I am slowly catching up on posts here (and on reading blog entries, still behind quite a bit). In case some of you are wondering where my outfit posts have been, don’t fear, There are some in the works in my head now that will be coming. I appreciate your patience and that you don’t mind looking at my family photos a bit in the mean time!  It has been over 7 months since I bought outfits! In case you missed the Pen-Pal exchange I’ve begun called “Snailin’ It“, we have 16 people signed up so far and could use even more (no matter which country you live in)! You’ll be paired up with people on Monday if you did sign up or choose to now! This is so exciting!  
I meant to post this entry last week! We’ve been very busy here and unfortunately the usual Movie post expected every other Thursday will be delayed another week since I haven’t had time to watch more than maybe two films in the past two weeks! I don’t know if you remember I mentioned that my husband accidentally lost a bunch of photos. . .he took a few nice ones of me when we went pumpkin picking, and some of me with the boys. . .but they’re gone. I’m glad we have some though from this day!

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  1. that pumpkin is gi-nor-mous!!

  2. Woohoo!  So glad the "Snailin' It" thing is taking off!  Your boys are so blessed that their mom is capturing their childhood in so many lovely pictures!

  3. I will never get tired of looking at pics of your adorable children doing random things! Makes me want to kidnap my brother Liam and make him pose all cute. 🙂 I am excited to see how your snail mail project goes. I have a friend who lives in FL who moved when I was 11 and we still write. So crazy!

  4. I love pumpkin patches!  I sadly haven't posted any of my pumpkin patch pics yet:(, but my little guy had such a blast there this year.  These are some really lovely photos of your family.  Both of your boys have the most beautiful big blue eyes:)  

  5. Maybe your friend will want to write too! I had a friend who moved to AZ after 6th grade who wrote me until I was about 23. She stopped writing to me once she had her second child, though we did try to start again, she just never responded. Sad. Thanks for liking the photos of my boys. You should take some of your brother!! That WOULD be really sweet!

  6. aww. Thanks. Thing that is sad is that the photos are temporary joy that will too pass into being meaningless.  I am sure the loads of photos of me will not be kept and that my children's children will not keep the photos of their parents as well. That's just how it goes sometimes. At least we know what REALLY matters in this life though. 😉 Your sweet Gwendolyn is blessed to have you photographing her so much though too!!!!

  7. aww post them!!!  Thanks so much!

  8. Those basically have got to be the most beautiful children I've ever seen in my entire existence.  What even.

  9. wow that is really sweet of you to say. Thanks!

  10. I have never been to a pumpkin patch. Which is pretty strange. Hopefully next year I will go to one. Sorry you lost some of your pics. Kansas is actually prettier than I thought, but there is a terrible housing shortage. Both on and off post. However, it looks like we are to be able to rent a really nice house. We just kind of stumbled upon this place. I actually feel guilty that we found this place considering how many people are having a hard time, but.i am so grateful!

  11. wow. So I guess there hasn't been much progress in Kansas over the past hundred years or so. That's kinda cool but sad about housing situations. I'm glad that you found one to rent.  yey!


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