Movie Ratings are on a scale of 1-5. Anything rated over 3 stars and is in bold, is totally worth seeing! – I rate pretty harshly.

Sullivan’s Travels 1942 (w/ Joel McCrea, Veronica Lake) – 3.25 stars – A movie director is truly hoping to do a picture on human suffering. He wants to experience it for himself, so he decides to become a bum. His friends and colleagues don’t really think he can do that without their help. Along the way he meets up with a woman hoping to make it big in acting, but instead is really taken by Mr. Sullivan. At times the humor in this seemed dry and forced, but in some way it was also brilliant. The movie went from seemingly comedic to more dramatic and sad. It was a good film though. content: bare legs on a woman as she sits in a robe, smoking, punching, unseen violence and death

Meek’s Cutoff
2010 (w/ Bruce Greenwood, Michelle Williams, Neal Huff, Paul Dano) – 1 star – A bunch of people are trying to reach Oregon and seem to have stepped off the trail (set in 1845). It is based or inspired by a true story. The group of people are trying to find their way back and they come across a Native American in which they don’t know if they should follow or not. This movie was very slow and boring (waste of an hour and forty-five minutes). It had a nice wardrobe though. Not worth it. content: about two vulgar/profane things said, violence against a Native American

2005 (w/ Kurt Russell, Dakota Fanning, Kris Kristofferson, Elisabeth Shue) – 3 stars – Based off of a true story, a man who gets fired from his job as a horse trainer ends up taking in a horse because of his daughter’s love for it. She becomes determined to get the horse in the races to win a big cup! It was a sweet story. I like horse movies. content: a couple profanities

Captain Horatio Hornblower
1951 (w/ Gregory Peck, Virginia Mayo) – 2.5 stars – A British Naval Captain sets sail around Latin America so that they can get some allies. Sailing on the seas is tough work and he rarely gets to go home. On his journey he rescues a white woman who becomes smitten with him. Of course there are things in his life that make that complicated. The acting was well done, it’s just comical to me to see lines from brown make-up on white guys trying to play Spanish men. I couldn’t get into the movie until probably the middle of it. content: kissing

White Heat 1949 (w/ James Cagney, Virginia Mayo, Edmond O’Brien) – 3 stars – A gangster uses his power to manipulate and control people. The cops have been on the hunt for him for quite a while and are working on a lead and a way to arrest him for his notorious crimes. He loves his mom and has a beautiful wife who seems scared and trapped. One cop in particular is out to get him. There is a lot of drama and intensity throughout the film.  Although it was a very good story, my problem was that I was surprised at how horribly Virginia Mayo acted (first film I ever hated her acting in, and I’ve seen a bunch . . like the movie above).  Goodness her hair and outfits are amazing in this though. James Cagney’s gangster voice was too forced and annoying. Also I don’t think a normal handgun is capable of shooting a person through a solid door (though a tommy gun would). content: woman in suggestive outfits, assumed affair, kissing, guns, violence (no gore), control, manipulation, male hitting female across the face, fighting cops, shooting

Red Riding Hood 2011 (w/ Amanda Seyfried, Billy Burke, Gary Oldman, Shiloh Fernandez, Max Irons) – 3.25 stars – I almost rated it a little lower than that due to content, but I did find the story quite interesting. This is based off of the faerytale, but extended in a unique way. There have been large wolves attacking villages for a very long time, causing fear throughout the land. When a girl’s sister gets killed, she wants to live on but has a hard time accepting a match made for her to marry against her will when she has loved someone else for most of her life. Things change in the village when a man who killed his own wife who was a werewolf in disguise comes to stir the people up and control them. What can a young woman truly do to save her village? It was really a beautifully made film and had a good plot. At first it was a little slow, but it got really interesting.  content: kissing and playful flirting, killing of a couple animals and displaying a head of a wolf, some violence and blood shown (not too graphic, mostly a hand being cut off), torture device used against a child with disabilities, a young girl offering herself to a man – she takes the top of her dress off where she is wearing a camisole (nothing visible underneath), an affair talked about, accuasation of witchery, a couple kisses passionately as he lifts her body and holder her legs up as her body rests against a platform/pole/wall) then lowering her to the ground as he starts undoing the strings of the top of her garment – nothing is shown other than it being untied a bit (I don’t recall if he grabbed her there though),  slightly scary imagery, people die, two girls being seductive in a dance to make a guy jealous, man and woman dancing seductively, woman tries to slice a guy’s chest with a knife, some violence (not really anything gorey shown), the cutting open of a body – though not graphic and angled so you can’t see anything, a couple appears to be naked  while kissing to show that they have been intimate (shoulders up seen)

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  1. Re: White Heat handgun. Unless it was a super heavy paneled door I can easily believe the round would penetrate; and even then, if it was the right type of gun/bullet, it still could. Pistol bullets are notorious for for going through doors and multiple walls. IIRC a standard police round is/was a .38 with a half-charged cartridge, precisely to keep it from going as far/with as much power. I don't know how much a single Thompson round would penetrate – I suspect it's not as powerful – but multiple bullets would pulverize the material of the door so the effect would be more impressive.Hehe, I didn't mean to write an epic! Just wanted to say I didn't think that was unrealistic. My brother is irritated mostly by the way Cagney shoots, "throwing" his pistol hand around. Kind of silly looking. :p I always find your reviews interesting, and I love the balance between older, middling, and newer films. Hornblower's one of my favorites. We were really impressed by how good the special effects were for 1951.

  2. awesome! Thanks for responding with this and letting me know about the gun stuff. It is also so nice to see that people have seen some of the movies I have reviewed too (and older ones at that in which don't seem too known).  

  3. Little Red Riding Hood was so weird for me… it received horrid reviews, but when I finally saw it, I kept finding myself saying "this isn't all that bad!". After it was over, and I reviewed the movie over and over in my head, now I feel extremely disappointed. I guess it's due to the fact that I am a HUGE fairytale lover, and I'm not sure if ONE retelling has fully done a fairytale true justice… I want to see REAL beauty, romance, integrity and mystique!! (ok, maybe I'm just being hard-to-please)Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  4. HAHA. I can totally understand that feeling with this movie and I agree with you that I like faerytales to have justice done. It was interesting that I read "Little Red Riding Hood" for part of the curriculum I have for my older son and then I watched this movie afterwards. I thought in a way, it was pretty well done. They are doing a Snow White and Sleeping Beauty live-action film now. . .we'll see how those go. I read all the Grimm Faerytales to my sons so that should be fun. 

  5. I was really pleasantly surprised by Red Riding Hood! It was just twisty enough to keep me guessing…and watching such a BEAUTIFULLY made movie, filled with lots of beautiful people kept me entertained, too. 🙂 I almost didn't rent it, based on negative reviews, but I was really happy I did! I thought it was a good movie!

  6. Again, all movies that I have not seen. I love your reviews and trust them over most because you are honest and don't just gush about the cute actors. I did want to see Riding Hood. I like Dreamer too, I want to see that one. Have you seen "Wild hearts can't be broken"? 

  7. Oh, yes, I have always always adored Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken (since it came out I've adored it).  Thanks so much for liking my reviews. I've never been too gushy about actors anyway. There are some that I respect and adore and admire (like Robert Downey Jr.  . .whom I think my husband looks like) but other than that I was never goo-goo-ga-ga about people like that unless they were in front of me and able to be in my grasp.


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