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Nature Walk

Last week I did two photoshoots which you can see at my new photography blog called Shine Like Stars (please follow it through bloglovin or E-mail subscription at the bottom of the blog over there)
We got to the location of the shoot early and as a family went on a little nature walk that we noticed was sort-of hidden (but had a specific path for and a sign stating it was a nature walk area). We had a really nice time and I got some great shots of our little guys. Unfortunately a bunch of lovely photos my husband took were all accidentally deleted off of his memory card (including cute ones of me with the boys). At least we have the memory in our heads of it and that I was able to get shots we could keep!

Micah’s got the forest reflecting off of his eyes here (his eyes are usually bright blue with yellow around the pupil). strange.

16 thoughts on “Nature Walk

  1. Micah's eyes are spectacular in that last photo; what a brilliant shot! Your family photo shoots are the sweetest. You guys always look like you're having a blast!

  2. Your boys are like little cherubs. Especially the expressions in their eyes: they are full of innocence. The reflection caught in Micah's eyes is so beautiful! You caught such a wonderful moment 🙂

  3. Look at those beautiful eyes! So lovely. And I bet your husband's tattoo is so cool! I have "forgiven" in hebrew on my wrist to always remind me that it's the only thing that really matters: I am forgiven. I am a new person. 

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