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The Reunion Dress

Oh goodness, I haven’t posted an outfit that I actually bought in so long. I hadn’t bought anything since early April. I got this dress for my husband’s high school reunion (he was a graduate in 2001).  I went to high school with him (I graduated the following year since I missed the cut-off date by a few days) so it was interesting to see what people have been up to or how they’ve changed or even stayed the same. We weren’t there very long though because it was pretty much just an open bar and we don’t drink or really like being around that environment (so when many started getting drunk is when we left). Now I’m kind of excited about mine coming hopefully in less than a year.

I thought this dress was going to be more pink. I didn’t think I was so pale that I’d match it! >.< I also straightened my hair for the first time in about a year.
Dress, Necklace, & Shoes: Modcloth | Hair accessory: Lila-Jo

Human Trafficking news for the week:
A couple girls that were aged 12 and 13 (as well as many others too over the last while) were runaways and forced into prostitution when they were picked up off the streets. This went on for about a year in Brooklyn (which is about 20-30 minutes from where I live). 4 people were caught and charged for doing this to many girls. These young girls were made to work in strip clubs and bachelor parties as well as being prostitutes. This is really great news that the pimps/traffickers were caught and hopefully justice will be served and they’ll receive long-term prison sentences. I am sure the girls are being taken care of and helped out in either Restore NYC or GEMS which I’ve mentioned are restorative places in NYC for this specific situation.

26 thoughts on “The Reunion Dress

  1. Oh my gosh you look like a little modern fairy tale princess! So pretty 🙂 The pale dress really works for you and I am glad that you got it. The reunion sounds cool, so cool that yours is next year as well. Mine is creeping up too. I always think high school reunions are going to be like "Romy and Michelle". I saw your post on fb earlier this week and the update on Human trafficking is so sad. I am glad that they caught some people, but still. Horrifying.

  2. you look beautiful. i think the light pink looks perfect against your skin. i graduated in 2001 as well and skipped mine. :Pmaaaaybe i will attended my 30th reunion. maybe not. haha.

  3. haha. yeah this reunion was nothing like "Romy & Michelle". No one came in by plane, there were no pregnant women (unless they are a month in and don't know it or something), It was a small place too and kinda cramped in with not much food. It was simplistic and light.  

  4. Did you not get along with people in your class or just didn't see a point in going to yours?  It was not worth the money, honestly, since the money really went to everyone boozing it up and a couple appetizers they had, but I hope that his 20th will not be in a bar. I think mine will be semi-ritzy and prettier with actual food and worth the money since my class president is a classy female and his president was a laid-back guy and he only chose the place because everyone was asking if a reunion was happening and he quickly put it together (even though he had years and months to prepare haha).

  5. You look breathtakingly beautiful here. I actually like how similar the dress is to your skin tone, it's really striking. And your shoes are adorable! That human trafficking news is awful, but I'm so glad they were caught. It's just terrible..xoxoEmily

  6. You look so beautiful, I love how your hair stands out against the dress. And sheesh it is REALLY long! That is such a perfect reunion outfit. I'm filing this away so in 4 years I can refer to this for my reunion!ALSO need to get on my soapbox: I can't stand that there is human trafficking in Brooklyn. Its so disturbing and close to home. I'm glad that their captors were caught and will be held responsible. But how many people know about this? Not enough, I'm sure. There are so many passionate people living in Brooklyn, and yet they don't seem to know about the atrocities in their own borough. I guess because its just there until they get sick of it and then they leave…but its just SO sad and infuriating.

  7. It happens in nearly every neighborhood, honestly, and that's the scariest thing of all!! It is all around and people don't even realize it. You're right. It happens very regularly in Brooklyn though, and it is truly a shame!! I've read a lot of news from around that area (and my own town has a bunch of it too. . . I can point out the hotels that have been raided right around the corner from where I live! It's awful!!)  Thanks so much.  I'm odd and measure my hair. It's 30" long now. yey. You can totally refer to this in 4 years, if you remember at all haha.

  8. "This is really great news that the pimps/traffickers were caught and hopefully justice will be served and they'll receive long-term prison sentences."While I don't know anything about the NY investigation and arrests (and couldn't comment on them even if I did), I see some cases like this here at my work. Whether a prison sentence for someone convicted of trafficking is what people consider long-term or not is in large part up to the legislature. At least here in my state, the laws determine the possible prison sentences for a given crime. No judge can give someone more than the law provides, and sometimes the trafficker gets less; for example, one defendant may agree to testify against the others in order to get a shorter term than they do. Judges do the best they can with what they have. The whole situation is tragic and sad, and devastating for the victims.Tim

  9. Beautiful dress! I actually like the color on you, even though you said it matched your skin. I used to straighten my hair all the time until it got too dry to do it everyday. People thought I didn't need to, but my hair is not completely straight. It's shocking to hear about young girls being used for bachelor parties too! That whole bachelor party scene with strippers is a big joke. I hate to even think about how that sort of thing affects the eventual marriage itself.

  10. oh I agree completely about the Bachelor parties! I think they (and bachelorette parties) are terrible things. It promotes fooling around just because you aren't married yet. Real nice. I remember my mom reading me a story when I was only about 11 years old that a man and woman weren't intimate yet at all and were going to get married a day later and that at his bachelor party, the man decided to have sex with a prostitute. The next day he married his virgin wife and gave her an HIV that he picked up from the woman the night before. . but it took a while before they knew they had HIV and that was the only place it could have come from. Terrible how for the rest of their lives they have that to live with, all for one night of "pleasure".  I am really glad that Rob didn't have too many friends at the time of our marriage. haha. I didn't either. I have super wavy hair (people sometimes ask if I crimp it) so straightening my hair is really a chore to do with all this hair. 

  11. I agree with Sara, you do look like a fairy tale princess:)  Your hair is way beyond stunning..what are your tricks/tips for keeping it that long and looking that gorgeous?  That's pretty awesome that those men were caught and charged…I'm sure you heard about all the chaos going on at PSU.  We shall see how those men are charged.  So incredibly sad for those kids.

  12. don't wash your hair more than two to three times a week because if you over wash and over shampoo it, the natural oils that help your hair grow end up getting stripped and it dries hair out and causes it to break more easily.  Also when shampooing, put hair over one shoulder and only shampoo the scalp. The rest of the shampoo will drip down and wash it plenty. Before I wash my hair I scratch my head a bunch to massage it and help the hair follicles to open up while the dead skin cells get removed. Doing this allows my hair to grow faster, I've noticed. don't twist the hair and put it up in a towel, it leads to breakage. instead slowly grip the water out of the hair bit by bit going downwards. Then put a towel on top of your head and wrap it under so it hangs (and makes you look a bit like a nun).  Only trim your hair once every 5 to 6 months. Most people have hair that grows half an inch a month and so over trimming it won't help you notice growth. I will be due for a trim in 2 more months, myself.  My hair grows an inch a month. I trim off half an inch when I do trim.  . . hmm what else do I do. . .oh I brush my hair at the bottom first and work my way towards the top and brush downwards when I do. Brushing from the top of the head first usually causes hair to get more knots in it. hope that was helpful!I think I missed the news of PSU actually! Tell me!!!

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