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Small Glimpse Into My Daily Life

In the early morning I feed the boys breakfast and immediately afterwards Leto begins his school work. Here he is doing his phonics/reading/writing assignments. Leto’s in kindergarten (he’s 4.5 years old). He has learned a lot and I get to work on things longer with him one on one in a way he wouldn’t receive if he were in a classroom setting. When he has a struggle with an area, I get to help him understand it. Really his only issue is that he sometimes confuses reading a b for a d (he writes them fine). All I have to do is say, “no” and he quickly corrects himself saying, “I mean [word]”. I have been asked by a couple people what I do with Micah while I teach Leto.  Most of the time he is right there next to his brother, just observing (and learning too).  He tends to color for a long time (and in the lines, which is impressive for a near-3 year old, I think).  Other times he enjoys being alone and building things (since he doesn’t get a lot of alone time other than at that time). You’ll see he built a parking lot one morning. Sometimes he’ll sit on my lap or I’ll hold him as I teach his brother (he’s not antsy while I do these things, he just is a mush who likes affection).
After lunch they have nap-time which lasts any time between an hour to four hours (which is when I do ballet and watch a movie – sometimes at the same time)! They are pretty used to being on a set schedule. Some days they don’t nap in which they are put into bed earlier than on the days they’d nap.
When they wake from their nap (depending on the time) we’ll have a snack. Our favorite is to have popcorn together (which I make from an air-popper).  While the popcorn is waiting to be popped they spin around and around on the floor as the air popper spins. They imitate the machine every time I put it on.
I melt some butter
And put it on the delicious popcorn
And we all sit down to eat it.
In case you are wondering what goes on the rest of the day, they play a LOT with one another. They have tons of fun and are really creative and imiginative. We don’t have any T.V. channels which seems very weird to many people. When I was a child I sat for hours in front of a Television and stopped watching completely once I was about 9 years old.  It is nice to not have that extra distraction. I’ve found that a lot of parents seem to try to keep their kids calm by putting on a T.V. in front of their child so they don’t really have to “deal with them” as much. I think that is ridiculous and they’re missing out on teaching and learning with their children. I do let my boys watch something once in a while (yesterday Leto asked to watch Toy Story, so I put it on for them when they woke from their nap, and that was all they watched all day). They have gone through full weeks without watching anything at all. I have fun talking and playing with these two guys, and sure sometimes it gets frustrating, but really they’re pretty obedient and well behaved and extremely happy kids. I think it’s because their mom and dad pay attention to them and they know they are loved because we give them so much of our time.

22 thoughts on “Small Glimpse Into My Daily Life

  1. I don't have kids but really enjoyed hearing about your day with them. That's so cute Micah loves looking over his big brother's school work and great he can just play by himself. They seem just precious! I also really support that you don't let them watch TV. We didn't have a TV in my house until I was 6 I think, and, while I don't really feel any more intelligent for it, I like to think I'm a bit more aware of my surroundings, & either way, had a wonderful early childhood playing and creating all day. 

  2. I'm finally catching up on blogs! Moving is such a pain. I think it's wonderful that you are homeschooling your children. I defiantly will when we have children. My mother in law does something like the picnic with the animals that you took Leto to. She teaches bug and plant classes to local homeschoolers and a local schools As well.

  3. Wow, I loved reading this! You wouldn't want to trade places for one day would you? I have cute "kids" too, they are just furry… 😛 Seriously though you do an amazing job. They always look so happy! My mom tends to leave my little brother in front of the TV all day long and it is insane. I try to take him out and about every once in awhile just to change up the pace, but yeah. He does really well in school though, and he likes it 🙂 

  4. I really loved seeing this post! Its encouraging as I want to homeschool my children someday as well and bring them up in the honor and admonition of the Lord. Your boys are adorable and keep up the good work Victoria of teaching them and sharing Gods love with them. In Christ,Rebecca

  5. Why are your boys so adorable?? Ugh, they're like little cherubs! (I said this before, I'm sure.)I find it interesting that you homeschool your children from the beginning. I'm curious, do you find home schooling to be more effective than the public school system? I homeschooled from 10th-12th grade, while taking classes at the high school during my junior year, in order to make more time for my piano practicing. Since I was basically teaching myself, (I took online homeschooling) it was really hard to stay motivated, but I think it may be different with your children since you are teaching them in person.

  6. hehe, you have said that they look like cherubs before.Academically, I think public school lacks a lot at this age.  In comparison to my husband's public school days . . I mean he didn't get enough help with learning how to write and it was focused so much on teaching the group that there wasn't enough one on one interaction. He also didn't get enough help at home since his father was in the hospital most of the time (and therefore his mother too).  He only graduated public school by 2 credits and he believes it is because he didn't have enough help with the areas he had problems with early on in his life regarding schooling.  I only plan on teaching through 8th grade for homeschooling and then have them choose if they want to go to public, private, or somehow have me attempt to teach them for high school. All the homeschoolers I know who are/were in high school got/get taught mainly by computers like you, but it is a one on one thing in the grades previous. A girl who attends the youth group I lead goes to college courses at a nearby college. . though she is only in 11th grade, so I guess homeschooling is really very academic and advanced for her to do that!  The charts of how well kids excel in various schools show that homeschoolers rank at the top. I wish I had a research graph I had for a while that explained it, but they did the best socially, academically, and stayed in school the longest without dropping out of college, etc in comparison to those who attend school systems.  They usually are the most confident regarding business matters, etc. Funny thing, I know LOADS of homeschoolers (some I grew up with and some who are attending now). MOST all of them were homeschooled their whole lives and goodness they talk a lot and love being around people and interact the best. There are only a select few that don't seem to have that and I think it is because they were more sheltered, while these other ones were involved in loads of youth groups, co-op activities, sports, and more. There is a family I know who has 5 kids that were all homeschooled. Two are out of school, one is a senior, one is a sophomore, and another is probably in 4th grade. Because the sophomore (on entering his freshman year) was so into baseball and soccer, he decided to go to public school for the sports. Because it is so much different academically for him and he misses that one on one that he received before, his mom helps him a lot. I also think there is LESS pressure on a kid who is homeschooled. Too many kids who go to public school seem to have parents who push them to do so well that they are stressing them out. These kids who are homeschooled don't have those issues. They're more carefree while their grades and tests are so high (when sent into actual systems)!! I'm ranting. ahh!!!

  7. Your boys are precious!! Love that you teach them yourself. I was homeschool for a year (5th grade) by my mom, and I learn so much from her – inside and outside the classroom! Though they're young, they'll remember these times with you! 🙂 Happy Sunday! 

  8. Aw, I really enjoyed reading's always encouraging to see other mothers out their blogging, raising a family well, and leading normal lives.  I have to say, I'm quite impressed with what your are doing teaching Leto.  My son is only 20 months, so I always imagine what I will do once he gets to school age. I have started teaching already…small things like the alphabet, animals, and colors and such and he loves it.  Do you have any additional tips for teaching at this age? I limit TV as well….just a little in the morning.  We read a lot, so some sensory things like play-doh, etc. and get outside for plenty of fresh air and play but I am always looking for new ideas.  You sons are both adorable!!

  9. Sounds to me like you're doing an excellent job!!! I have nothing to recommend because you have it all covered already. Sing lots of fun songs and play games that are creative too (building is always fun. . be it railroad tracks, puzzles, blocks, or lincoln logs . . pretty much those are my boys' favorite toys and using cars and trains with them all).  Thanks for the encouragement. 

  10. I really appreciate you for giving me such a thorough explanation 🙂 The way you say it, I can definitely see the perks of homeschooling. One-on-one interaction definitely lacks in public schools and even if the student goes to have a one-on-one lesson with the teacher after school, there's a limit to how much can be done. (teacher doesn't have time, has a schedule, etc.) I felt this especially during physics class in ninth grade when I had a particularly terrible teacher who made no sense at all and gave all of us C's without explanation. Though one of the perks of going to public school (for me) is that my social skills have skyrocketed during a very short period. My parents speak very poor English and I only speak in Korean at home and since I have to practice piano and study instead of meeting friends, I have very little contact with people. Ever since I started home schooling during my sophomore year, I noticed how I started to falter in my social skills, particularly when having conversations with my professors and even just friends in general. It's sometimes embarrassing, as I feel that I am at a lower level than my peers. Even though I read a LOT of books, there's a difference in how you learn social skills through reading and through actual speech. Plus, I'm an only child. But since your sons have their older/younger brother, they most likely will not run into the problem I have.

  11. I'm going to start spinning around on the floor while the popcorn pops!TimP.S. I'd also like to take naps and wake up and watch Toy Story, but the people here at work might frown.

  12. My brother had a similar problem with differentiating 'b' and 'd'. He went to see a speech pathologist (he has other difficulties too), who gave him a bunch of exercises for improving the confusion. I can't remember what they were now – but i'll be if you google it or look up some common speech pathologist exercise, you'd find them. Sounds like a really sane, lovely routine!

  13. Good point, RK. Our son had trouble with k and t, mixing the sounds up. We looked into the school district's speech pathology program before he even started kindergarten, and found out he was eligible. He stayed with it for a year or so. Now he's at Cal, so I guess it worked out OK!Tim

  14. It's funny because most of the homeschoolers I know now have come from huge families were the older kids helped the younger kids. I think it was good for me to be homeschooled because I needed one on one help. I was a little awkward in H.S. but I think it was just low self-esteem that I got while in public school. My mom tried to tell me I was awesome and so did you and Rob! I think I have gotten a lot better since then ^_^ 

  15. Hi Victoria, it's been awhile, just catching up on your post and glad to see that you are still blogging a way.  This was a great read.  I agree with you on the part about tv.  We love airpopped corn and melted butter…healthier and fun to make.  Have a great weekend darling and I love your new header…dawn suitcase vignettes xo

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