We have gone to this zoo with Lynsie and Noah in the past, but Leto was only about 5 months old at that time and he doesn’t remember it.  We wanted both of the boys to enjoy some time seeing the animals!  Lynsie and I have made a tradition now to pose in front of this bear as we enter the zoo.  It was attacking me and Lynsie saved me. Lynsie and I are dressed nautical together. hehe.  If you are ever interested in going to the zoo, it is free, but you can give a donation at the entrance.

We saw lots of animals.  Leto had wanted to see elephants and Micah wanted to see hippos, but unfortunately they did not see them there. They saw their second choice animals which were the giraffes and alligators. One interesting aspect was that a turtle had been stuck on his back and he kept working his way over by pushing his body into a ditch, and it even seemed like one of the turtles was about to help as leverage, but a worker came and turned it over.  It was pretty hot outside and the boys were a bit tired at the end, but they loved seeing all the different animals, especially the amphibians and reptiles.

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  1. Beautiful picture of that owl, Victoria. And your boys look like quite the space explorers!

  2. Your pictures make it look even cooler

  3. […] before heading back to eat some blue cheese bugers at their home (and after Mad Batter & the Cape May Zoo).  The water was very warm and there weren’t too many jellyfish as we thought there’d […]


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