Oh no!! Poor Micah! I couldn’t even get good photos of him because he was moving so much and was all upset when we announced to him that it was time to cut his hair. For a few weeks we were trying to show him various hairstyles and he wanted his long hair and hated all the examples we showed him. However, once a friendly older man was saying what a beautiful little girl he was at the supermarket, our waiting was up. It was time. He cried and cried because he likes his long hair (and honestly, I loved it too and thought he looked like Luke Skywalker), but he still twists and pulls his hair while he sucks his thumb. :: sigh :: If he didn’t pull at it so much, we wouldn’t have cut it at all.  Here he is crying. This was while I was trimming it down (it was longer before taking this shot).

While cutting he said that he wanted it “THIS” way . . .the way it is, so I stopped. It could have used some pruning, but he was having such a hard time, that we stopped for him. We don’t have a bathtub by the way, only a stand-in shower, but Micah is small enough that he still fits in the sink (Leto takes showers).  He was much happier. After I washed his hair I was able to style it better as you’ll see in the next photo.  It is similar to what we’ve done to Leto’s hair in the past, but I guess that’s why he wanted it.

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  1. Cute kid! Hair cuts can be trauma-inducing. In college I cut my own hair. I induced trauma in those who saw the results of my efforts.

  2. Aw, he looks so cute! You do an awesome job Victoria! I have been trimming my son’s hair too – I’m pretty amateur but it’s pretty easy because his hair is curly. I feel so bad though because he wiggles and cries, “ouch” every time I start (though I know it’s really not hurting him and he just doesn’t want to sit). Oh little boys!

  3. I cut Gwenny’s hair for the first time a couple weeks ago! I wanted to wait because she seemed so young, but her bangs were reaching down to her mouth and she refused to wear bows. Now she has bangs like me. 🙂 It wasn’t nearly as traumatic as I expected.

  4. aw! he looks so happy at the end though – i was surprised, i thought he’d be more upset at the end, but he looks like he loves it!

    ❤ katherineof corgis and cocktails

  5. Your son is absolutely adorable! He looks cute with his hair short too :). Those eyes should be on display!



    Southern (California) Belle

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  6. Aww! The end result is just darling on him!

    xoxo Mama Wolf.

  7. I need you to teach me how to cut hair! My hubs could use a trim, and you obviously know your stuff. It may have been traumatic…but Micah looks great 🙂

    ❤ Cambria


  8. Your boys are so photogenic!


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