I’ve talked often about human trafficking through posts in the past and have mentioned certain great products that are free-trade/slave-free made. So much of what people buy in the USA is not made in the US or the parts are made elsewhere and put together here, but there is usually some form of slave labor involved and it makes it very difficult to keep track of. 30 million people each year are forced into slavery in various forms. You can help make a difference.

A great organization by David Batstone called Not For Sale (his book was the first anti-trafficking book I read back in ’07, which I’ve read probably 35 books on the subject since). Not For Sale has created a new beverage that helps families in Peru gain steady jobs and have the ability to provide for their families through their needs (medical, educational, financial), while building up their community.  The new beverage is called REBBL.  I have not tried it (yet) but plan on it.  I have a feeling my husband would love drinking this!

Please watch this short minute & a half video that explains things a bit better!!! Make sure you watch their 3 other short videos that explain the story behind the drink, the story of the investors (like the San Francisco Giant’s pitcher), and the problem of slavery in the Amazon.

Spend $35 to help the launch of REBBL, and receive 4 bottles of it as a thank you! Click Here!

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  1. LOVE this! Thanks for sharing Victoria! I’m going to go donate now:) Can’t wait to try it!! You’re awesome girl….love Katie

  2. […] July, I posted about being willing to support the creation of the drink REBBL, which was set to launch with the […]


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