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Snowy Autumn

In the last days of October, we received about a foot of snow on the ground. The problem was that since there were so many leaves on the trees, the snow on top of the leaves weighed the branches down. Branches (large ones at that) were everywhere. This caused many power lines to go down. We were without power for a day ourselves. My one brother was without power for about 5 days. There were detours all over the place and we saw many lines in the road, and one was actually sparking (and cops came to fix it). The snow melted since. I just think it is very odd to find leaves and snow together. We went to a park and I got a few shots.


11 thoughts on “Snowy Autumn

  1. Ugh, that snowstorm hit us, too; I'd travelled down to my dad's from university to spend a nice weekend back home, and instead we had a power outage and I had to spend my Saturday morning shovelling the driveway, haha! Anyway, your photos are just gorgeous! Such brilliant colors!

  2. These are really good pictures. Your sons look so cute in their camo! Sorry you were without power. I know how hard that can be. I was thinking about you last night b/c we had an earthquake here in Kansas. They almost never happen here like they rarely happen on the east coast. Im beginning to think they are following me!! Haha

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