My niece Meiha turned 1 year old earlier in the week. We got to celebrate her birthday, which was really a lovely time! She just started walking and has quite the sweet personality (ball of energy).

Leto loves holding his cousin and playing with her. My eldest brother is the funny one in the family and he gave me his “little boy” face.
You can see some of the personality of my sons and niece in this shot.  They had so much fun!

Micah’s face cracks me up in this shot!! Oh goodness. Leto was enjoying his cupcake.

This is my beautiful niece Kyana (Meiha’s big sister). 

Meiha was doing a touchdown dance for her Uncle Rob.

My brother Jeff and his little girl

My big brothers who tell me about being “old” in their late 30s to prepare me and make me laugh and glad to still be in my 20s.

My sister-in-law helping Meiha open her presents. My mom got the cute dress on the left and Meiha decided to munch on the neon green tutu Rob and I bought her.

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  1. Oh my…your niece is too cute! And they’re all playing on a trampoline! Oh how I miss trampolines. Someday when I have my own house, I need to own one.

    Sara, Swing The Day Away


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