As you might have noticed, I’ve rarely posted on my blog, even though I used to post about 3-4 times a week. I have my hands full taking care of my sons (homeschooling the older one in Kindergarten). When I do get free time, I tend to read books. My life is relatively a bore! I am at home most of the time, and when I’m out it is usually for church functions like youth group.
You might notice that my hair looks lighter in these photos. I messed up in dying my hair and tried to fix it with some blonde hair dye from the box so that I could dye it correctly. It failed, so I’ve waited a month and now I have stripped my hair of all the years of chemicals and dyes in it (last night) and will be dying it red again (been a year, and having it red for so many years in the past, I miss it incredibly). This would explain why I haven’t posted any fashion posts in a month.
My silly little men (with their messy hair).
We went out to Friendlys and Leto decided to draw some turtles.
  Upside down turtle
Micah drinking milk from Friendlys
On Sunday we were given this double reclining couch in which the boys call “Fluffy Couch”. It’s very comfortable and we made this section our “reading nook”. Just to let you know the third shelf are all books I’m giving away through – all of them I’ve read and I don’t buy ANY of my books. My husband Rob reads a lot as well and he spends more time in our nook than any of us.
Leto was getting sleepy
He isn’t sleeping, just relaxing
Cuddling with my firstborn
And cuddling with my little guy
My man playing for us. . he doesn’t like that he looks so serious in this shot.
Sweet brothers
I love being a mom!
The latest update video on my fundraiser. If you have 11 minutes to spare listening to me speak on human trafficking, please do so. Also if you could donate $10 at least, that would be so great. It all goes to Love146! To donate, go here or do it the super fast way through the top left corner of my blog! I’ve raised $750 (original goal was $500) and now I’m attempting to raise up to $1000!!

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  1. Such a sweet family you have!  Your life sounds much like mine…home taking care of my little guy, reading, back and forth between church (I coach a youth group drama team…my hubby used to be a youth pastor actually…now he is a Senior pastor)…so I definitely know what you mean!  I absolutely adore that last photo of you and your sons:)  Heading over to donate right now….hope you meet your goal darling gal!  xx Marisa

  2. Thanks so much!! I didn't know you were the wife of a head pastor! How amazing and difficult that must be! I've been a youth leader for 4.5 years now and love it so much! That's so cool that you coach a youth drama team!! Do you do plays or are they mimes or dance things to songs for services? Thanks so kindly for your donation! Just saw you did that and I am very touched!

  3. No problem Victoria! I admire you for all the work you are doing to help end sex trafficking and raising awareness. You will no doubt meet your goal! Our group does something called human video…it sounds strange, but it is acting out a storyline to lyrics. Right now the team is working on one about God's promise…which starts with creation to the fall to the ark and the rainbow that parallels the cross and ends with the resurrection. This all done to Gungor's songs Brother Moon and The Fall and ending with One Thing Remains by Jesus Culture. It's awesome to see the kids ministering in this way and getting excited about it….we take them to other churches and they do it for outreaches and so on, as well as a Fine Arts Festival for youth around the country. As for my hubs….he recently became a head pastor. We went through a very long but awesome process to become church planters. Right now we are still having our once a month preview services but staring April 1st we will launch and go every week. We've been blessed by having a very supportive mother church helping us along the way as well as a strong team people who truly have amazing hearts. So though it can be challenging, it is also quite fun and we are excited to see what God will do in this community. That's it in a nutshell…sorry that was a bit of a book. Many blessings and very best wishes lady! Have a sweet evening!

  4. Gungor has lovely music, so that sounds really awesome! Thanks again and I pray that the Lord will guide you two to not get stressed, to be filled with the Holy Spirit through it all, and to remain humble and true to serving Christ!

  5. Great pics, Victoria. Your kids are so obviously happy and well-loved. The reading nook looks like it doubles as a music room, judging by the guitar on the wall. And speaking of guitars, Rob looks like he's about to do his Jose Feliciano impression (you might have to google him or search on youtube, but you'll be glad you did!).Did I mention that my son Kyle (graduating from Cal this year) is looking into an internship with International Justice Mission to work in their human trafficking program?Tim

  6. P.S. Loved the video and your great explanatino of the whole problem and efforts to combat it. I also loved that your uke solo for sentimental heart came up as the next video in the queue. Nice job, and your voice was not at all pitchy.P.P.S. If you want to see someone who did not fare so well in making their music video, watch this Finnish offering from the days before MTV –

  7. oh goodness. haha. Well thanks for watching that. I do harmonies really well but I just HATE melodies (but I can't do harmonies without them). . .I mean I just can't stand singing the melody to any song.

  8. that's so excellent about your son. I know someone who interned for IJM back a few years ago and now they work for them in India full time.  She blogs about it with her husband. . . there. She is actually the reason how I first heard about human trafficking back in Sept '07 with a Freedom Fair she put together that I attended because someone else I know was displaying his art there. I learned about Love146 there before entering the fair as there was a table display about it, so that's why I'm so attached to them (IJM is my second favorite because I have read all of Gary Haugen's books. . the president of IJM).Rob is not a guitarist really. He's a bassist. He just plays things sometimes on his acoustic and we have instruments hanging up because it was a way to baby proof and save floor space!

  9. I loved reading this post, Victoria!  It was so cute to see you with your adorable family…=)

  10. I always smile when you post photos of your family; your boys are so happy and their eyes shine full of life! :)ps: Your hair is beautiful no matter what.

  11. I actually love hearing that you haven't been blogging much because of your adorable little ones- it's great to see your family is your priority! I love seeing how sweet they are to each other & it's so awesome you all read so much (& that you don't buy the books, extra love: ) I'm sure homeschooling would get stressful at times too, but glad you're enjoying them as little ones while they still are. Take care : )

  12. Oh I am so glad to see you back in the blogging world with your lovely children! You guys all look amazing and happy.

  13. Beautiful pictures. Your kids are so cute and I love their hair! I want to be a mom! :)I love the video. thank you for sharing that.


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