I’ve been so worn out lately. We’ve been very packed with plans in the end of May through all the graduation parties we have every weekend for the next few weeks!  Youth group is coming to an end, and usually that is when we have so many events happen.
I wore this to a 5 year old’s bowling birthday party. This isn’t an outfit post, so I’m sorry to disappoint you! This is more of a “remix” since I’ve worn these pieces at other times on older blog entries.
Leto LOVES bowling so much. He did get a spare without hitting the bumpers! I’ve been trying to teach him how to bowl properly.
The youth group does have a few barbecues that have been going on, and here is Micah having fun with some of the girls on the trampoline.
A piggy back ride
The youth pastor’s little girl sleeping. Shhhh.
The youth Pastor’s son and Leto chasing down one of the kids from youth group, and one of the girls thinks it was hilarious to see her friend getting “tormented”. They were squirting him with water swords.
Some of the kids playing music together. They are involved in a “youth band”
My boys wanted me to drag them around in a wagon.
Leto played volleyball with Rob and a load of the youth group kids
We went to a street fair as well, but it was so hot outside that the boys started to get pretty moody.
Leto finished Kindergarten yesterday! He did a great job throughout the year, and when I showed him all of his 1st grade materials (I homeschool the boys), he started to demand that I teach him right away.  Therefore, Micah is officially in Preschool and Leto is officially in 1st grade now.  Keep in mind that the reason why you don’t see me doing as many blog entries as I used to, is because I spend so much time teaching lessons.
We don’t get to see my niece Meiha too often, but I saw her about a month ago, and she’s a little active sweetheart! She is getting near to a year old now in a little less than a month!
We have been raising money for a missions trip for the youth kids to go to Dominican Republic next month. The car wash was successful.
5 of these individuals will be going on the missions trip together.

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  1. Congratulations to Leto! Kindergarten grad and brand spankin' new first grader, woo-hoo!All the little kids look adorable. Don't you love taking them bowling at that age? We had a blast with bowling parties when our kids were that young.The youth group pics bring back a lot of memories: car washes and water fights and guitar playing and missions stuff. My wife and I both did youth for a long time. I think I got in about 20 years or so.Hey, as long as you brought up norhtern New Jersye, I thought I'd mention that I once dated a young woman from Bergen County. Is that near you and Rob? Only visited once, but I remember it was a beautiful part of the country.Tim

  2. Bergen County is only about 15 minutes from me. haha. I actually used to attend Christian school throughout the county.  People are pretty rich who live there.  There is the poorer part too, but most of it is not.  Which city/town did she live in?  My mom grew up in Bergen County but she was dirt poor (her family couldn't even afford clothes and shoes and they lived off of spaghetti with canned tomato soup as the sauce).  I had a bowling party too! When I turned 7 I had it.  It was fun.

  3. It might have been outside of Mahwah, if I remember right. They lived in a rural spot themselves, a few minutes from town, and had more money than I grew up with, that's for sure.

  4. Yeah, Mahwah is a pricey place to live in. I'd never be able to afford life there. haha. I have a cousin who had lived there for a few years until this year. . but he has the money for that because he even won an Emmy for editing newsreels for NBC that he works for >.< .


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