On our last day in Maine, I was a little sad because the thing is, I think Maine is the most beautiful place I’ve been to and I didn’t want to leave at all.  I also adore Christian & Emilee’s family so much and wish we could hang out on a regular basis.

After breakfast we all headed to their church to attend Sunday School and then we went back to their place for lunch, hung around a little, said our goodbyes and drove home.  It took us much longer to get home because there was so much traffic. I had hoped to leave earlier so we wouldn’t be stuck in it so long, but it was the price to pay for leaving after noon. Rob and I fought a little in the car because of the traffic.  The boys were still marvelously behaved, and they even napped a bit.  I was just so frustrated because I wanted to get home at about 7PM, and we didn’t get home until 10:30PM. I even held in my bladder the whole time to save time. It was terrible.

I think the hardest part about being back in NJ is that I hear my loud neighbors swearing at one another, I hear the noises of cars honking their horns and driving past, and it is just too loud here.  There are so many people and buildings, and I crave rural life.  I’m trying to be content and enjoy being home, but my boys don’t have enough freedom to run around and I feel a little like a cooped up chicken.

Josephine loved how I had done her hair on Saturday, that she asked me to do it again for Sunday. She loved it.  Her dress was so pretty.  I wish I got a full shot of her in it, because Emilee made it and it was lovely!

Micah wasn’t getting his way and was in a bad mood. He cried a lot and Rob was sad about how he was acting.

Micah is really hairy.  Leto doesn’t even have this much hair on him.

Jubilee was “reading” to us.

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  1. Gotta love those pics from Maine, but car rides home from vacation are a trial! Hope you and the fam are settling back into your home in NJ, and finding joy in all God has given you there.


  2. What a beard on that man! That was striking as I scrolled through 😀 Love the idea of traveling to Maine, esp after your rave reviews…it’s a place I’ve never been and I love the sea…so it must be a great place 🙂

    ❤ Cambria

  3. This is amazing! I wanna live where you guys live!

  4. That beard! It is just so epic! Sorry the last day was crazy, but don’t hold your pee, you can get a bladder infection! 😦 At least you guys had a chance to get away for a bit and a more rural life can be one of your goals! I know it is so hard to choose where to plant your feet because of jobs, family & friends. I was just talking to Kyle this am about people mocking us for buying a house a mile from where we grew up. But people who move out of state spend all of their vacations going to where they grew up to visit, we get to go somewhere new on our trips!..you know..when we go… 😛

    I can now add Maine on my list of places to visit, you guys look like you had a lot of fun. The kiddies look so adorable, even when they pout.

    • Yeah, I wasn’t thinking right regarding the bladder issue. We stopped at a place to eat on the way home and it was one of those rest place and the women were lined up like crazy and I hate public restrooms as it is, so I just ignored going completely.

      Maine is wonderful! Definitely go if you ever get a chance to. I live 3-5 minutes from where I grew up too.. .and I like it that way. haha. So I completely agree!

  5. these are all so precious. your family is so adorable and these are great images – i just can’t help but think how wonderful it must have been to be there!

    ❤ katherineof corgis and cocktails

  6. It’s always sad to leave a fun vacation. :*( I’m sorry that you feel cooped up at home…that’s not a good feeling at all. Thinking about you~

  7. wow not only did that scenery in the last one look amazing but it looks like your friend’s house is absolutely gorgeous too! One benefit I always try to think of about city life is that you have more people around, as a little one we played w/ all our neighbors right in the street or sometimes in everyone’s front yards, compared to my parents whose nearest friends were miles away and despite having siblings to play with felt lonely at times I know. hope there’s a little area near you for the kids to play in too! and thank you for all your sweet comments, they always make me smile and I certainly don’t mind that they’re delayed (as you can tell I am far behind as well : )

  8. […] this blog!  Here’s a post and another post from our second visit there.  Here are 1, 2, and 3 posts from the third time we went.  It was certainly due to visit again after it being 3 years […]


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