandy, Joelle, Anna
Bottom left to right: Cat, Gayle, Kiki

If you want recognition for your modest outfits just let me know about your blog in a comment or even submit a photo here. Most of the time I pick from my random searches of bloggers or daily reads. To see the daily features and people’s submissions, follow this tumblr I run. 

Join the conversation! 10 Comments

  1. Louise does look fantastic! She always does…her blog is amazing!

  2. Oh my goodness! Is Louise in France? She looks so perfectly Parisian! 😀

  3. I don't know if she lives in Paris, but she is definitely French!

  4. Louise looks amazing! I love her hat, so cute! Yeah, I have had it with summer. I am actually welcoming fall with open arms, even if it is just a plain sweater and jeans. I seriously have a hard time trying to dress nice in the heat and it must be even harder when you are looking for more modest styles! Summer dresses are so short lately, ugh. And the maxi dresses all are low-cut. I love that you do these features because I do have to dress modest for work so I like finding things that look nice and pretty and I feel good about wearing. I can walk around in boxer shorts and a tank at home and who cares if I am in my house right? 😛 

  5. don't apologise about how frequently you blog- we understand!!! my blog is here: http://flowerchild-vintage.blogspot.com/ and i'd really love you to consider my latest modest outfit, Preppy Autumn!

  6. I wish I could walk around like that in my home, but because of my little boys already showing interest in the female body, I am more careful of how I dress around them at home as well. At least there is always the bedroom for my love!I agree with you on how those summer dresses are. Being tall would make those dresses even shorter! That's cool that you have to wear more modest clothing at work!

  7. Oh my goodness…I'm totally swooning over Louise's outfit! It is SUCH perfection! 😀

  8. Thanks!  I totally understand the falling behind in blogging. it's so hard to keep up. life is busy! you sound like such a great mom!

  9. I love the picture of Louise. She's one of my style icons.

  10. I always enjoy these modest fashion features, and I'd love to be considered for your next installment.  Here's a link to a recent modest outfit of mine: http://splendiferousinclinations.blogspot.com/2011/09/falling-in-love-with-fall.html


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