I know what you’re thinking right now, if you’ve been coming to my blog for a long time: “An outfit post? About time!”
Thank you for your patience. I haven’t posted an outfit since January. I don’t know how often these posts will show up, but I figure every so often they’ll pop up on my blog.

There is a thing that I adore about wearing skirts (and ones that are knee length and longer). They make me feel girly, and most of you know that I appreciate modesty a lot! They are really fun.

I noticed that this outfit blends in well with the background choice. I think it is funny, because in reality, I don’t blend in well with others one bit. I’ve always been called “weird” and “unique” and “odd” and “different” since I was a very young child, not just because of what I wear, but because of how I act or the way I think. When I was younger it hurt when people would mock me, but once I got to about the age of 10, I actually appreciated it and embraced it a lot. It became fun for me to be different than the people around me. I liked being me. I think today too many people who are young are so set on being “in” with their peers and the trends, that they miss out on creating individuality in themselves. They blend in with people around them or try too hard to look like someone they admire in entertainment industries. I have always been fond of people who stand out and who are noticeably different than others through their personality.

Outfit Details:
Shoes: Modcloth
Necklace: c/o Gigi (which their site is gone now, so I don’t know what happened to them)
Shirt: Delias (so 8 years ago)
Skirt: Vintage Urban Renewal
Headband (can’t really see it): a friend gave it to me
Flower Hairclip: c/o Lila-Jo

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  1. Thanks so much for posting this with our skirt, it was one of my favorites.And blending isn't all it's cracked up to be, why not stand out?michelleVintageUrbanRenewalhttp://www.etsy.com/shop/VintageUrbanRenewal?ref=si_shop

  2. Found you on twitter! You have beautiful hair and I love that skirt! Follwing!Check out my new Vintage Fashion Blog :)http://fabulouslyvintage.blogspot.com/

  3. Love how you worked this around to being who you are and not who everyone else thinks you should be, Victoria. God made us all different, not the same, right?TimP.S. New post up at Think Christian on how sex trafficking affects families and communities: http://thinkchristian.net/when-sex-sells-and-provides

  4. I wish young kids would realize how great it is to be unique and not follow the crowd! Thank you for your example, I appreciate your authenticity and modesty! I have always been labeled "different" and have never "fit in". always fun to meet another interesting  modest lady! (:

  5. I LOVE the confidence you have in being yourself! And, i love that you are fighting sex trafficking and human slavery. thanks for being awesome:) love Katie 

  6. You look beautiful! 🙂 That skirt is really pretty. I love the title for this post and feel like it could be my mantra for life. lol. 

  7. Goodness you are gorgeous all around Victoria!  Blending in is way overrated.  That cameo and skirt are such pretty pieces too:)  

  8. You look lovely! I appreciate your comments about modesty- I have never seen "lovely" and "immodest" in the same outfit. 

  9. Gorgeous! They look amazing!xoxo oana :)www.style-muses.com

  10. you look lovely – these colours are perfect on you!

  11. I have always admire your personality and for what your stand for! you are gorgeous, smart and caring! xoxo 🙂


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