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Snow! Ding Dong Merrily on High + Fundraiser for Love146

I’m doing a fundraiser for Love146, which is an organization that has safe houses for child victims saved from light districts, massage parlors, brothels, etc. Some of these kids are as young as 5 years old and were forced into prostitution and were heavily sexually exploited. I’m trying to raise $500, but I’m getting so near to the goal, that I’m probably going to raise it a bit soon! This coming Valentine’s Day, give a gift of love to someone who only ever knew of abuse. These children who were exploited into sexual slavery have never known of love. They don’t even know if it truly exists. Their hearts have been severely broken and many suffer from great trauma that is unimaginable.  Through your donation, they will be able to have medical attention, therapy through art, dance, music, etc, the ability to gain an education, and a chance to integrate back into society without being put back into the modern-day slavery they escaped.

More Info: Love146; My Fundraiser: Justice Pirate’s Broken Heart


In case you wanted to see a close-up of the hairstyle, there are a few angles for you below!

My husband Rob will be 29 tomorrow, so Happy birthday to the man I’ve been in love with for 12 years, been my man for 11 years, and married to for 7.5 years! I love the relationship we share together. God truly blessed me with a husband who is a hard worker & provider for our family (and such an amazing father too), who is careful to obey the Lord, who is sensitive, a great listener, honest, understanding, silly, fun, and so much more.

So didn’t know these last two pictures were taken of me until after they were taken (I was picking up on it in the last one so I am so confused in the shot).
Dress & Blouse: Modcloth (the huge 70% off sale they had)
Gloves & Stockings: Target (from two years ago)
Out Coats: American Eagle (his is circa 2002)
Shoes: Paprika (over a year ago)

28 thoughts on “Snow! Ding Dong Merrily on High + Fundraiser for Love146

  1. It's funny Victoria, but I think the last photo is one of the best of the bunch. And Rob looks awfully suave in his peacoat standing there in the snow. I hope your fundraiser is a huge success, and happy birthday to the birthday boy from another one who is having a bday this week (Friday for me). We're celebrating by going to a marriage conference together!Tim

  2. i did not see that dress in the sale!?!?! it is beautiful. :)(gotta love the modcloth sales bc i would not be able to own any pretty dresses without them. 😛 )these pictures are so beautiful. you look absolulty lovely in the snow. AND your hair is AMAZING!!! happy birthday to your husband!!!! 29 will be creeping up on me at the end of the week. :Xyay for aquarians..!!! 

  3. You look beautiful (as always!). Love how you wore that long sleeve blouse under & glad your hubs got that last shot, that coat is great & candid shots are always fun. So sweet to hear you saying so many sweet things about him & fantastic that you're raising money for such an important cause (and always raise awareness). 

  4. That is a wonderful thing you are doing, Victoria. I will check out the donation page soon. I am happy that you are so close to your goal. God always provides. Your hair and dress are gorgeous! I love snow photos! I am so glad we got some know too this week, but it is just raining here now. My husband turned 29 not too long ago too!! His birthday was on the 11th of January. That is incredible. Both husbands are Robs and January babies. Have I pointed this out before? 🙂

  5. aww. sorry you didn't see this dress! I think it was originally about $75 or something and it was maybe $20 when I bought it. I agree with you on the modcloth sales. I have a big wishlist on their site but never buy the dresses I want because they're always around $100. . .which I never will spend that much on a single outfit. goodness. Anyway, thanks. Happy early 29th birthday to you too!!

  6. I reached my goal last night. yey! Now the goal is set to $750 which I hope to make as well.  If I do I'm going to set it to $1000.  Happy birthday to your Rob. Yes, You've mentioned this interesting coincidence before to me. hehe.  

  7. I love that last photo…you look amazing!  This hairstyle is really pretty and intricate…and the dress is DARLING, what a buy!  Super excited about your fundraising…it's a cause near and dear to my heart too.<3

  8. You look lovely! Your hair is so long! What's funny is that I can't even imagine having hair that long, but I think mine was actually a couple inches longer before I chopped it off! It's funny how times change. 🙂

  9. the longest mine was . . 34" which will be back soon enough. But that is strange that you can't imagine having your own that long if you've had it that way in the past before!!!!!

  10. What a beautiful couple!!  Happy belated bday to your hubby:)  I adore the dress…really looks made for you actually.  And goodness, I could only dream of having hair like yours!! Gorgeous!  You remind me of a woodland fairy in these very pretty.

  11. Hello Victoria, It has been a while.   I just watched one of the videos on love 146 and watched a man cry after one of the victims was rescued, restored and got married.  Thank you for introducing this to people who follow your blog…this is a great platform for your cause.  You look so pretty in the snow…dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  12. you have a fantastic fashion sense and a big heart. i hope the project will go successfully well. it just tears me up reading the children's stories 😦 i don't have much to donate but can i send things for them? like storybooks or clothes? clare from

  13. I haven't updated in a while on my blog, but the snow melted two days after these photos were taken and it hasn't snowed since. Usually we get loads of snow in the wintertime, but not this year.

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