Lynsie & Noah live only a few blocks away from a private beach, and we tend to go to it each time that we visit, even when it is cold outside.  We ended our day at the beach before heading back to eat some blue cheese bugers at their home (and after Mad Batter & the Cape May Zoo).  The water was very warm and there weren’t too many jellyfish as we thought there’d be (usually we see many in August).

Leto was so excited to go into the ocean but when I held Micah’s hand and headed towards the water, he got freaked out and thought the water was going to take him away.  I tried to help him feel more comfortable, but he kept far from the water the rest of the time (until the end, when he saw Leto wasn’t being swept away).  The boys mainly just wanted to build sand castles.  It is always so nice to go to this beach, because there are usually only 2-8 other people there, compared to the beaches filled with hundreds of people where you have to pay a fee to enter.  This is the real Jersey Shore. 😉

Lynsie and I are modest in our swimwear, and honestly, If I could wear 1920s bathing suits to the beach (if they sold them in stores), I would wear them every time.

I told Leto to sit on his daddy’s back like Micah was doing on me, but he decided to hug Rob and lay next to/sorta on him.

I must have said something funny.  I am not a funny person, and am very serious most of the time, but I am very silly, which tends to make people laugh (maybe at me).

Lynsie collects heart-shaped glasses from various places.  She received this pair in the mail while we were there.  

This is us attempting to be repulsed by one another. . . .we’re bad actors, Rob didn’t even seem to try.

There are huge houses near this beach.  They cost a couple million dollars and are second houses for many people. Doesn’t seem right to me, honestly. . .but maybe because I don’t even own one house and this is like 4 houses in one as it is!

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  1. HEY YOU!!! I thought you disappeared from the blogosphere…I couldn’t find any new posts (or any real blog at all) when I went to your old web address. Somehow I missed the move…I thought you’d just vanished forever 😦 Sooooooo glad you commented on my blog so that I could find you again 🙂

    Looks like a great beach trip, I quite envy you living so close. Gotta ask — what do you do for modest/vintage swimwear?

    ❤ Cambria

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    • I saw your giveaway, for the purse right? I’m not a purse person though.
      My old blog url is still up, I just don’t post there anymore hehe. I’m alive!! hehe. I have a vintage swimsuit that I got from a UK site last year, but otherwise they sell nice ones at modcloth and other stores too.

  2. The beach there is VERY beautiful! And I love the sweet pics of your whole family…your boys are growing so fast!

  3. Ahhh! Such cute pics of the little guys! That pic of Rob toward the end is cool, kinda vintage looking. I commend you in your modest swimwear! I don’t think I could wear that because it would be too constricting for me, but I do like the idea of more modest swin suits. I would like to go to the beach and be able to swim with my butt covered!

    I am always on the fence about big houses, I feel like if you actually fill the space with family or something then it is different. I mean, yeah if you worked hard for money that is great, but it seems like it would be nice to give back to the community. Who knows, maybe they do, at least I would like to think that :/

    • I thought it would be constricting (the suit) too, but then I realized. . .if Surfers wear them on a regular basis in the water while moving about like crazy on their board and in the water, they must be pretty comfortable, and indeed it was. It is a bikini with a top over it and then the board shorts. I always have worn board shorts with suits since I was a teenager, so perhaps I am a bit adjusted anyway. No sand got inside my suit at all, which is a blessing, because I hate digging sand out of my body when I get in a bathroom after being at the beach.

      I would like to think as you do in consideration to people having houses and give much to the community, but sadly the majority of these large houses remain empty other than in the summer! So many people don’t even rent them out or have people live in them for a time. It is pretty sad. Lynsie and Noah live in a small one story home near there, and even many of the smaller homes are pretty empty throughout the year. Their neighbors are the only ones who live on their street all year round like they do. It is really odd how desolate the area is other than in the summer. I would think that if you have a whole house empty for most of the year, wouldn’t you try to see if someone in need could live there for a time? eh. Anyway, lets hope they (those who live in the large homes) are extremely giving people!

  4. I’ve heard good things about this place- looks magical!

  5. Ohhhh, I LOVE Cape May. I visited my best friend in Philadelphia a few years ago, and her and her husband took me to Cape May. What a gorgeous place:) The beaches are so lovely, and so different than the ones we have here in California! Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures girl! love Katie


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