Here are the rest of the photos I wanted to post from the wedding I attended (my cousin Matt and his wife Jessica). I didn’t really take much of their actual wedding and of them since they had a load of photographers around them and I always had people’s heads in front of me!

Here’s my husband Rob (I believe he looks quite dashing, but I’m a little obsessed with him)

Here’s a photo of the Bride and Groom coming out of the church after they were wed. There’s a shot of me and Rob and on the right you see my parents (who have been married for 40 years!!!)
I don’t have many shots of me and my parents at all (probably the last time I got one taken was when I got married over seven years ago). My dad has never dyed his hair before and still has a lot of it. Pretty good for a 64 year old.

My youngest cousin (there are 25 of us born from my mom and her siblings, I’m the third youngest of my cousins and siblings on this side of the family). She did a huge transformation and never looked so glamorous ever! She’s 21 (and is the sister of the groom). On the bottom left is one of my aunts (mother of the groom) with my mom. On the right is one of my aunts holding her granddaughter.

My cousin again on the left and the groom (also my cousin) with his mama dancing together. This was a tough day for them all since a year and a half ago my uncle passed away.
I leave you with another shot of my parents because they’re just so cute!!

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  1. looked like a fabulous time.i really love the last picture of your parents. 🙂 puts a smile on my face. 

  2. teeheehee I think you are aloud to be a bit obsessed with your husband. 😉 And your parents are just adorable!

  3. I really love your dress! Rob does look dashing. When ever I take pictures of Tim dressed up I can't quit staring at them. 🙂

  4. darling photos! also LOVE the new header. that dress you are wearing is gorgeous.

  5. I looove wedding pictures, thanks for posting! I like guys in glasses, too 🙂

  6. You have such a beautiful family Victoria! I love the comment about your Dad's hair, that is probably where your amazing hair comes from 🙂 Every time you post a pic of Rob, I think Kyle would get along with him. He just looks so nice. 

  7. You look beautiful! I always love your vintage hairstyles!

  8. Aw. Rob takes a while to warm up to people. So many people think he's shy. Once he adjusts to a person he's bit wacky. He probably would get along with Kyle! They're only 3 months + a week or so apart too. ;)I HOPE that I get my hair from my dad. His hair makes him look 15 years younger.

  9. It looks like it was a beautiful ceremony.  I love your dress and hair! All of these photos are so pretty!

  10. this wedding looks like it was so beautiful! and you and your husband equally look dashing 🙂

  11. you have such a beautiful family, victoria. i love that your parents are still together – very inspiring!


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