Movie Ratings are on a scale of 1-5. Anything rated over 3 stars and is in bold, is totally worth seeing! – I rate pretty harshly. Content is listed for those who are careful about what they or their children view.

Hugo 2011 (w/ Ben Kingsley, Sacha Baron Cohen, Asa Butterfield, Chloe Moretz) – 3.75 stars – This was an excellent film. I saw this without knowing what it was going to be about (I saw the teaser trailer and that was it, which didn’t explain a thing).  Hugo is an orphan boy who has been living inside a Parisian train station. He misses his father desperately who left him a mechanical doll who seems to have a message to write. Hugo has been trying to fix the doll but comes across a young girl and her grandfather who might be helpful and have some answers.  The story was so well put together and everything was beautiful. content: a kiss, a child is put inside a cage, there might be some scary imagery for small children (I did not watch this movie with my sons), “idiot”, a man drinks and is drunk, a woman is wearing a leotard

I Was a Male War Bride 1949 (w/ Cary Grant, Anne Sheridan) – 2.75 stars – Usually I adore Cary Grant movies, but this one didn’t really pull me in as much as I hoped it would.  Of course he was witty, as always. Supposedly this was a true story. A flirty French Captain had been chasing after an American female Lieutenant. They decide to marry, but there are problems upon problems for them to try to do so considering they are both active in the military from different countries and have a hard time figuring out how to finalize everything. This is where the fun comes in for the poor Captain. content: kissing, a couple innuendos, a man dresses as a woman

One Tree Hill
(seasons 1-9) 2003-2012 – 3 stars – To sum up all 9 seasons in one paragraph is going to be difficult. I started to watch this show in September or October. Basically I held off watching this show for years because I went to high school with Bethany Joy Lenz who plays Haley on this show (she was a senior my freshman year) and since she was just getting her start in acting in bigger things (like Guiding Light or something soap opery) and I had talked to her a few times (she was a bit of a loner, like me but most seniors didn’t normally hang around freshmen, so I only have a few memories and conversations with her), it was just weird to think about watching her actually act outside of the school play (weird enough to see her in magazine ads for Tampax and a Pepsi commercial when I knew her)! The storyline for this show in the first 6 seasons was highly addictive, but I will state that I had to skip a lot of scenes because there were things put in that seemed to just try to get ratings and show off girls in underwear. The story was about a boy in high school (Lucas) living with his mother (Karen) who raised him alone with the help of his uncle (Keith). His father (Dan) didn’t seem to care about him at all.  His dad had a family of his own, including a son (Nathan) only slightly younger than him (same grade and all) who seemed to have it all but was not kind. This leads to a lot of problems in their relationship but they both have a bond of basketball.  His brother has a girlfriend (Peyton) who doesn’t seem to like her boyfriend. She loves music and drawing but is the head cheerleader along with her best friend (Brooke) who seems to have a thing for the brother of her boyfriend. Of course the smart girl (Haley) who is best friends with the main character has a crush on her friend’s popular brother and starts tutoring him. This explains basically the first season. You get to watch the drama unfold of high school relationships and messed up families and how they all grow up and what their lives turn out to be.  I couldn’t stand the last three seasons simply because the main character Lucas and the music/artist fanatic Peyton as well as the main character’s mom – all left the show (his mom left even a season earlier).  They were my favorite characters! The show just got lame and boring because it lacked the great monologues, the great music, and the lovely art. It as if it was a new show but without the addictive hold. The last season just finished airing last week and it was terrible. :: sigh :: This 3 star rating is an average sum-up of all the seasons. content: girls in underwear – some strippers, kissing, make-out scenes, people appearing to be naked (nothing shown), drug content (cocaine, heroin, weed), a lot of the b-word is thrown around, talk about orgasms, bad language (less of it is used as the seasons progress), talk of sex, talk of pregnancies before marriage, affairs, trash talking, fighting, underage drinking, smoking, party scenes, murders, . . .seems like there isn’t much that isn’t in it (which is why I skipped so many scenes).

Water For Elephants 2011 (w/ Reese Witherspoon, Robert Pattinson) – 3.25 stars – An old man retells a story of his life in a circus that didn’t last too long but how it changed his life forever. a veterinary student wants to work with the animals when he loses all he has and finds himself on a circus train. He starts to become good friends with the circus owner and his wife. The problem is that he starts to fall in love with the wife. This was a very lovely story in the long run and very sad but also very happy. I enjoyed it.  content: It seems at times that they justified this young man’s love for the wife simply because she was abused physically by her husband (which is wrong in itself, and they show her being punched and also show her having her throat grabbed at a couple times), there was kissing, a woman who is stripping at the circus but when she is taking off her top they only show from her shoulders up and proof that she has nipple tassels on as you see them flicking towards her face (this was a brief scene), a married woman has a secret relationship with a man who is not her husband, many girls go up to a man and all kiss him, circus workers who aren’t dressed very modestly are shown throughout the film, there is animal abuse shown (and corrected in time), murders, The Lord’s name is blasphemed, there is bad language (not a lot of it, but it is said at different points), drinking, smoking 

Skateland 2011 (w/ Shiloh Fernandez, Ashley Greene) – 2 stars – This is one of those coming of age tales.  I thought it was going to be heavily about roller skating in the early 80s, but it wasn’t really (but the main character worked at a roller skating rink).  When his parents get divorced he sees so many problems occuring in his life and the people he hangs out with. It’s tough for him to handle. The story was slow and boring. The colors are pretty with how it was directed though and I adored the music throughout it.  content: pre-marital sex (You see that the girl takes her shirt off but only see the top of her bra straps), underage drinking, smoking, weed, women/girls are objectified,  some violence/fighting, some bad language and name calling, threats, immodest outfits, kissing

You Were Never Lovelier 1942 (w/ Fred Astaire, Rita Hayworth) – 3 stars – Maria seems to be filled with a heart of stone. No man can get her to even look at them. Her younger sisters want to marry, and after their oldest sister gets married, her family is determined to get her married off as soon as possible (what a sad concept). Although she seems satisfied with her life, her father tries to woo his own daughter off her feet through romantic set-ups to soften her up. This doesn’t help that Robert comes into the picture unexpectedly. Wonderful dance numbers. content: kissing, immodest outfits, an assumed affair

Cracks 2009 (w/ Eva Green, Juno Temple, Maria Valverde, Imogen Poots) – 1.25 stars – This movie bored me so much. It is a thriller, but there was no thrill at all, just a lot of wasted time. I felt like I was watching a strange version of Lord of the Flies but without the island and without the cannibalism. A diving team in an all-girls’ school set between the first world wars has a wacked-up teacher who seems to have her students wrapped around her finger. I had no idea this movie had nudity in it (couldn’t find content reviews). Anyway, they have a new girl who shows up from Spain to be protected from harm who also is a diver. She is a sweet girl who gets mixed up in a bunch of jealous pulls. This film had beautiful sets and costumes but it was just terrible. content: young girls go skinny dipping and are filmed taking off their clothes and swim together with a female teacher, a teacher lets her students get drunk and one of them is so out of it that her female teacher kisses her and pretty much rapes her, a terrible death takes place, smoking, lying 

Best Foot Forward
1943 (w/ Lucille Ball, June Allyson, Nancy Walker, Harry James, Tommy Fox, Virginia Weidler) – 3.25 stars – There is going to be a dance at a military academy. After one of the cadets sends letters and pictures back and forth to Lucille Ball, her agent pushes her to go visit the dance as a way for publicity.  This of course causes problems for all the girls who are trying to get the attention of the guys they like and keep their interest. How dare that Lucille Ball come around to make them feel less important! This was a hilarious movie and I really loved all the quotes from Nancy Walker’s character (poor thing).  There were great songs in this film too. content: undergarments shown (lingerie), an adult man seemed to have been hitting on a young girl
[sorry for the terrible screenshot I took]

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  1. My mom was just telling us we "had" to see Hugo, so maybe we really will now. I'm usually bored to death of all thrillers actually, so not surprised by that one. Best Foot Forward sounds interesting too, oh so many movies, so little time haha.Thanks for the recs though!

  2. Victoria, I haven't seen any of these, yikes! That said, though, I have to admit I have a soft spot for  Lucille Ball. That kind of talent just doesn't come around all that often. Hugo sounds great too. I've wondered what it's about, and your description makes me want to see it soon.TimP.S. I hope you had a blessed Easter. I have a new post at TRJ, this one on rest, and I've linked it through my name on this comment. I hope you get a chance to see it!

  3. After reading Water for Elephants, I was pretty disappointed with the movie. 😦 Love the actors, but I feel that just left out so much of the magical story. I am sure I would not feel this way if I hadn't read it first. But it was one of those books that was really so wonderful. I guess the movies hardly ever live up to the book. Hugo is on my list of movies to see!!

  4. I read the book first and I agree the movie seemed to be missing a lot. Still I enjoyed it. I think Rob Pattinson did a great job! It was nice to see him in something other than Twilight (which I am not a fan of). 

  5.  Hi sweet lady! I found your blog via Skunkboy Creatures and am SO GLAD that I did! I love finding sisters in Christ who blog; it's like finding a diamond in the rough. I'm your newest follower. xoxo


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