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Summer Excursions – Part 9 – Maine Weekend 2

On Saturday morning, everyone was up at about 6AM (maybe earlier).  Waking up early helps us all enjoy the day anyway.  I have known that Emilee wakes up early for a long time, and she knows I do too (sometimes we email each other first thing in the morning).  It was raining outside, so after breakfast the children ran about the house and the adults all played Dutch Blitz.

The rain stopped and the sun started to come out a little. After we ate some lunch, we went for a walk to Emilee’s parents house which is nearby.  We enjoyed playing with the goats and the children played in some sand.  Eventually the children went for a little swim (not so much my boys because the pool was a bit too cold for them).  It was relaxing and enjoyable and we wished the moments wouldn’t end.  I cooked some dinner for our families (planned ahead of time, so I brought the ingredients and Emilee provided the meat).  Sometime after dinner settled we had some s’mores together by the fire, put the children to bed, and had some popcorn while playing more Dutch Blitz and chatting with each other all day long.  It was very fun.

Emilee is due to have another daughter in December!! She’s always adorable when pregnant!!

Leto gave Josephine a dandelion.  I don’t know what she was thinking, but it was still cute.  Micah loved giving some grass to their rabbit. Emilee and I were pregnant together for each of our first children (her girls are each just a couple to a few months older than my boys).

Nursing mama & babe.

Rob was trying to cheer up Josephine. It was working.

Christian and Emilee. hehe.

They found eggs! Yey!

The goats came out to play!

I’ve said it before, but I really love goats a lot! They love me too! I got goat kisses from this little one!

Emilee with Jubilee.

Christian getting the fire going, and trying to not burn his beard off.

Emilee prepared the marshmallows for each of us. I like to burn mine!!!!! Mmm!

I like to eat them too!! Mmm! S’mores!!

Char-grilled S’mores is the only way I know and love!

Christian had the children sit around as he flew this helicopter about until the batteries died! My boys adored it.

It got dark quickly.


17 thoughts on “Summer Excursions – Part 9 – Maine Weekend 2

  1. The handholding walk down the road is awesome, and those s’mores pics actually have me drooling Victoria!


    P.S. Clicking on my name leads to a new and wonderful place. Or at least it leads to my new blog.

  2. All of the children are JUST precious!!! And so are the little goats, heehee! What a fun time with loved ones. AND I am interested in reading more about Dutch Blitz…never heard of it!?

  3. Ah, I always love seeing all your family adventures! These are as darling as ever. Looks like such a perfect end of the summer excursion. Goats, smores, dandelions – yes! Sounds like my kinds of excursion 🙂

  4. You guys make me feel so lazy! haha, just kidding, your summer seems like it was a lot of fun. The pic of the kids all holding hands is just perfection! I love to burn my marshmellows too, that is the way to do it!

  5. that looks like an absolutely beautiful and special day! looks like everyone had such a fun time w/ the goats. I esp love the one of it kissing you and them all standing on the table together. The kids together look precious as well, ah this country getaway sounds like a dream, esp w/ dear friends like yours!

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