Although I prefer using my Pentax camera to photograph our family, sometimes using my phone is the fastest way to get a cute shot of something or someone.  I use Hipstamatic & Instagram regularly. Currently my computer burned up and I am saving for a replacement. I had my laptop for probably 3.5 years. I didn’t lose anything, as I saved the hard drive, but the problem I have now is that I do get hired to photograph family portraits come September usually, and hopefully I can afford a replacement computer by then or get paid enough to buy one (but I don’t charge a lot of money, so it would take three shoots to pay for one laptop, oh fun fun).  I do have an outfit post that will be posted in time that is in edit mode.  There are so many things we’ll be photographing next week, and I hope I can share photos from those events in the next few weeks.

Here are some of my latest Instagrams/Hipstamatics to hold you off a little!
My username is JusticePirate on Instagram.

With one of my dearest friends Rachel.

These guys woke us up and wanted to cuddle with us in bed early on a Saturday morning. So much for sleeping in.

This is the back of my hair (how it was yesterday and is currently today as well)

This is the front of my hair.

Earlier in July Leto sang to me while he was waiting for his annual check-up at the doctor’s office.

Micah is learning how to write letters and his name, and he likes doing the drawing & coloring portions than his writing, but I’m working slowly with him. He colors and draws much better than I did at 3, that’s for certain.

Ready to swim.

I love hot dogs. I had one or two of these at a barbecue.

Rob has been running regularly for the past couple of months and he didn’t notice me in the doorway taking this as he was coming in after a run.

I find double rainbows too.

It has been pretty sad for me lately in thinking of youth group, which I’ve been a volunteer leader at my church for 5 years. The youth pastor has left our church and I don’t know what is going to happen next month at all, but this was the last shot I took of some of the Junior High when we went to eat ice cream as the youth pastor gave a lesson there.  I am devastated but know that God will use him elsewhere and will trust that God will replace him with someone with the same Spirit.

Thankfully, regardless of youth group happenings, I have a small group of girls who are incoming sophomores and a freshman (and maybe even a few other girls will join) whom I adore that I do a Bible study with. Here they are with my boys when we went to the last barbecue for the senior high youth group event.

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  1. Great pics, Victoria! Love seeing the youth group kids, since my wife and I did youth ministry for ages. Good shots of the fam too (I know how Rob feels in starting up running again). And of course it’s always good to see you and Rachel having fun together.


    • Thanks Tim. Got to spend time with Rachel twice in that week, so it was really great.
      Pray for my youth group!

      • Will do.

        By the way, my son is the junior high intern for the church youth group this upcoming school year. He’s in Vietnam right now, but will start with JH next month.

      • Ah, Vietnam. . .my heartstring. What is he doing specifically out there (Missions I’m certain, but is there a specific field he’s ministering in)? That’s great that he is interning to become involved in the junior high youth.

      • This is his third trip to VN, and he’s working with some people he’s been with before. It’s a ministry that reaches out to the community by offering English language classes, so part of the time he’ll be teaching. He’s never done this before, so it should be an adventure with the students.

        The man who runs the school also helps churches with children’s programs like VBS or day camp. My son has a lot of experience with children and youth and he goes as a trainer and facilitator for the churches they work with. It’s another way to reach out reach out, but this time through the local churches. That was principally what he did the last two trips there.

        You can’t go into VN as a missionary, but you can go if invited by a local church or organization to help train them. That’s his role. He gets to play with kids a lot too. (I can email you a link to a short video he posted if you like.)


  2. I really love my dsl camera, but it’s just so fun what you can do with Instagram these days! Great pics, Victoria!

  3. These pics looks lovely and it is nice to see you smiling in them! I didn’t get to go to youth group much growing up as we lived in the middle of nowhere and getting anywhere was difficult – but the times I did make it I really loved it. I’m sure your group will do great.


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