In June, a woman whom I had attended high school with (only our Freshman year) asked many women who have children if they were willing to have swimming meet-up each week at her parents’ pool.  Although it has been over ten years since I talked to her, I accepted the invitation.  I haven’t attended every week, but I’ve enjoyed my time there.  These are pictures I took in July, but the last swim meet-up is this week.

The only issues I’ve had is with how my boys seem to have a slight fear of the water (not so much Leto), while I was swimming on my own at two years of age (with swimmies), while my sons want to still cling to me in the water and will not try to swim without holding on to me.  My boys enjoyed getting to know a few of the children, but seemed to be the trouble makers when Micah thought it would be fun to put some chlorine water in the koi pond they had near the pool (the fish were saved, thankfully).  Both of my boys also went under the water accidentally when falling off of boogie boards that I was gliding them on, which freaked them out.  If God provides us with funds, perhaps next year they can get swimming lessons, since they refuse to listen to my instructions on how to swim. It is a good skill to know, and Leto seems sad seeing kids younger than him swimming around on their own in the deep end after they jump off the diving board.

A little boy sitting next to Leto on the steps of the pool.
my friend’s daughter (she’s a little sweetheart)

The hostess and her son.  It was great catching up with her.

Leto and this little girl constantly ran around together and kept throwing flotation devices at one another.  On our way home he kept telling me her name and how they are best friends (we only saw her this once so far).  Micah stayed near the kiddie pool set up, or he’d step on the stairs a little.  Here he is eating his crackers.

Rachel and her husband Elliott visited us for dinner, but their daughter was babysat by her parents.  A couple days later I saw them again with their daughter Gwendolyn.  I tried to get a shot of them together, but all I got was this blurry shot. Oh well.  On that particular day, we listened to a presentation by Elliott and Rachel about what they do for the Coalition of Christian Outreach. It was nice to see people I’ve known, but haven’t seen for many years (including another girl I went to elementary, middle, and freshman year of high school with and her own family).

It had been a few weeks since I hung out with Brienne and her children, so I got to catch up again on her life. She and Rachel are two of my closest friends (I have a few others too).  Brienne’s daughter is already growing so much.  It’s so cool seeing how all these people have growing families when I’ve known them all for so many years!  She does a lot of laundry, since she has three kids, two in cloth diapers (one potty trained).

This is baby Clarity with her big brother Tristan (her other brother didn’t want to hold her).  Look at his face! It is as if he is saying, “She’s too heavy!! ahh!” At 14 pounds when she’s 4 months old, and when he’s about 40 pounds, I suppose that’s understandable.

Leto had been first to hold her while we were there, because he adores babies and always wants to pick them up and hold them.  He was so happy.  Later on that day he tried giving her toys but not understanding how delicate she is (don’t worry, we were paying close attention to make sure he didn’t smother her)!!

Brienne felt badly that Clarity was crying quite a bit during our visit there (she was really tired but has loud brothers).  Babies cry a lot, and that’s just how it is, but look at how cute they are though while doing it (and Clarity has such a sweet cry)!  Brienne was trying to soothe her.  She’s a great mom of 3 kids under the age of 3!  You go Mama!

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  1. Great pics, especially the one of Gwenny!

    Love pool parties with lots of kids; we’ve had quite a few at our place and the moms seem to be the ones who enjoy them the most.

  2. Precious! All these kiddos are adorable! I’m part of a mom’s swim group too – except ours is down at the lake we live on. Definitely a great way to beat the heat and have fun this summer.

  3. You’re very lucky to have these people in your life. And I admire your friend who’s a mom of 3 under 3. That’s real hard work. My 3 are 7, 5 and 1and that’s hard.


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