Vintage 60s sundress from Raleigh Vintage

I love cornfields so much. This one is in the back of my brother’s house and I had to explore.  When I visit my Uncle who owns a farm in upstate NY, I stare at the cornfields surrounding the land and adore the glow of the sun on the stalks as they stretch up towards the sky.  The taste of corn is something I cherish even more. I recently found out that corn is a grain and not a vegetable and I was heartbroken because I told people for years that it was my favorite vegetable.  I guess now it makes sense why I also devour the Corn English Muffins at the store. I eat mainly grains! I would love to work/own a cornfield.

You know what is fun about this set of photos? My hair is all over the place sticking out of my braid and out of sorts on my head.  While most people want to make sure everything is “perfect” in their photo sessions, I’m a bit of a wild child. I actually have a VERY difficult time keeping white dresses clean and always get them dirty. I love this dress but I got a little bit of brownie chocolate on the back of it right after getting these shots taken. I am not good at keeping things 100%, and that is actually a wonderful feeling.  Dresses are always so much fun to wear, but the reality is, even as old as some of them may be, like this one from the 60s, it won’t last forever and I am going to live in it as much as there is life left in it.

I often receive prayer guides and missionary updates from people/organizations, and they tend to share pictures of children they are with who are in dirty tattered dresses or types of garments. They live in the same outfit for months while people in our culture wear a dress once and have it sit in their closet for months and months before wearing it again, if they ever even do! Wear your clothes out! I have mended so many dresses and others I have enjoyed have ripped where they can’t be mended so I’ve had to throw them out.  Material things do not last. Do not hold on to things as if they are your treasure here and idolize them, but make treasures that last forever through your relationships with others, how you help people, how you build your life, and how you serve and obey God through it all.

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  1. Oh you look beautiful! I like mussy hair to, it makes people look more natural and carefree, love it! You are the epitime of summer in these photos!

    Kyle and I tried to grow corn this year, we have two little rows of stalks growing behind the house but I think the earwigs are starting to kill them. I too love corn, and it is good for you!

  2. Victoria you look beautiful as always and your last paragraph was very encouraging and thought provoking. As an american and person who lives in a very wealthy area of this country its easy to get caught up in buying new clothing all the time and trying to keep up with fashion. I would agree with you that we should be grateful for what have and use it until its worn out. I think lots of people these days in america, at least the part of the country where I live don’t know what its like to not have a closet full of clean clothing. You are right, so many people all over the world don’t have but one set of clothing.

    Praise the Lord He reveals His ideals and ethics through His WORD to us that we may live out our lives to glorify Him and not ourselves. Although, I must say I have a hard time glorifying the Father so many days because I want others to idolize me and not Him. But praise the Lord He convicts us when we have that sinful attitude. He is molding me me and humbling me each day in that area.

    WOW. That was long, but your post was very convicting Victoria and encouraging to read. Thanks for always pointing us to the most important thing Christ Jesus who gave Himself up for us that we may live forever as His children. 🙂

    God bless Victoria,

    • Oh wow, Rebecca, I had no idea that this post would be convicting to anyone, but the fact that someone could read it and instead of being offended taking it as a way to think and humble oneself, is really wonderful to hear. I am so glad to hear what you were willing to type out and let me know. Thanks for reading the entry, by the way!

  3. These photos are gorgeous and so are you 🙂 I am not a very neat person either. I rarely iron my clothes, and I like to buy clothes that don’t crease much. I think plain people are super neat, but the creative people spend their energies on putting together interesting outfits rather than just straightening up. So, consider that a compliment!

    Speaking of materialism, one person I know got into an argument with me over a purse. She wanted someone to use a really expensive purse, and that’s her meaning of “treasuring” it. I told her that I’d sell it, so I could put the money to a good use. To me “good use” includes paying for your own groceries. That’s a lot better than just carrying around a $200 purse on your shoulder.

    • Your comment went in my spam! awful.
      I’m a neat person, it is just that I am a bit wild like a kid. . I climb trees and run about and play in mud!!

      I agree with you on good use. I think the most I ever spent on a purse was $15 and I still use is. . .been about 3 years. haha.

  4. Beautiful photos ,hairdo and outfit. And I completely agree with making the most of your clothes 🙂 I stain mine all the time too

  5. gorgeous. amazing photos.
    love the dress.



  6. you are so beautiful:) love this!!! love katie

  7. What a truly gorgeous set of photographs!!!
    I love cornfields too, there’s a big one near my house where we let our dogs run free, and often in the evening we see families of white-tailed deer feasting on the stalks 🙂

  8. such a super adorable dress!!

  9. You look super lovely in these photos! Cornfields are a magical place for photography. 🙂 My family has a farm and you have inspired me to visit….and take some cornfield photos! 😉 Love you hair…it look soo long!

  10. I always love and appreciate they way you write with so much conviction. You’ve hit the nail on the head here – and though I’m not completely faultless, this is one thing I’ve been very intentional about this year. I think it much more fun remixing the clothes that you do have rather than always buying new ones – not to mention much easier on the wallet. It’s amazing how much we really don’t need once we learn to scale back and see the big picture.

    These photos are straight up enchanting. Who doesn’t love a good cornfield. I grew up near so many and my friends and I used to play capture the flag amongst them..hehe. Your dress is a beauty too! xo Marisa

    • Thanks. I just want to be honest and share my heart, you know? I think in the past I would post too many outfit photos without showing who I really am inside.

      Thanks for the compliment on the photos too. That is so lovely that you would play capture the flag in cornfields!!!!!!!!!! We play that in youth group sometimes, but how much cooler would it be to do it where you are unsure where everyone is?? Amazing.

  11. I’ve never been to a corn field before. (living in a big city there’s not many around here). I adore your hair. You have such gorgeous hair !

  12. You look beautiful !

  13. Well, now I need to add ‘run around in a corn-field’ to my to do list.

    I definitely think that people should use the things they have, rather than ‘treasure them’ by keeping them for best. I think God gave us the skills to create beautiful things like pretty dresses (or cakes, or art ect.) for us to enjoy and appreciate them and in turn marvel at Him, because He created us and in turn the dresses (or cakes or art). We shouldn’t be endlessly trying to gather or buy things, but instead really appreciating the great things we already have. Does that make any sense?

    Although at this point I can’t really talk about wearing things once and hanging them up. But I’m trying to change my ways!


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