– Outfit #19 to stand up against modern-day slavery/human trafficking & promote modesty! –

Earlier on in this series I was sent a package of clothes to borrow from Rebecca of Singing in His Name. She let me hold this dress until it got a little cooler outside, and I finally got to wear it! Thanks so much!!

Here is my family!
My hair color is so strange to me and I really hope to dye it one shade soon (since it’s three shades naturally – blonde, brown, and red . . making it look more grey which is why I first dyed it when I was 16, but it’s been about a year since I dyed my hair at all)
I gave Leto a haircut but started to cut his ear!! It was such a sad and horrible feeling that I did that, but thankfully I nursed it up well and cool Spiderman band-aids made him feel much better.
 Micah has a hard time trying to look my direction when I ask him to for photos. One day he’ll get it!
Reason Why I’m Doing This #19:

Make Way Partners had sent me a book called Passport Through Darkness written by their founder.  They also offered me a new free book to give away but I honestly don’t know if anyone would be interested in it. If you are, I’ll mail my copy to you (I finished reading it last night)!  If a few people are interested then I’ll contact Make Way Partners back about the giveaway.

Kimberly Smith writes about how she first came to know about human trafficking while she was living in Europe for a few years (she’s from the US). There were children from Africa imprisoned in a home being sold for sex and put into pornography streaming.  In her horror and her compassion for victims of slavery, down the line she ended up going to Sudan where there has been a war for many decades. People are sold into slavery (like live-in slave-maids,  or forced to become wives or sex slaves, etc) and brutally murdered, especially if they are Christians (which many in that country are). The persecution there is quite great and for the many decades there have been Muslims who try to force the people who live there over to their religion and if they refuse they are often tortured and killed. This is a fact of what is going on there (I am not trying to attack anyone, just stating what has been happening there for a very long time and the reason behind it).  Kimberly Smith would try to help save these people out of slavery. In her book she wrote about her struggles of feeling weak, her horrible memories witnessed there, the people she met along the way, her own battles and heartaches of suffering, and the faith she had because of it all.  Many children are left as orphans in Sudan. So many of them end up dying because of hyenas and wild dogs or they end up starving, receiving diseases, or put into slavery. She was willing to risk her life to help the people there.

One story she shared was about a woman who was forced to be a second wife to an Islamic man.  She and her few children had to work non-stop. She eventually had more children through her abuse and wanted to save them all from the terror they were enduring and because she overheard that her daughter would be used in the same way she had been.  In the middle of the night while he was away she escaped with her six children (sending the oldest off ahead before she left). After hours of traveling, her oppressor caught up with her. She hid in a bush hovering over her three children that she had with her including her daughter.  The man burned out her hiding spot (and since it is so dry there, fire spreads faster).    She lost all three of her children that she had with her and was left with burns so bad that she couldn’t move her arms. With the help of her remaining children she reached Kimberly Smith who was able to get her help. She received 90% recovery and was given a home and a business. The woman felt so blessed that she would give her money to the people around her to help them and also had Bible studies in her home with the women who knew suffering just as much as she did, knowing that they could go through even more if they were found. That shows great faith.

At Make Way Partners you can read the current news of Kimberly’s work on her blog, help the people in Sudan through sponsoring the orphans there, helping with education on Darfur, Sudan and human trafficking to schools and elsewhere, be a part of mission teams to help work there and in Romania (where they also are involved), help provide education to the children in Sudan, and the list goes on! There are people dying every day because of the injustices done to others. Kimberly Smith has created a big family with the love she shares with those she helps. They even call her “Mother Kimberly”. That is truly real love, maybe even more than the love I show my own family, for she has led many to transformation and helped bring peace to those suffering.

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  1. I almost started crying at that story about the mom who tried to save her children and lost them. Its atrocious what people do to other people.I can see why as a mother you would want to spread the word about other women saving lives and children. You have the most beautiful family, someday I hope I can have a family like yours and help others along the way.

  2. Heartbreaking…as a mother I can't even imagine what that poor woman had to go through losing her children and being physically harmed on top of that.  What courage and strength though and great hope for others she reaches.  Your family is beautiful:)  

  3. I know! I cried a couple times while reading the book and what she wrote of the people there.Wow that is a really nice compliment Kallie. Thanks. I am sure you will have a gorgeous family of your own one day! I don't feel like I do much at all (especially in comparison to this woman) but I am doing what I can at the moment and maybe one day I can do what she does (once her kids were all grown is when she started to work with victims). 

  4. it can be really devastating when you think about all of the horror in the world.  it is good to know that people are trying to raise awareness and make a difference, when we often feel helpless from such a distance.you have such a lovely family and you look absolutely beautiful.  that dress is divine.

  5. You look so pretty! I love the saddle shoes and your hair looks amazing! xo

  6. Eek!  This colour is beautiful on you…and pleats are my thing, so the dress just really "hit the spot"…plus, i'm so excited that you're doing this anti-trafficking campaign.  It's been a near and dear cause to my heart and i've done a lot of research/work too…I'd love to participate again in some anti-trafficking work!<3 Cambriajupefashion.blogspot.com

  7. I think that is wonderful!! It is really great to hear when other people have a passion as well and are doing things or are willing to try to help the victims of oppression in our world! 

  8. oh what a great blog! I just it! cute outfit and beautiful kids :)now following!nataliehttp://lucyandtherunaways.blogspot.com

  9. I love the dress, you look amazing, and it is my favorite color 🙂 Your hair is like the grown-up version of mine, haha, three different colors! I have seen this book before or someone has told me about it. When we read "A thousand Splendid Suns"  last semester, a girl brought up the topic of slavery in the middle east and it was very sad, because it was alluded to in the book. I have to say that I am in love with that first picture, that is the definition of family & love ❤

  10. you have an absolute beautiful family:) so pretty perfect.. your kids are so cute! p.s. the story is so strong and I love how you spread it through your blog.CYLIAAAA.blogspot.com

  11. Oh my gosh, I adore your outfit! Those saddle shoes are seriously darling. Your family are so beautiful too, usually I am not a fan of 'mommy' bloggers but yours is so endearing and inspirational.


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