Movie Ratings are on a scale of 1-5. Anything rated over 3 stars and is in bold, is totally worth seeing! – I rate pretty harshly.

Where the Boys Are
1960 (w/ Dolores Hart, Barbara Nichols, Paula Prentiss, Connie Francis, Yvette Mimieux, Jim Hutton, George Hamilton) – 3.25 stars – A group of fresh college girls decide to go to FL for their winter break (maybe spring since they were in a colder environment) in hopes of meeting guys. It starts out where one of the main characters speaks up for sex with whomever she wants. Throughout the movie you see people’s minds being changed or sticking to their moral. It was an intense story at times, other times it was very cheesy. I laughed a couple times. Beautiful outfits worn throughout it. Although I don’t agree with all the things mentioned in it (although some of the things I disagreed with was said by an actress who later became a nun, so I suppose she disagreed too!), I thought it was an enjoyable movie. I really enjoyed the character who was “the tall girl”.  The most hilarious person was Connie Francis who also has a dynamite singing voice, she sang a couple songs in this (go listen to her music). content: kissing, drinking, smoking, people being flirtatious, hints of sex, talk about sex, girls in bathing suits & getting dressed (being in slips for a few seconds).

The Yellow Handkerchief 2008 (w/ William Hurt, Kristen Stewart, Eddit Redmayne, Maria Bello) – 2 stars – This is a remake of a 70s Japanese movie (which was based off of a book). This movie kept making me wonder what was going on with the main character. He was in prison for six years and as soon as he gets out he meets a couple of young people who take him along for a ride. Throughout it you get to learn about the characters (mainly the ex-convict).  Little by little, you learn about his story. It was too slow at times (boring!) but things got pretty good nearer to the end. content: kissing, couple taking their clothes off in a shower – though you can’t really see much, you see the outline and slight view of a woman’s breast (briefly). man trying to get sexual with a woman by grabbing parts of her body (she stops him), language, people being bullies and fighting, brief violence

Since You Went Away 1944 (w/ Claudette Colbert, Shirley Temple (teen), Jennifer Jones, Joseph Cotten) – 3.25 stars – This to me was like a WWII version of Little Women (but with some differences and less girls and without too much of them growing up). It was very long and I think they could have made it shorter (it’s close to 3 hours or so).    We get to see what life is like for a wife/mother and her two daughters while they wait for her husband to return from war. They try to take care of themselves best they can and open their home to have people rent out rooms. There were lovely outfits throughout it (and hairstyles).  It was a bit dramatic and sad.  content: kissing, smoking, drinking

The Flame and the Arrow 1950 (w/ Burt Lancaster, Robert Douglas, Virginia Mayo) – 3 stars – This movie was in very nicely remastered color. A mercenary goes against a Hessian leader because he doesn’t like his ways.  This causes the leader to kidnap the rebel’s son to live with his mother who is now wife to the leader. The rebel will do anything to get his son back.  In the process he meets a lady of title who he kidnaps as well so that they each have someone in their hold worth exchanging. It was filled with adventure and was a fun tale. content: little boy’s bum hangs out a bit from an outfit he is wearing, cleavage, kissing, kidnapping, sword-fight battles

My Louisiana Sky 2001 (w/ Kelsey Keel, Juliette Lewis, Shirley Knight, Michael Cera) – 3 stars – A very sweet movie about a young girl who is reaching her teen years in the 1950s living with her grandmother and her mentally handicapped parents. When a big change happens for their family, her aunt comes to help out. She has so much going on around her from wanting to have friends who are girls, keeping her guy friend’s attention, and dealing with her parents.  I liked it! content: kissing, talk about menstruation, mockery of the mental handicapped characters

Three Smart Girls 1936 (w/ Deanna Durbin, Charles Winninger, Nan Grey, Barbara Read) – 3.25 stars – [screenshot by me. . the only one I remembered to make one of] What a cute movie! Three sisters find out that their father is getting remarried (their parents had divorced). They set out to see their father and try to stop him from marrying someone since their mother still loves him. It is filled with fun and comedy and love.  Deanna Durbin sings about 3 or 4 songs in this (how lovely).  The outfits and hairstyles are so great! content: kissing, girls in short sailor shorts

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  1. I do so enjoy your reviews! Lots of times I find movies l like because of your reviews. thanks for taking the time to do them!In Christ,Rebecca


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