I am so excited to make my first post at Justicepirate.com!
Please, if you haven’t updated your bloglovin or google readers, do so!  I had my blogspot blog for about four years and I am pretty positive that I have much less than the 600 or so users that I once had accumulated.  You can also go to the bottom of the page and receive my updates by E-mail.

In reviewing these pictures, I got a little sad that I am starting to look more like one of my grandmothers.  I know a lot of ladies in the fashion blogging arena tend to get excited about such things, but I was never close to either of my grandmothers, though I tried to be. I never found either attractive in appearance or personality (they weren’t to nice, unfortunately) and so these are the first pictures where I can tell I’m starting to look less like a teenager and more like my age (28).  I’m okay with that though. Vanity is a tough thing to try to let go of as I age.  Proverbs 31 talks about charm being deceitful and beauty being vanity and how really, that is not important at all or something you want to long for. In our culture in the US, it is what a high majority of us focus on. What we do in order to serve & obey God and serving others is what is long lasting and important. As my beauty fades away in time, I hope that I can be able to be beautiful for who I am in Christ.

I really think the last shot is cute because my son Leto grabbed my hand to walk only a few seconds to our car.  He’s 5 years old and still wants to hold my hand. I don’t know how much longer that will last, but I was touched that both of my boys do this quite often.

OUTFIT DETAILS: blouse – Thrifted | Vintage Skirt – Ively’s Closet | Sandals – Lulu*s | Flower hairclip – Lila-Jo | Cameo – c/o Miskabelle

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  1. This is such a cute look! Love the floral print of your skirt.

  2. Why should your “beauty fade[] away in time”? My wife is decades older than you and she hasn’t faded a bit.

    Great new site, by the way. Looking forward to whatever you have for us here, Victoria!


    • And that is how it should be between you two regarding her beauty. Rob often tells me I’ll be gorgeous to him in my 70s and 80s or however old I’ll get to be too, and I know to him, that is true, but to those around me, I’ll become less and less attractive.

      • I think there are a bunch of folks I know who look attractive at my wife’s and my age, women and men. This isn’t one of those “No matter how hideously repulsive you become to the rest of the world, you’ll always be beautiful in my eyes because I will see you with love and not as you really are.” People really do still look good when older.


      • haha. well we’ll see. My parents look great for their 60s, so it is possible for me. You’re not helping my problem with vanity, you know? haha.

      • The point for me is that I have the body God gave me. If it looks good by society’s beauty standards, that’s his doing. If it doesn’t, why should I care? I belong to the living God (Psalm 56:11) and my worth is not caught up my looks and in whether others, or even I myself, think I look attractive.


  3. so sweet and I love how long your hair has gotten! ❤


  4. You’ll always be beautiful because it’s the inside beauty that matters! I know what you mean though getting older is one of those things. Just have to grin and bear it I guess. Easier said than done!
    Your kids are going to love you guys so much when they’re older. I mean, not that I think they WOULDN’T love you, or anything, I just know they’re going to look back when they’re older and be like, “wow, mom and dad are so cool. I’m so glad they’re my parents.” I don’t know why I say that, it’s just something I’ve thought when looking at your photos of them with you and Rob! 🙂

  5. Also, I love your neighborhood. I miss old, east coast neighborhoods like that! they have such a style or look.

    • hehe. That’s actually not my neighborhood, but my God-father’s neighborhood. He lives about 10-15 minutes from us. Ours looks a bit different. I think your former neighborhood definitely has a great style/look though!

  6. I think you look really pretty, Victoria! I love the flower. Greetings from Atlanta. 😉

  7. You are such a classic beauty Victoria! I think we tend to critique ourself much harder than what others see – though I know what you mean. Sometimes it’s hard too look at old college photos and not make comparisons to my photos now…ha! Your outfit, your hair, and that little photos of you and your son are all just gorgeous! xx Marisa

  8. I think you look beautiful as ever!! I love the outfit, easy & breazy for summer 🙂 I am sorry to hear that you didn’t get a long with your grandparents that well. I feel you though, I hate it when people say that I look just like my mom. My mom does look young for her age, but she coats herself in makeup and always wears really low-cut dresses with her boobs showing off. I mean, she looks good and I am not very modest all of the time but I hate how trashy she looks and people are always like “oh you could not be old enough to have a 26 year old daughter” and i am sitting there like…”well she does…” okay, end rant.

    I do like this new blog!I will have to add you to my google-reader 🙂

    • Sara, I think you’re pretty modest, honestly. I like how you dress anyway. That does seem like such an interesting predicament regarding your mom, and I am sorry that you have had such issues with that. Have you spoken to her about your concern? Perhaps she wouldn’t hear you out regardless. I just kinda think that especially having sons (like I know she has), if you dress a certain way or look a certain way, they tend to go for women like their moms in attitude and dress. . . so if she dresses trashy, hopefully they won’t go for trashy ladies. I know that is not true for all guys of course, but I do know that my own brothers had a thing for women who looked similar to my mom. . .they both married women who had long brown hair like my mom had when they were little boys. They used to adore that about her and were upset when she chopped it and started frosting her hair and making it blonde in time. haha.

      I don’t understand the idea of coating oneself with too much make-up unless perhaps she never had someone teach her how to properly put it on? My mom really didn’t wear much of any make up other than foundation throughout my growing up and I actually had to try to teach her how to put on eye liner and eye shadow. . .she still doesn’t know how to do it. My God-mother was a Mary Kay consultant so she taught me how to put on make-up.

      • Thankfully only one of my brothers has a girlfriend, one is 9 and the other is in the Marine’s and has no idea what to do about girls still, and she is pretty cool and nothing like my mom. I do love my mom and I have tried talking to her about it and she just starts crying. My aunts yell at her for how she dresses all the time and she just fights with them. I hope it’s just a phase, but at this point I have enough on my plate to worry about.

        Oh and yeah, 2015 for The Avengers?? GRR! But, they are also making Iron Man 3, another Captain America (Hawkeye & Black Widow are supposed to be in it) and Thor 2. My brother says they are also making a Wolverine movie, so yes, MARVEL! ❤ I loved Spider-Man, I think I liked it better than the other ones to be honest, but yeah, do go see it/rent it.

      • Ooo well that is good. I know they’re filming Iron Man 3 right now. They released a picture on the first day of filming and I was all excited!!! haha. Sometimes Gweneth Paltrow tweets pictures on the set too. . .though I haven’t checked in a few weeks.

        Anyway, that is sad that your mom cries but doesn’t try to improve at all. 😦 Hopefully in time she’ll learn.

  9. Good luck with your new blog. And you will always be a beautiful person, inner beauty permeates the outer shell. You have a great strength and you do have a classic beauty that is timeless.
    We all feel that we are not pretty enough, young enough, thin enough, curvy enough-our society feeds into our insecurites. I liked your other blog because of the education you provide regarding human suffering. THAT is what is important, not celebrities or the latest fashion.

    • Which other blog? This is the same blog just at a new location (all the posts are here now and I even made a new post today about issues with human trafficking). hehe.

      I have no insecurity with myself, just saying that as I get older, I am noticing that I’m aging. I did say I’m okay with this but that it is new and something I’m adjusting into. 😉

      Thanks so much for the encouraging words!!!

  10. I do think about that same thing… maybe too much. I try not to. My mother had gone under the knife to make herself look younger and more attractive. When I was a kid, I didn’t really think she needed to do that. She was in my eyes (as most little girls think of their mothers) already beautiful. So I think my insecurity and temptation to do the same thing was probably caused by my mother having access to and the means for having cosmetic surgery. I’m glad that I have a husband who doesn’t allow me to do that, because it might be a stronger temptation if he didn’t care if I got it. Both of my grandmothers are really beautiful—my father’s side was just beauty (she is really mean and my grand dad was a play boy type of guy), and my mother’s side was both beauty and heart. They both were chased by so many men. I think I am not nearly as attractive as they.

    I think you look really beautiful (in general and in these photos), Victoria! Your personality shines through in such an obvious manner, and it’s SO attractive! Your style is also eye catching (gracious and modest), and you carry yourself really well. I look up to women of age who have the same qualities and wish I were like them when I get older. You don’t really look particularly older to me, to be honest.

    Yay! You have a new layout as well and a domain name! 🙂 Keep this address! I love it!!

    • This comment had gone in my spam and I just fished it out. Gah!
      Anyway, That is terrible that your mother decided to do that. I am sure seeing her change herself would cause it to seem normal for you to want to do that and I agree it is great that you and your Rob are content. You are gorgeous. I have had temptations to drastically change portions of myself (fill in stretch marks and fix my zit scars) but regardless of those things that society may find to be less attractive, I think they are lovely now.

      Thank you for your continual encouragement.
      I’ve wanted justicepirate.com for a while now. Of course I shall keep it.

  11. It is only natural to struggle with how we look in the society we live in. That being said, I think if you shine the love of Jesus from your countenance you will glow as a person and be truly beautiful.

    “For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” -Audrey Hepburn

  12. like the new space 🙂 cute outfit too!

  13. Wow your new site is as beautiful as your long hair! 🙂 love it here!

  14. Oh boy do I know what you mean… I always thought I would be completely find with getting older but the wrinkles on my forehead keep getting worse and it’s gotten upsetting in the past few months… even though I can’t say how thankful I am to have a husband who tells me I’m beautiful every day and has helped me accept myself physically. although of course our looks should not matter at all of course feeling beautiful does wonders for us emotionally… but anyway, you do not look old at all! And that’s a beautiful skirt as well, wow has your hair gotten long! So sweet of Leto.


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