For my birthday (on Nov. 3rd), my husband bought me an iPhone because mine was awful (people would call and I’d never know unless they left a message).  I have been having fun with the instagram – I’m justicepirate if you want to follow me on there.  I use my own camera MUCH more than my phone by the way. It is fun to just take quick shots with the phone too.
1. Me and my best friend Lynsie (she treated me to birthday dinner).  
2. While the power was out we were at home for a while with the blinds open. The boys were playing with their shadows on the walls.  
3. My husband and our sons during the power outage playing.  
4. The snow melting

1. Baked cookies with the boys
2. We spent a few days painting the rooms in our home (after living here three years). The boys’ room was “Surfer Wave” blue.
3. Micah was falling asleep and smiling in the car
4. And Leto was just smiling

1. Craft time at home (yey for sales on things that are out of season)
2. Micah is bug-eyed
3. the aquarium at the place we went to eat for my birthday
4. While painting our bedroom, my husband wrote this behind my back on a wall. I turned around and swooned.

1. I don’t ever take my boys out to eat during the week. I decided to take them to Panera this week though.
2. With one of my dearest friend Brienne
3. We were SO tired (Rob and I)
4. Some of the books I have ready to read/currently reading. One of them I have since finished though.  Yeah. . .I didn’t pay for ANY of these books. I love (and three books I am borrowing from people, and my Bible was a gift to me a few years ago). I read a lot.

Rob took this of me with his Droid.  This is our bedroom’s wall color now and I looked like a gnome while painting it. as you see I was just painting over his graffiti. 

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  1. an iphone!  Yay!  So cool!!p.s. I really wish we lived closer together and I could celebrate your birthday with you.p.p.s. maybe we should start praying Elliott and I end up in NJ someday. 🙂 

  2. oh yeah.. and I don't understand instagram.  Explain? :)p.s. That comment about moving back to NJ – it's not so crazy, ya know.  I would love to move back, and I'm going to be checking EC's employment opportunities every spring.  Maybe they'll need and English teacher!

  3. yeah. it was on a major sale, so it was perfect timing to get it and I was far too past due for an upgrade too.  Thankfully I did three photoshoots this week and two a couple weeks ago which was helpful for purchasing it and having extra to pay off more bills without fear. I miss you loads and would love to spend more than just a birthday with you! Maybe we can make plans to celebrate your birthday with you in May!! We'll just pray that Elliott and you will be led by God to go where He wants you both 😉

  4. it's an iphone app that is a cool camera filter to make photos look like various old styled cameras. So those photos I posted here. . they are all instragrams. On their app you can see your friend's instagrams (the ones they choose to show to the public) and you can LIKE and Comment on them. It's pretty fun. I check it about twice a day (takes about 2-5 minutes to do).Ah, well that's cool. Do you live closer to NJ now where you live, by the way? That would be cool if you worked for EC. I could see you being a great English teacher.  I know you would reach out to the rejected there too! haha. Well if God brings you here, I won't complain, that's for sure. I'd want to get together often.

  5. fab pressie 🙂 love the pics, i have a BB and i always forget it has a camera durrrrr!

  6. Nice blog posting. I'm just blogwalking and very interesting to stop here and read your post. I like this. But, dont forget to give us your comment into my blog ya. Thanks for share.

  7. my goodness, you and your friends look so young! That's so exciting to get the house painted just how you want it. It def seems nice to have an iphone for the camera to conveniently take quick shots like this, esp since we tend to forget the little moments, which really can mean the most in the long run. Glad to hear your bday seems to have gone well (although quite a late congrats! : )

  8. well we live in a duplex, and our contract is to paint every two years, so we were overdue anyway. hehe.  My friends and I ARE young. . . just not teens anymore, that's for sure. Lynsie's 26, I'm 28, Brienne is 29, my husband is 28. . .though brienne will be 30 soon and my husband will be 29 sooner.  Thank you!

  9. you have a beautiful family, and I love that pic of you painting, so fun! The color is so pretty!!

  10. Hehe…welcome to the wonderful world of iphone and Instragram:)  Hope you had quite a happy and lovely birthday!!  I'm really love the green color you chose for your bedroom.  I'm considering green for my new bedroom as well.  I just think you can't go wrong with green.  Have a loverly week!  

  11. That last picture of you is PRICELESS. Its so adorable. I'm jealous of Instgram. Silly Androids don't know how to have fun!

  12. that last picture WAS taken with an Android though! hehe. There are things out there like instagram for androids, but yeah. . .instagram is so much fun to have over on iphone. I love it.

  13. First of all, paper back swap? That's so awesome! How about shipping costs? I guess I can always find out myself. Second, an iPhone-using wife and a droid-using husband? That's inconceivable 🙂 Jk. Happy belated birthday by the way! I'm sad that I missed that. I've gone through major changes in my life last time I spoke with you, and I can't wait to let you know (not pregnant).I like your new blog header, and these photos are lovely.

  14. Yey, I'm gonna follow you on Insta 😉 It's so addictive.

  15. "Surfer Wave" blue! That's such an awesome color name. I'd be hanging ten off the edge of the bed every night before going to bed. I don't mean I'd do that if I were a kid; I mean now! My wife would roll her eyes, then maybe join in. We could do a cool Gidget and Moondoggie on the surfboard thing.And The Hiding Place is such a great book. I don't want to get into spoilers, but there are so many funny bits and tragic moments and heartwarming scenes. I loved reading that book, and I love the memories of reading that book.Thanks for sharing your newfound phone phot phun with us!Tim

  16. Ah, I finished The Hiding Place last week already. hehe. It really was a great book. I already knew what was all in it because I grew up watching the movie and wanted to read Corrie ten Boom's words about it instead. Glad I finally read it.  Oh goodness, I totally get the Gidget Moondoggie thing! One of my most played films of my teenage years. haha. Thanks for the comment.

  17. for – Well I usually only have to pay between 1.88-2.41 or so for shipping out the books because it is mainly media mail. I wrap them with paper shopping bags (some people wrap them in paper).  Every time that someone gets your books that you ship out, you receive a credit. With that credit you can get books that are on your wishlist. I've mailed out a good 80 books and received about 35-40ish. haha. A lot of what I've received I've shipped back out again when I've completed reading them. It's fun. I'm a bit addicted.Yes, please let me know what you've been up to!!!!! I miss hearing from you!


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