There is a great program that we are involved in for free summer bowling all year round for our kids and up to 4 adults. We’ve gone bowling a bunch of times so far just as a family or with one of my brothers, his wife, and a few other people. It has been really fun for the boys and us.  I was in a bowling league my freshman year of high school only, but have been bowling since I was about 5 or 6. I’m one of those people who even wears a glove when I bowl (a vintage one too).   Sadly, I’m not that great and probably only average about 120 (if even). I’m hoping to watch my average grow to about 140 at this point. Rob rarely bowled until we started dating and his average is probably the same or a little better than mine. >.< Our boys play with bumpers (and Micah uses a ramp because he hasn’t the strength to throw it out without it getting stuck in the lane).  Leto’s been getting better and sometimes his ball doesn’t hit the bumpers, which is cool.  He puts his fingers in the holes and throws out with one arm (not doing the one-two-three double-hold throw). It will be really wonderful to watch them improve together as they grow (and possibly be in leagues like my brothers were in when I was growing up, and each of my parents were in as teens and adults).
 This is what Micah looks like when he is waiting for his turn to bowl.

Leto throwing out his ball and then being upset because he wants to bowl again.

I gave Leto a haircut right before we went bowling and he was getting used to it. In case you are trying to read his shirt, it says “We are not the problem. We are the solution.”

Micah’s overly excited.

I have to wear “bowling clothes” that do not constrict my arms or make me trip (I used to bowl with gigantic pants, and that was not easy).  I made the mistake of wearing a top that was tight on my arms recently and I couldn’t even lift my arms enough while bowling. I had the worst games that night. 

After we come home from bowling, the boys are a bit wild and need to run around (They tend to take off their shoes when they do).

Leto has been doing a lot of balancing on one foot lately and asks us to watch him regularly.
Micah is a nutty kid.  He has evidence of eating french fries and ketchup too. . .

He is really a darling! Leto tends to copy his little brother. It is hard sometimes to deal with since you would think the younger would want to imitate the older, not the opposite.
He’s my little mush boy and is getting so big. Eskimo kisses are Micah’s favorite (Leto likes butterfly kisses)

I love these little guys (and obsess over my husband)!
Outfit Details:
On Victoria – Pants: American Eagle | Shoes & Tote: Modcloth | Striped Top: Delias | Freedom Tee: Sevenly for GEMS
On Rob – T-shirt: Tee Fury (can be bought here)
On Leto – T-shirt: Shaun White for Target | Pants: Target | Shoes: Vans
On Micah – Paul Frank “Speed Racer” outfit: Babies R Us | Shoes: Target

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  1. Great bowling stories and great pics, but I thought you’d have some kind of vintage bowling shirts for the fam. They were really popular when I was in college, but you had to find a used shirt that had someone else’s name on it, not your own. That made you look cool.


    P.S. Your kids really are adorable!

    • vintage bowling shirts tend to be too large for me when I have looked for them in any of our sizes. Rob’s a small guy and he’s a bit short and doesn’t like things too long, but he does have one that could be considered a bowling shirt which was his grandfather’s. I haven’t really looked for the boys, but maybe in time. There is nothing vintage about us in this post for once!

  2. I LOVE that dreamcatcher tank! I’ve been entranced by dreamcatchers since I was in elementary school, and have had one from New Mexico over my bed since I was 9. Also LOVE your pants. I want to try skinny jeans but don’t think I can pull them off.

    It’s so amazing to see you interact with your boys since you mostly post pictures OF them. And I remember you from before you were married. So fantastic!

    • I actually don’t ever wear these pants out ever. I’m not a fan of skinny pants and this is my only pair and I tend to wear them with long shirts only and have them cuffed up to my calves most of the time when I do wear them! eh. I didn’t think I could pull them off either, so who knows – you might be able to.

      I remember I had to make a dream catcher when I was in 3rd grade or so in school and I had a bunch in our home for a long time but because of the spiritual part of it which didn’t seem too godly, I got rid of them all. This top though is about catching the nightmares of the slaves through sexual exploitation and I’m all for putting an end to that.

      Since you’ve known me since probably I was engaged, that must be really interesting from your perspective!! hehe.

  3. Love this outfit! Great color combination!

  4. Goodness, your family is just beautiful!

    xoxo Mama Wolf.

  5. Those photos of you and your sons …aw <3. That sounds like such a great family program – I would love something like that to get involved in near me (though my son is still a little young to bowl). Your bowling outfit is adorable Victoria!

  6. We love bowling too. Your hair is so beautiful!!

  7. well if I didn’t see the bowling balls I’d never think you went in such a hip outfit! Love the color of those pants but most of all I love the pictures of the boys, Micah’s face in that one is so funny. Do you think Leto imitates his younger brother because everyone always swoons over the youngest child? (Certainly not saying that you give one more attention than the other, but seems like everyone you come across in public does that.) And free bowling, what kind of program is that? Sounds amazing! I had so much fun bowling w/ friends when I was little, I still remember bouncing it off the bumpers on purpose and cracking up with them as little ones.

    • Leto imitates Micah because he doesn’t hang out much with other 5 year olds and when he does, they tend to try to punch him and push him so he hangs around more with younger children because they are nicer to him. Since he hangs out every day with Micah, I believe some of Micah rubs off on him instead of the other way around. We don’t ever play favoritism because we love them both equally. Most people do make a note about Micah’s big eyes and then I try to show people that Leto has big eyes too, he’s just bigger so they don’t look as big (but when he was a baby everyone commented about his big eyes). Leto does get told often that he should be a model, so he does get attention from some people. . .so I don’t really think that is the issue. I’m going to have him involved in our town’s Soccer and possibly a homeschool music program so that he can be around other kids his age on a more regular basis. I

      The bowling program is and we find bowling alleys that are in the program.
      That’s so cute about your bowling memories I had a birthday party at a bowling alley when I turned 7 and had bumpers, but I tried to not have them bounce off. hehe.

  8. Hahaha, these are such adorable photos!! So so cute! I’m really really bad at bowling myself, but it is still fun nevertheless 🙂

  9. I love the pants! My thighs are too chubby for them, but they look great on you. Your hair looks cool, as always.

    lol, your boys look like they have a lot of fun bowling. I love bowling, I am 80-120, depending on how I feel that night. The guys like to drink on weekend, and I hate just sitting there at bars, so bowling is a good option.

    Running around barefoot is fun!! I still do that 🙂

    • yey for still running around barefoot! I would imagine the awkward feeling of sitting in a bar compared to having fun bowling while having an opportunity to drink if you want to. Last Saturday I got a 128 or so the second game, I did worse the first game but I don’t remember my score. I hope to do better though.


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