[Movie Ratings are on a scale of 1-5.  Anything rated over 3 stars and is in bold, is usually a pretty good rating (5 star ratings are very rare with me)! –  Content is listed for those who are careful about what they or their children view (or what to be aware of). I usually rate based on content, plot, photography/direction, and acting.]

My Geisha  1962 (w/ Shirley MacLaine, Yves Montand, Edward G. Robinson) – 3.25 stars – A director chooses to film Madame Butterfly but will not have his actress wife play the lead role because he wants the actress to be Japanese.  His wife hates being away from her husband and goes to Japan to see him regardless while dressing as a geisha and trying to get a role in his new film.  This was a really beautifully directed film and was funny and very dramatic and sad too!!  content: Japanese stereotypes, a woman plays billiards with her bum in the air (she’s in pants) and a camera right on it, people enter a geisha house, smoking, drinking, kissing, sumo wrestlers (and their bums), deceit, non-graphic suicide attempt depicted

Breakin’ 1984 (w/ Lucinda Dickey, Adolfo Quinones, Michael Chambers) – 2.5 stars – The acting in this movie is just bad. The dancing however is amazing.  Kelly has been dancing for a long time but gets inspired when she sees and meets some city break dancing guys who have a style unfamiliar to her.  She wants to join their team and help them compete. I love 80s movies but this one isn’t worth it unless you just search for the dance scenes online, granted this movie is more dance than acting anyway.  content: immodest dance outfits where hard nipples are visible, the Lord’s name taken in vain once, I believe one or two other swear words, women seen in bikinis, an unwanted kiss, guys in tight dance costumes, male chests revealed

The Cutting Edge 1992 (w/ Moira Kelly, D.B. Sweeney) – 2.5 stars – An Ice Skating doubles olympian and Ice Hockey olympian both have issues to solve to get their acts together before the next Olympic games.  They become partners and prepare together but don’t get along at all. At times this movie was downright cheesy.  The actors obviously can’t skate the technical moves, so they have stunt doubles. content: a guy wakes up in bed next to a girl who has a sheet covering herself, The Lord’s name used in vain two times, Profanities used, revealing ice skating outfits worn, a guy walks in on a girl fresh from a shower trying to wrap herself in a towel, drunkenness, innuendos, kissing.

The Ghost Breakers 1940 (w/ Bob Hope, Paulette Goddard, Willie Best) – 3.25 stars – Lawrence Lawrence (yes that is his name) gets mixed up into thinking he murders someone and goes into hiding as a stowaway, which gets him landed on an island filled with mysteries.  He had met a woman after his assumed murder who was willing to help him.  She had inherited a castle on Cuba.  There are so many mysteries to learn.  The movie is very funny.  I think they did a great job with some of the effects too to create a “ghost”.  content: might have scary imagery for children, murder is talked about, a woman is in a bathing suit, a servant who is black is throughout the film and they make him appear as a stereotype (but they treat him more of an equal than a servant), black people are called “negro” in the film; one white woman has black make-up on to play a black woman; talk of voodoo, zombies, and ghosts, woman seen in lingerie two times, kissing, drinking, smoking

Ninotchka 1939 (w/ Greta Garbo, Melvyn Douglas) – 3 stars – Three Russian men go to Paris, France in search of investors of Grand Duchess Swana’s jewels.  The men take a bit of advantage of their time in a capitalist nation.  In storms a strict communist Russian woman to help with the sale, but when she talks to the estate’s Count named Leon, he somehow falls for the cold emotionless Ninotchka and attempts to soften her heart.  It was a very funny movie.  Greta Garbo played her role so perfetly!!  content: kissing, men have cigarette/candy selling girls come into their room to party (in which you assume they are gallivanting with them), a woman is seen in lingerie (though it is pretty modest regardless), smoking, drinking (including drunkenness), implied sex

The Invisible Man 1933 (w/ Claude Rains, William Harrigan) – 3 stars – If you don’t know what the actual story is, a man does experiments and there is some odd issue he has physically because of his experimenting. He became invisible and it has made him obsessed with himself.  This is pretty close to the book except that they explain things pretty quickly, while in the book, it unravels mysteriously.  It was pretty awesome graphically for a film in 1933.  content: a man attacks others , smoking, murder, people seem to be drinking in a pub

Brian’s Song 1971 (w/ James Caan, Billy Dee Williams) – 2.75 stars – Based on a true story about two Chicago Bear running backs that become friends & supposedly were the first black and white men to room together on the road on a football team.  They both go through their own issues while supporting one another through their hard times.  It was pretty basic in the beginning, but as the film carried on it became a bit emotional and sad. I plan on seeing the remake of it soon, because this version was short and had potential to be even better.  content: men seen without shirts on, racist remarks mentioned to try to make a friend work harder (who instead laughed), the incorrect use of the word “hell” three times, someone called someone else a donkey.

The Woman in Black  2012 (w/ Daniel Radcliffe) – 3.25 stars – A widower lawyer is told by his boss to go to a remote village in England to deal with paperwork regarding a deceased client.  Although he doesn’t want to have to leave his young four year old son with the maid, he decides to go alone and meet up with his son later. However, in the process he starts to unravel a mystery within the village that seems to be killing off many youths.  It was actually a very interesting movie and beautifully directed.  Parts of it reminded me of The Ring, but I know the book was written in 1983, and I don’t know when the Ring/Ringu was written. My only issue is the outlook and focus on the spiritual world and the idea that people who are “good” go to heaven.  content: suicidal children with some scenes shown (non-graphic), blood shown being spit up,  much imagery that is creepy, “ghosts”, smoking shown, drinking shown, 1 or 2 profanities (“bloody” and “hell” misused), talk about trying to talk to a ghost or have a seance (which doesn’t happen or my rating would be much lower)

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  1. You are so great to write these reviews! I so look forward to them! Once we get netflicks, i’m going to start renting some! What is your FAVORITE older movie? Thanks girl! love Katie

  2. I was really really disappointed with the Woman in Black. The previews for the movie had me really excited, but I was just frustrated in the actual film. I’m not sure if it was because of the storyline…or because I had a hard time believing “Harry Potter” as a father and widower. Hmmmm…it was beautifully made, though. It reminded me a bit of Sleepy Hollow, style wise.

  3. I’m curious to watch Woman in Black and see Daniel Radcliffe in a different kind of role. Oh my, my, my – The Cutting Edge … this was a choice sleepover movie in high school for my friends – so cheesy, but everyone seemed to want to watch it over and over again.

  4. I’ve wanted to see ‘The Woman in Black’ for a while now. As for ‘My Geisha’… I’m just really not a fan of Yves Montand.. Great reviews as always!


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