This is the first week in a while where I haven’t any plans on all the days of the week! It has been really rough on me some days but I survived! The boys had a lot of fun as did I.
1. My friend Nicole and I hung out for a couple hours around Thanksgiving time
2. Hebrews 10
3. leg warmer season while doing ballet. I’ve had the pair of leg warmers since ’04 or ’05
4. another shot of the boys with their pine cone animal craft

1. More Whoopie Pies
2. a turkey craft that Leto did all by himself, which he was really proud about.
3. Micah being smiley
4. my friend Laura and I

1. Part of a story that Leto had to read to me for his phonics/reading/writing portion of his curriculum. There were three pages total for this story.
2. One of my brothers and his daughter (my God-daughter) Meiha. His wife’s grandmother passed away and we went to the service for her.
3. I was being like Jack Nicholson from One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
4. Leto counting and writing by 5s as part of his curriculum in math.

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  1. Planless weeks are awesome! We revel in them when they do come along, which is not often enough in my opinion.Great pics too, Victoria. I thought that really was Jack Nicholson until you pointed out it was you.Tim

  2. I love leg warmers! There is nothing cosier! Those pinecone crafts are adorable, I know what I'm doing with my sister!

  3. thank you! LOVE all these cute photos! looks like a fun life!

  4. Oh my goodness, you do ballet? You look like a pretty ballerina! I wish I could be a ballerina, they're so lovely and elegant. But I am the worst dancer I know! Your boys are absolutely adorable. And those whoopie pies look DELICIOUS.xoxoEmily

  5. I did ballet for two years as a child and have taken it up again for the past 6 months (I do it at home. My cousin is a dance instructor and taught me some exercises but I also have a DVD to help with the conditioning).  hehe. Thanks! 


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