This summer I haven’t had much time to relax. Between all the graduation parties, birthday parties, homeschooling, and Vacation Bible School events, I rarely even turned on the computer. This is the first day in nearly a week that I actually sat online for more than 3 minutes. As I type this the boys are napping and I am watching a James Stewart movie while eating crackers with Nutella.

Overall, this summer has been quite enjoyable and I’ve adored spending time with my boys and my loving husband.  July has been devoted to them and our families, and August will be devoted to my best friends as we hang out with them through visiting, receiving visits, and catching up on our lives.

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  1. Yeah it's that time of the year. Our church has a ton of activities planned, birthdays, bridal and baby showers, weddings, catching up with friends who are visiting from other states and countries, etc. We might just go broke with all this!

  2. I wanna play cars on the grass!

  3. This sounds very much like my summer…hehe and I often find myself relaxing in a similar manor with an old movie and nutella.  Your family is beautiful (I know I say thing all the time…but so true).  Both your boys have such gorgeous eyes:)  xx Marisa

  4. Look at that sunshine! i miss it xx

  5. aww looks like your little cuties are really enjoying the summer warmth. Sounds great doing all those activities, glad you can get lots of family time in. thanks for your sweet comments on my trip posts : )

  6. hmm not sure if my comment went through, sorry if it’s a repeat! sounds like the little cuties are loving the summer warmth & great you get to enjoy so many family activities even if busy, sounds wonderful! Thanks for your sweet comment on our hawaii post : )

  7. They’re so adorable! It’s so wonderful to see kids enjoying simple outdoor fun such as playing with toy cars in the grass. 🙂

    Sara, Swing The Day Away


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