Rob had a week of vacation to take for the year. On the first day, we decided to go visit our friends Noah & Lynsie again in Cape May, NJ, because we don’t get to see them as often as we’d like to.  They both work a lot, but Lynsie took the day off for us, which was so sweet (we saw Noah a little later)!!! They live 3 hours south of us (which basically NJ is a 3 hour drive from top to bottom as it is).  We parked and took a walk (some of these shots are during our walk with things we saw) towards The Mad Batter, which is a pretty pricey place to eat, and I wish I had known that before we got there!  The food was very good and the people who worked there were quite friendly.  I didn’t go into any of the shops, because I am a window browser, but they had some cute dress shops in the area that caught my eye. Maybe I’ll go into one on our next visit.

This was the kids meal pancakes! If I had known how huge they were, I would have split them between the boys!

Micah was fooling around a little and even got some syrup in his hair. >.< He made Lynsie laugh.


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  1. The pancake feast look yummy, and the boys look like they enjoyed it inside and out!


  2. Gorgeous photos!! What a big pancake dish! YUM! Looks like you all had a lot of FUN!!

  3. The Mad Batter = great name! And your boys are so photogenic.

  4. […] our day at the beach before heading back to eat some blue cheese bugers at their home (and after Mad Batter & the Cape May Zoo).  The water was very warm and there weren’t too many jellyfish as we […]


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