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Down the Tracks & Purple Lights

– Outfit #20 to stand up against modern-day slavery/human trafficking & promote modesty! –
When I received a large box filled with dresses to borrow from Lauren of Sparrow & Urchin, the first dress I wanted to wear was this one. It is my favorite of the bunch of them that I’ve posted. It is unique (check out the print up close by zoomin in on the outfit).  It even has a pretty brooch as part of it. Amazing vintage!  It’s been about 16 months since I had photos at the tracks and we (Rob and I) had a picnic there with our boys. They really love trains so they seemed to have a good time even though they wished to see an actual train come by. It is really hard to get them to both look at the camera at the same time!

It is always really fun to see the unique ways that people spread awareness against human trafficking. Every day there are those who never heard of slavery existing in our world and neighborhoods. They don’t want to think that there is evil right near where they live.

October will be National Domestic Violence Awareness month. This morning I read this article about how a woman in Washington state (named Victoria [Throm]!) is trying to spread awareness against domestic violence and human trafficking by having purple lights shine in her neighborhood’s porches and on trees and all over the place so that people will wonder what is going on and that they will ask about the reasons behind the lights. This is the fifth year she has arranged for Purple Light Nights Campaign. It lasts for the entire month and takes places in 23 states and a couple Canadian provinces.

It’s focused on human sex trafficking,” Throm said of the Genesis Project. “Everything will be free,” Throm said, “from the purple glow sticks to refreshments.”

Seattle, Washington is one of the worst places for human trafficking and ranked #6 in the world for the exploitation of young boys and girls. Genesis Project helps these victims since many of them are under the age of 18.

I want to find a purple light somewhere and hope you will join me for the month of October to help spread awareness of this growing problem in our world. Be a voice for the oppressed.


30 thoughts on “Down the Tracks & Purple Lights

  1. Very very pretty! I love the print! I am actually in Seattle visiting my inlaws for two weeks. I had no idea that human trafficking was such a big problem here. Although it does not surprise me.

  2. beautiful dress and pictures.   i'm really intrigued by the purple light campaign…going to read up on it a little bit & maybe see if i can get some other neighborhood moms to participate with me. 

  3. thats a really neat idea actually. creative idea to pique curiosity and spread awareness. home depot and such places usually sells colored light bulbs of some kind. I think you can get outdoor ones too? I recently saw a house with deck lights all in rainbow order so…it's possible.

  4. Look at you lying on the train-tracks like its nobody's business! You always take the best photos. You are totally rockin' Lauren's dress too!It's cool about the lights. I hope it makes a difference!

  5. What a beautiful photoshoot! That dress is lovely and really suits you; the colors and print are gorgeous. Thanks for the info on the Purple Lights campaign…

  6. Love the brooch and tie part & the pretty colors & pattern on this dress; seems like all little kids love trains, so sweet. I can't believe Seattle is so awful for human trafficking and exploitation, wow, I would never imagine that. I really enjoy learning something new each time I get chance to read your blog, you're doing such an awesome job at spreading awareness, really admirable of you. 

  7. Yeah, it's really sad to learn how bad certain areas are for human trafficking when you would think the US would be considered more safe. Thanks for the kind comments and I'm so happy to hear you're learning!!

  8. You and BOTH boys are just beautiful! I love taking train track photos! 🙂 The purple light idea is just perfect…a great and EASY way to spread awareness! What a wonderful thing for her to do! 

  9. Its great to hear another Victoria is campaigning against human trafficking as well! The purple lights project sounds really unique and seems to be gathering some great interest. I can't believe this is your 20th outfit for your project!! How exciting. You are looking as beautiful as ever! 

  10. I've been completely abysmal at commenting lately, but I love the way you've been using your blog to spread awareness about an issue that's so important to you. I love when clothes are more than just clothes, you know? Some girls turn them into art, and some (like you) use them as a platform for spreading awareness or inciting change. Long story short, I think you're fabulous!And of course, you look beautiful as always, though I think your boys are stealing the show in those last few photos! 😉

  11. Seattle, Washington??  I would never have guessed that.  Sounds like a great campaign…heading over to find out more.  Your boys are so adorable…and oh my, that dress really is gorgeous on you.  I love the print and the pretty cool hues which look amazing with you skin tone and hair:)

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