It is no secret that I read a lot (some of you follow me on Goodreads).  I have a stack of about 40 books to read on my nightstand (and the three pictured with me are from the stack).  Since becoming an avid reader, I’ve had a hard time focusing on the words as I read them.  I put off getting an eye exam for so long because I know eyeglasses are expensive, and I don’t really have funds for them.

Firmoo contacted me offering me free eyeglasses for writing a review about them.  I took a look at their site and saw their selection of fashion & prescription glasses as well as sunglasses.  They have over 300 styles with various color selections for some.  The price range I noticed were that some glasses are only $8, others are from $20-$40.  The highest price I saw was about $70 or so.  Considering my husband’s glasses were about $300, I was amazed and curious if Firmoo was even of good quality at all.  I was excited to learn for myself if they were worth it or not.  While searching for glasses, I had always longed for a pair of tortoise frames but didn’t know my PD to see if the glasses would fit me.  I noticed that they had a “virtual try-on” area all throughout their site where you can either upload a picture of yourself or take a webcam photo. It was very simple and fun to see what I might look like wearing various styles of frames.  I had fun and tried the huge circle Harry Potter looking ones to see if my husband would like me on them (as a joke, because he knows I’ve always been interested in small rectangular frames).

The idea of having affordable glasses, and a pair sent to me for free got me so excited that I made an eye exam appointment immediately which cost me $10 (my husband has insurance).  It turns out that I have an astigmatism in my eyes and have a hard time focusing in and out on pages of books and things like medicine and food labels because my eyes’ muscles are a little weak.  I got my prescription written out by the eye doctor and asked them for my PD so I could figure out which frames to pick out from Firmoo.  As I was looking around at the eye doctor’s glasses selection, I noticed that most of their glasses were between $135-$500.

I have a small PD of 56, but Firmoo had enough variety for me to choose from and I chose the pair pictured in this post which costs $39.  Yes, I wanted tortoise frames, but am glad with the dark red frames! I corresponded back and forth a few times during this whole process with a quickly responsive Firmoo blog worker. I sent him my prescription information and after about a week, my glasses arrived (there was tracking of my shipment too). In the package was a hard glasses case, a soft bag glasses case, a little screw driver with extra screws to help fix my glasses if needed in the future, and a cloth to keep them clean.  I was amazed!  They are beautiful and feel great! I was able to read without a problem and felt comfortable wearing them for over an hour as I finished reading a book last night.  I love how they are designed.  My husband has owned some flimsy glasses (I even sat and broke a pair of one of his back about 9 years ago), but these are sturdy and light and lovely.  Thank you so much Firmoo!  You have no idea what a blessing you are to me!

If YOU are reading this and want to buy a pair, They have a first time buyer program where you can get a free pair too!  All you would have to do is pay for the shipping!  We are thinking about doing this after my husband gets his eyes checked again soon (been about 4 years for him) so he can have some Firmoo glasses as well.  For more information on the program, just click the link. There isn’t much to it, as the instructions are very simple.  I will be buying a pair sometime down the line, for certain! Be sure to buy a few pairs to equal the same amount of the cost of one pair elsewhere!  Have different outfits you like to wear and want a variety of eyewear to go with them? Then you can buy different glasses to pair with different outfits!  I highly recommend Firmoo!

Outfit details: Jeans – American Eagle, Blouse – Modcloth, Glasses – Firmoo

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  1. those are SO cute on you – i really love the color. and your top is so pretty too – i’m a big fan. i’ve been feeing firmoo pop up quite a bit lately – they have a cute variety of stuff!

    ❤ katherineof corgis and cocktails

  2. They really suit you! Just lovely. 🙂

  3. You look beautiful! I will have Kyle check them out when he gets an exam (after the wedding, he refuses to wear glasses at the wedding, even though he looks HOT in mine :P)

    I am so glad these worked out for you because being able to see it a wonderful thing!

    Also, when I see pics of you in jeans with your hair down, you remind me of Amy Pond! Must be the hair and you both are tall & thin. 🙂

    • I actually don’t like Amy Pond, but then I saw her in a bowling thing with other cast members when they were in San Diego and saw what she is like in reality and went, “oh no. she does look a little and act a little like me in real life.” . . haha. I’m dying my hair brown soon, which might help? She doesn’t have huge hips like me though. hehe. Is she tall? I figured her for about 5’5″ or something like that.

      I can understand Kyle’s wanting to not wear glasses at your wedding. He can get an exam and not wear them at the wedding though. Rob didn’t wear his glasses to ours. Definitely check out Firmoo!

  4. The glasses look great. Glad you could find some that suit you so well. Can’t beat the price either, huh?

    You’re reading Uncle Tom’s Cabin? Have you checked out The Classical Quest’s background material on it? The blogger, Adriana, read through it and posted a series of articles on it and on friends of Stowe’s who worked in the Underground Railroad and inspired the book. Really interesting stuff. Here’s a link to what I think is her first post on it:


  5. Thanks for leaving a comment today on ModaMama. Yes it took a loooong time! She has two shelves full of books.

  6. I love your bangs and top! Those glasses look great on you, too. I need glasses for distance but have been wearing contacts lately. I need to get a new eye exam so I’ll have to check out Firmoo!

  7. Those glasses look really good on you! Love your top too ❤



    Southern (California) Belle

    Enter to win my Benefit cosmetics giveaway!

  8. You look so pretty with the glasses! I love your outfit, too! love the yellow blouse 🙂

  9. dangit i lost that comment! i’ll try commenting via twitter this time… anyway, those look absolutely adorable on you and you look amazing in yellow!! they actually contacted me too but since i don’t wear glasses and hadn’t heard of them I didn’t give them much though. It’s been a few years since I got my eyes checked though and it was in a Costco haha so I think I will now. Glad to hear they’re holding up well!

  10. I have been a lover of books since I was a little girl and my dad would take me to Barnes and Noble every week. I never knew about Goodreads, but I just signed up! I love getting recommendations for books because it can be a little overwhelming just going to a bookstore and trying to find something new that you’ll like. Your glasses are so cute, and so is that yellow top! I love how it looks with your hair. 🙂

  11. That site sounds very similar to an Aussie one I get my glasses from – sadly I have such thick lenses a lot of place can’t make them :(. I LOVE A Little Princess – I used to read it very week when I was little.


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