I don’t think I’ve had so much on my schedule as I have in the past few weeks. Here are more photos of what’s been happening!
A lot of you miss my outfit posts. I have one coming at the end of the week! Rejoice!!!
Me and Lynsie were kinda making fun of the posters. We read the Twilight books and she has seen the movies dozens of times. Breaking Dawn was my second favorite of the book series, but I won’t be seeing it until it is on DVD. I still think Robert Pattinson is really ugly. haha.
Lynsie and Noah are Micah’s God-parents
On my birthday (Nov. 3rd) we went to Rainforest Cafe and they had a large Red-Eyed Tree Frog there which I loved because that’s my favorite animal (I’m a huge frog lover in general).
Random shot that we weren’t really ready for that Rob took of us when we were at the park way back on the 31st of October (my sister-in-law’s birthday).
I do crafts with my little guys at the end of some of the homeschool days. They each chose a pinecone animal they wanted to make. Micah chose the turkey and Leto chose the owl. The glue I had originally had them used didn’t hold anything together (though they put them together so nicely) so I hot glued them afterwards.
They play with them a lot. The turkey is named “Gobble-Gobble” and the owl is “Who-Who”.
I know some of you commented or liked my instagram of the whoopie pies I made for my family. These taste NOTHING like the amazing Amish-made ones, but they were good. My boys adored them especially.
Micah all sweaty but so cute.
The boys.
Oh, the reason behind the camouflaged stuff they often wear is because my dad was in the Army Special Forces, so it’s just a habit that my family, since we were children (my brothers and I), always tend to get camo-wear and I guess that’s been passed along. My grandfathers, great-uncles, etc. . were in the Army too as well as Rob’s uncle and cousin and one of my second cousins. Of course my husband Rob has Navy on his side from his grandfathers (and I think the Navy is most fascinating of the branches). I do have a cousin who was in the Navy. One of my uncles was a Marine. I’m sure I’ve missed a lot but that list might be too long. These photos were taken all around Veteran’s Day! We know a lot of Veterans as well as had many in the family!
Leto having fun

What he was looking at while he was on the ground

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  1. What a cute little craft with the pinecones!

  2. I actually prefer your real life posts compared to outfit posts Victoria! I love seeing you in real life and seeing what you are doing. 🙂 But I love the outfit posts when you have them as well. I love the picture of you with you boys outdoors, so cute! I love their camo jackets too! My dad was in the army for 20 years and my grandfather was in the airforce and my uncle was in the airforce. So I love the military as well! I love the look of those woopie pies! Maybe you could post your recipe sometime? I was wondering what the filling and type of cookie was that you made for them. So quick question you actually like the Twilight books? I guess I may be opening a can of worms, but I always thought they weren't worth the time to read or watch. But thats my opinion, what is your opinion on if they should be read or watched, especially by young teens?In Christ,Rebecca

  3. I used to laugh about Twilight. When the first movie came out I couldn't stand it. My friend Lynsie (above) constantly told me that I should at least try to read the books. I did and got hooked. My husband loved them too haha.  You know what I think it was though that got me? It was in a way like reading Rob and My story. . . but in a fantasy based feeling. Only difference is that they were more pure. That's what I REALLY like about ht ebooks, they endorse waiting for marriage for sex and are really into purity and I think that is something that a lot of teenage books lack about. Anyway I couldn't stand the Eclipse movie but I liked New Moon (which was also my favorite of the books).  Rob felt the same way as I did about the books.  I don't think they should be watched, especially the new one because they make it too sexual and they miss out on really amazing parts of the books. New Moon was the most like the actual books.  I think you might enjoy the books. Young teens. . eh, I don't really think YOUNG teens should read them, but maybe 15 year olds and older. There are a couple down sides to the books though but I see more positives than negatives. Put it this way, I read the Percy Jackson books and those are aimed for an even younger audience and I'd recommend Twilight books far over the Percy Jackson books which seem to lack like crazy in the moral foundation. :: sigh ::anyway that's great about the military stuff.  The whoopie pies were a box recipe, so nothing interesting to post about them other than photos.  I'm not really like you in the cooking area. There are only a few things I actually make that take preparation and such. I LOVE your bread by the way!! SOOO good looking. I showed it to Rob the other day and said, "oh goodness that looks so good!" hehe.

  4. Victoria thanks for sharing your take on the books and movies with me. I am surprised to hear that the books actually talk about purity and waiting till marriage to have sex!? WOW never would have expected that. I have not actually read them so never really had an opinion on the books. But from the movie commercials I was not impressed. So I guess that is what made me shy away from the movies. HaHa no problem! Its not a sin to use the box. 🙂 We do as well when we are in a pinch. They look so good though for a box! I seriously thought they were from scratch. 😉 I wish I could send you some baked goods in the mail. I have been thinking about having a website for my baked goods. But have not gotten that far, when I do sending the website your way. Not sure how baked goods would do being shipped. That could be tricky. God bless! Rebecca

  5. yeah. They don't have sex until they are married in the books.  Edward wanted to do things "traditionally" and he was constantly scared of doing wrong because he felt that in being made into a vampire, he had lost his soul and he was fearful for her own. That is also why they were not like the usual vampires that just sucked on people's blood. They instead were like vegetarians in a way. . .by only eating the blood of vampires and being sure to not harm other people and to avoid the temptations of wanting to suck on their blood. We just felt that most vampire books are very into having sex and taking advantage of others, while the whole theme of these books is to have self control, which too many people lack.  Also the books are very anti-abortion as well. . .but there are too many spoilers to talk about that.  You'd have to read them to see. So yeah, those are some positives. Although I don't endorse vampires and werewolves and such, the fact that these were much different than what the normal stories of them are about, is really interesting and sweet. It is a big romantic tale with some adventure.  If you ever read them, let me know your thoughts.  I'm sure you could ship things in the mail perishable. I don't know the costs on that and I'm sure you could find out though. If you do find out, let me know and I'll buy some of that amazing looking bread of yours.

  6. Rainforest Cafe!!  Awesome!  They have great food there too. :)(And yay tree frogs!  Froggy Bunch!)

  7. I thought it was a little pricey but it was okay. hehehe. Froggy Bunch. goodness, thowback.Got your newsletter today ❤

  8. Victoria how are you?  Having read your post, you look like you are doing great along with your family.  I am seriously in love with their little pine cone crafts…so cute.  Your boys are truly beautiful little boys.  Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  9. I'm okay. Thanks Dawn.  aww. yeah they really are lovely little guys.

  10. Those owls are adorable.  What a fun craft!!  I'm sure I've said this before but you have such a lovely family.

  11. I am so glad that you did this update because i am so far behind on your blog. I want some of those pies, now. 😛 The owl & the turkey are so cute, your boys rock. I love how they sit still and take such cute photos! I wish my little brother Liam did, he is a cutie. 

  12. Gooble-Gobble and Who-Who: best pine cone bird names ever!Tim

  13. Rainforest Cafe!!  That place is so much fun!  I was sad when they closed the one in Townson, MD, which was closest to where we lived.  I love boys' pinecone animals…what a sweet idea!  I am very excited for my little one to get to the age where he can really appreciate crafts like that.Growing up near Lancaster…Amish country…I am quite the huge fan of whoopie pies and yours look just as scrumptious:)

  14. yeah, they closed one down that I had wanted to go to in the past which was a little closer than this one (which was about an hour and a half away. . we chose a halfway point between where Lynsie lives and where we live since we're about 3 hours away from one another in NJ).  Oh yes, it is so much fun when they get to do crafts! You can do small easy crafts though for your son at his age.Lancaster is gorgeous. I've been there many times.  Oh no, the Amish whoopie pies reign supreme.


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