My husband is not very sporty. I was raised in a family that taught me many various sports and made sure I was active in some sort of activities revolving around sports. I always liked playing for fun rather than to win, so I hated being on competitive teams (so I stopped playing on them). It disappointed my family who still tells me, “but you were so good at ____.” blah blah. . .
My older son Leto loves to win and I keep telling him that it is okay to lose. He gets easily frustrated and upset and everything seems to be a competition to him at this point in time, and I’ve been trying to train him to have fun and that winning and losing isn’t really the issue, though I’d cheer for him if he were to win.
I’m slowly teaching the boys how to play sports because they show an interest in them. I started with baseball and they’ve also been learning about bowling (and recently went bowling with my oldest brother who probably has a 240+ average). Check out Leto’s face here. haha. 
It is hard to teach my kids at the same time to play when I want to focus on each one at a time. I tried to have my husband help me, but he wanted to sit and watch us play and see me teach them. >.<
Thankfully Micah did get some attention and help with learning, but he hung out with his Daddy most of the time. He would run after and towards the balls in the “outfield” when Leto would hit them.
Probably the most difficult task is teaching them how to hold the bat. No matter how often I’d show Leto, he’d bring his arms back in towards his body and lower his elbows and put his feet together. He got better each time though. Thankfully I understand that I can’t expect him to pick up on it immediately. It takes practice and patience. 
I’m very proud of my big little guy.
And I’m also very proud of my little little guy (and my man too).
My favorite people ever.
I lift them both up on my legs sometimes.
And when they don’t listen and run around after I tell them to stay nearby, I grab them and spin them and throw them around (they love it).

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  1. I love seeing bits of your life of being a mom, after just reading about them in your letters. You spinning them around is so cute – can't believe you can handle both at once!

  2. Speaking of which, I mailed your letter response today. ;)I can't always handle them both at once. . .that's why I need God's help so much (and Rob too). 

  3. Very cute family photos, your sons are gorgeous. And I can bet you get told this a lot, but you have the most amazing hair!Wardrobe Quarry

  4. Great pics, Vic! Your efforts at teaching a good batting stance reminded me that they say the hardest thing in pro sports is hitting a curve ball.You're doing a good job training the little guys how to handle life's curveballs.Tim

  5. This is too cute. I was always overly competitive. haha My hubby won't even play scrabble with me anymore because I get so upset. Btw, I felt the same away about Delirium! It was very much like Matched. Even the way the first two books flowed felt very similar to Matched and Crossed (the second book being very intense and on the run). Strange. Anyway, I'm a Divergent fan to the core, so I cannot WAIT until next week when Insurgent comes out!

  6. Aww! You guys are so cute! My parents always tried to get us into sports. I liked Soccer, but mostly just the practices when we would play against each other on the team. I also really loved cross-country, because it was both team & personal oriented. I am sure your little guys will catch on!

  7. I have yet to read Divergent, though I plan to when I get through all the books that are in my pile on my nightstand. It has been on my "to-read" list and my best friend has read both books (and raved of them). I thought Crossed as a bit boring compared to Matched, but it was interesting.  That's cool that you felt the same way as Delirium as I had felt. I need to read the books that come after it still. . .the one called Hana (I think) and Pandemonium. That's so funny that you can't even play scrabble without wanting to win!!! aw. I usually have a hard time playing games with competitive people because I feel like I have to make sure to let them win so I don't make them angry. 

  8. That's fantastic you keep reminding him he doesn't have to win. I always played competitive sports growing up but by mid high school really was bothered by the have to win mentatlity but kept playing just for fun. I just posted about too how I'm actually more athletic than my hubs, how funny. Love seeing how much fun you're all having together! & for your post above… so silly that ppl want to blend in! My coworkers are always talking about tv shows/movies/famous ppl and i just have no clue but am glad I make an effort to avoid all that junk.


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