It has been a few months since I’ve posted fashion pictures. The truth is I am a woman of deep convictions. I often get newsletters from missionaries and organizations that work with the poverty stricken. When I see a child pictured in a tattered dress and cut up bare feet, I get so mad at myself for wanting any clothes at all. So many people wear the same thing over and over again for as long as they can. I’d rather buy shirts from Sevenly that help people and these organizations and wear the same pair of jeans every day for as long as I can too. I know it might sound weird, but that’s something God has put on my heart. Of course I will still photograph pretty outfits from time to time, but I really get so down when I see people wearing so many outfits that they constantly buy all the time and to have loads of wishlists, etc. Most people don’t have my conviction, but I wish many would see how what they get is so temporary while someone is in dire need elsewhere.

On some less serious notes I wanted to share some older photos of me.

I used to be a blonde but it started to darken and looked funky. That’s when I decided to start dying my hair. This is me when I was a freshman in high school. Also I didn’t pluck my eyebrows and have mentioned before that I rarely pluck today other than once every three weeks or so.

My fashion sense was always mocked by others, but now looking back, I see that these people probably were intimidated by my confidence and love for what I wore. This is me in 1994 (5th grade). I used to wear only hippy and historical type of styles (bellbottoms were not popular during the grunge explosion). I don’t laugh at anything I used to wear on my own choosing because it helped create the individual that I’ve always been. 
I was always very tall for my age. Of course this caused for many to call me terrible names because of how skinny I always was. In this photo I was 3 years old. Everyone thought I was more 5 or 6 years old. These are my nursery school teachers who specifically took care of the 3 year olds. And yes I do have shoes that are similar to these that I wear today (but in black). I was 5’6″ in 5th grade and am now 5’9″, which isn’t that tall, but it is tall. Doctors thought I’d end up being 6’0″. . .with heels I am even taller than that sometimes.
All my clothes were hand-me-downs until I was 6. They were usually too baggy for me or too short for me because of my size. I always have ruined every dress I wear. No joke. Most of the vintage dresses you’ve seen me wear and post on my blog have been repaired a few times because I end up ripping them somehow or I get stains on them. I would wear them every single day if I could but because of how badly I damage them, my husband has told me that he’d prefer I only wear them when I go out or for special occasions. I have been known for playing in mud and ruining dresses so many times since I was a child to currently. I like to run around! So much for looking pretty when I have stains and dirt all over me all the time.
As a baby I was dedicated to the Lord. While many people choose to baptize their babies (which is unBiblical), my parents chose to raise me up on Christ and the Word of God so that one day I would choose to become baptized through submersion in water as was done in Jesus’ time by adults who were able to confess their sins and willing to transform their lives to follow Him (which I chose to do in my early 20s). Someone handmade this cute outfit for my dedication. My family publicly declared to their church that they would raise me to understand God and the congregation agreed to help them. My husband and I had our sons dedicated as well.
I got married when I was 20. A lot of people thought it was unwise or that we were too young, but it was one of the best decisions of my life. Sometimes we wish we married even earlier, but our parents often told us to wait (we were engaged nearly two years before we married). Rob is my best friend and in many ways we’ve been able to grow up together and I’m extremely blessed to have him for my husband for nearly 8 years now.
I love being a mother. Although I hated being pregnant, I’d give birth 50 times if possible. I really am blessed to have such amazing little boys. They are frustrating at times, but have been learning and growing so much. They are lovable and so sweet.
(picture of me pregnant with Micah. . and yes I go swimming covered like this. If only I had 1920s bathing suits)
baby Leto
Baby Micah
I used to have dreadlocks (they were babies here) but if you’ve been at my blog for a long time now, you are fully aware at all the hairstyles I’ve done. I missed brushing my hair so much that I had to cut all this hair off and I need to have 4 more inches to get back to this length.
I was a very sad and very lonely little girl. There were no girls in my neighborhood, I had no friends at all, and I pretty much had to entertain myself. (this was a hand-me-down dress but I love it. I was 7 here). I’m very thankful that I have a few very close friends.. . .

I’m really silly (but don’t tend to like jokes and am a very serious person). Here’s one of my dearest friends (Laura) wondering what I was up to (taken this past weekend).

And my husband is silly with me . . .and he stalks me. My personal paparazzi.
(the following pictures were taken by Laura)

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  1. Love the paparazzi shots. Please tell Rob he makes a very convincing stalker. And what's wrong with your ninth grade eyebrows? It's not like you look neanderthalish!

  2. haha I meant my eyebrows were nearly perfect and that is why I hardly ever have to pluck them. I LIKE my eyebrows a lot. I guess that's part of the vanity thing. . . Rob is the only one who I want to be a convincing stalker in my life.

  3. What a lovely post!! You're lucky to be tall! People would kill to have your height!x

  4. Your family is so adorable!!I think it's so admirable how committed to your beliefs and convictions you are! And I know what you're saying in regards to all the consumption fashion bloggers (even the vintage ones) seem to promote. I have a high turnover rate in my closet, as I often trade in things at my local vintage store, and as a working college student I can only afford very inexpensive vintage clothes (I don't like to buy new for environmental and ethical reasons). So as much as I try to stay positive about it all, sometimes I do have to take a little break from the blogs where all they ever seem to do is buy, buy, buy! 

  5. I absolutely loved seeing those older photos of you.  I was dedicated as a baby too!That's really admirable how you really live out your convictions.  It's definitely not an easy thing.  I do believe as Americans we consume way too much, when there are so many other countries out there where people live without even clean water.  These past couple years my hubby and I had similar convictions… alot with the way we chose to eat out all the time and spend money on frivolous things like several coffee shop stops in a day.  Thank God a lot has changed since then.  As for the clothing thing – remixing older pieces, consigning and thrift shopping is where it's at for me these days:)  

  6. Thanks for the encouragement and kind words, Dakota.  I am really happy that there are people out there who are careful about what they buy like you are.  I love your outfits so much. There aren't thrift places nearby to me, other than one place, but they are too pricey.  That's cool that you can trade stuff in! 

  7. That's awesome that you were dedicated! I don't know of too many people who were unless they are younger than 20. my husband Rob and I have a lot of personal convictions that we appreciate living out when His word is revealed to us, but we don't talk to a lot of people about them because God has to touch their hearts on those issues as He did to us.  I think that if people knew some of the convictions my husband has, they'd think he was a bit legalistic, but it isn't that way at all.  . . they are things that draw him closer to God. I am sure you and your husband have similar feelings on things.  It is good that you are careful with how you spend your money. We used to spend our money constantly before God started to transform us, and I think STUFF became a bit of an idol to me, so I rid of much of what I owned.  It is great that you are so thrifty. There aren't really places near here that have inexpensive vintage pieces or I'd do that more often.  When people spend maybe $4 on a dress, I think that's great. Unfortunately there is nothing like that in northern NJ!

  8. Baby Micah is so CUTE ❤ ❤ ❤

  9. You are an odd woman. In a good way. 🙂 I stumbled on your blog 2 days ago and have been looking at the entries that reach back two years. It has been a strange way to go back when you in turn have changed the other way around. I think it is very interesting how you have let go of the worldly possessions, getting closer to the God and overall have grown into a woman with a lot to give, instead of being a consumer. I do not think you have a whole lot of time to go and read all the entries going back but it shows your development in the most beautiful way. I am glad I found your blog as I do see a lot of similarities between us. At the same time there are also a LOT of differences. Even though you think that you will put off people by writing about your faith and slavery, I did not feel annoyed in the least bit. I think it is fabulous that you have found your own little world of truth, happiness, peace and love. And that in return of all the blessings you are giving something back. It can sometimes be difficult to accept the positivity when one does not feel very deserving. And it is even more difficult to feel deserving. I do wish all the very best to you and your family.

  10. Thanks for the very nice comment. I don't think many people read through so many back posts like that. Thanks for the encouraging words! And yeah, I am odd, but I like that.

  11. I knew that about you. 🙂

  12. Wooow so lovely photos!! You look so cute with those blue and bright eyes ❤ … 

  13. You and your husband are very cute together. I loved learning more about you and your life. 

  14. Okay, to put it simply – I really love your blog. :*Follow each other via Bloglovin??Kisses,L.WLL

  15. I feel like we have a lot in common reading this, my hubs is def in my life too to remind me to be less serious many times. That's really sad you didn't have friends to play w/ when you were little, glad that has changed now! And most importantly… I couldn't agree w/ you more. It just appalls me seeing people buying new clothing all the time for the exact reason you say. And that def is a great cause you linked too, although you could def thrift something for $5 too & give $10 to a charity yourself, which of course you know, just like to mention diff things sometimes. Great to learn more about you here- love that you expressed your style so well as a teen too!


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