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Summer Excursions – Part 8 – Maine Weekend 1

It has been two years already since we last visited our friends in Maine! Perhaps some of you who have been reading my blog for more than a couple years would recall our time there last time here and here.

The boys were very well behaved during our trip up to Maine (8 hour drive) which was really a blessing! Considering how much traveling we had done within the entire week, we were thankful that they didn’t ask how much longer it would take to sit in the car.  They trusted us and didn’t even nap in the car, but just looked forward to entering each state until we were finally there.

Once we got there, the children readjusted to one another, we ate pizza, and the men (Rob and Christian) went off to a show to listen to some bands play while Emilee and I were entertained by her two daughters and my two sons putting on a musical show for us.  Once they were in bed we got to catch up on one another’s lives. I adore that woman so much!

Emilee’s feet and her cat Sedgewick


10 thoughts on “Summer Excursions – Part 8 – Maine Weekend 1

  1. Sweet Sweet KIDS! Love these pretty pictures. So glad the boys were well behaved on the ride…8 hours in the car is never fun. It takes us about 7 hours each year to get to the beach, and I always pray for a smooth ride. You never know what you will get traveling with children.

    1. Wow! That is a long drive to get to a beach!!! It takes us about 30 minutes to an hour to get to the nearest beach, so I never thought about how long it might take others. Yeah, traveling with children can be tough sometimes for people. So far we haven’t had issues, thankfully.

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